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  1. id be game. how many do you need and what times were you thinking?
  2. Book 0 is avail for free: rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/109112/Shadows-of-Esteren---Book-0-Prologue
  3. Sorry for the old bump but the Esteren KS is back up if anyone missed out on the last one. Its a really pretty game. Not really related to PoE but a lot of backers are popping up in the forums
  4. I'd be shocked if a twilight fan knew project eternity existed. I really don't think putting a twilight vampire Easter egg in game would be a good idea because it wouldn't be funny or appealing the the fan base. Twilight didn't kill vampire people. Sure the way they used them is lame but the book/movie is trying to appeal to female teenagers. Pick up a book and read Lovecraft, American Vampire(Love Scott Snyder, issue 1 he flips the birdie to the twilight style and has been amazing ever since), any of the white wolf books. These vampires go along the lines of the OP's comments and far beyond. These vampires are just badass.
  5. I'd like to pre-order my +4 dagger of ice fury please.
  6. They can use an agile methodology to achieve their final vision. They don't have to use an agile method but I'd be surprised if they didn't. I'm taking a software architecture class so I was curious on which one they used. Its not an everyday opportunity where someone can ask devs or a gaming company things that you are learning from your classes. Hopefully they answer Here is more information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development
  7. Obsidian, What agile method do you use throughout the software development lifecycle? Srum? Just curious...
  8. I'm not sure if the keyboard attachment is compatible with the PC xbox controller. The base controller would need way more buttons to access all of the menu's. If the attachment is compatible you might have a shot at binding everything to the controller and the keyboard. Your only problem would be if you could move the characters via the analog stick
  9. Replaying BG1 and taking a whole lot of coffee breaks when a party member decides to thake the long way. They also love to stand on the loot too, ARGH!
  10. I seem to recall getting stuck in a situation with NWN2 where the autoupdate would fail and it wouldn't recognize the manually downloaded update once you went that route. Yeah the NWN updater was completely broke. The concept was cool but it wasn't functional. I remember having to send my friends certain files just so the update can proceed with the update.
  11. That's because bad systems have perverted/distorted your idea of what a rouge is or should be like. The association between rouge and backstab has become great beacause that's one thing that was made most prominent. As well as becoming magicly invisible and crap like that. "backstab" has been changed, to sneak attack, in the DnD world a long time ago. Sneak attack is an important part of being a rogue and a lot of their skills are geared around it. Eliminating this skill just because you want to see a fighter do higher damage in a fight all the time would be silly. This game and past crpg's are based around combat which really restricts a LOT of skills a rogue and the player can effectively use. Thus making combat skills a higher priority for a rogue to have to ensure that they server a purpose in a party. In a perfect world/game a rogue could scale the walls and throw his voice to confuse his enemies so that he could sneak by. Always avoiding combat unless he has the clear advantage on his target. Sorry but a rogue in full plate trying to sneak around, detect traps, set/disarm traps wouldn't make sense. They rely on dexterity which plate severely limits. I agree that an enemies back is a great advantage for a fighter and a rogue. This is where coup de grace and attacks of opportunities are factored in for the fighter(in the DnD world of course). A rogue is going for the kill shot like it or not. A "typical" rogue does not have the weapon arsenal a fighter has so utilizing a few select weapons allows the rogue to focus on combat skills to win the fight. I really don't see how it would be sensible for a fighter in plate with a longsword could sneak up to the back of an opponent and accurately go for a kill shot other than the head. Likewise, I'm all for fighters being able to sneak attack assuming they ditch the plate and go padded/leather and a smaller accurate weapon for accuracy.
  12. Have you ever played a rogue? There's a lot of skill getting to the opponents back and if you don't your pretty much dead. A rogue without backstab is pretty much useless. Sure he can find traps and unlock doors but so can mages.
  13. In older crpg's spells, like magic missile, were more powerful and added extra visuals/missles based on level.
  14. I wouldn't mind if Obsidian created an MMO but not for this project. Past this project I'd rather see expansions. A ton of them.
  15. I loved rolling for stats. Its the best part of the character creation process in my opinion.
  16. Notice I didn't write about a strike TO the head (headshot? location damage was in the Fallout games, right?), but WITH the head, the head of the axe. (the metal cutting bit, as opposed to the wooden haft bit) Sorry missunderstanding, but its still same thats why we have damage treshold, 1-6 if you hit for 1dmg than bad luck you hit him with hilt, if you score 6 than good, you place good and precise strike. What are we talking about now? It's just level of complexity. Or more variety, depends on how you look at it. If you have damage types, you can have damage type resistences for armour and creatures. example following the axe - if you're facing a heavily armoured opponent, you'll want to hit him right with the head, because it has some chance of armor penetration, he'd just shrug off any hits with the wooden handle (because of padding). If you're facing a lightly armoured opponent, you don't have to care so much about proper distance, which can be useful, especially if he has a dagger and wants to get as close to you as possible. It really is a bit of a rock/paper/scissors kind of functionality, which in itself is an inaccurate rule-ification. But it adds complexity and playstyles not present if you just have damage ranges. if we wanted to take abstraction the other way, we could give weapons a single number, or even decide the battle with one dice roll. I've heard this actually suggested for other games as a fight system - one number for weapons. Of course, we love our numbers and weapons need to be differentiated, so we don't usually use it. Blunt weapons in Neverwinter Nights were more effective against undead than sharp pointy ones. So the system that your proposing exists in one form or another. It was done in DDO(Dungeons and Dragons Online) as well. However in DDO, IMO, it was completely over done to the point where your inventory was always full because you needed a different weapon type for each type of fight.
  17. Its already a case of diminishing returns. Damage taken affects both Stamina and Health, with only Stamina regenerating. For example, your level one mage has 20 Stamina and 10 Health. He takes an arrow to the knee that causes 10 Stamina damage and 5 Health damage. The next turn he takes another arrow for 10 Stamina and 4 Health and passes out (lol). The rest of his buddies kill the archer and the mage pops tall, regenerating all his Stamina but none of his health. The next encounter he gets hit by a flicked booger and drops dead. That sounds awesome. That post was awesome.
  18. I really hope Obsidian gives attention to this thread. Weapons to a fighter are as important as spells to a Wizard. Having drawbacks and best use scenarios on weapons is a great idea and adds to the realism. I agree 100% with the OP.
  19. I like cursed weapons and the way they worked in BG1. This is a fantasy games after all.
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