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  1. This just happened to me, right after my fight with Cail the Silent... I tried to go back to town and clear our Heritage Hill, but no enemies will attack...
  2. Description: When viewing my character stats, the Talisman of the Unconquerable intellegence bonus is displayed as +0, even though the total is correct. This is what is displays: Diego: 22 (15 Base, +4 Noble's Stay Resting Bonus, +0 Talisman of the Unconquerable, +1 Old Vailia) So it is calculating the total correctly, just not displaying the bonus correctly. See screenshot attached. Steps to reproduce: I'm not sure if it is class specific, but just make a wizard and equip the talisman and try to view the Int stats.
  3. That is exactly why it defeats the purpose. The entire purpose of the dual-health system is so you can have multiple fights per day at full fighting strength. Well that's really the important detail. If if normal attacks do damage to health and stamina, then yes, it would defeat the purpose of the dual system. However, if only critical hits and the like affect health (so losing a point of health is relatively rare) then it would make more sense to have stamina level loosely tied to how healthy you are at the moment. Mostly I bring up the question because I always thought it was funny
  4. I do like the idea! As long as the chances of the "bad stuff" happening is not ridiculously high even with proper preparation. In your example I think that if you did great and prepped the militia well, a 33% chance of the bad stuff happening anyway is a bit high. I would look at it more like "there are no guarantees" (5-10% chance in this case would be better) A 33% chance would be more like your average result, if you did average at battle and threw the militia a few decent pieces of equipment. I would say it would also be rolled semi-randomly. You could see a news board in town a fe
  5. What if current health limited current max stamina? If you are at one health, why would you be able to be totally "refreshed" and ready for battle? If you are low on health your max stamina would be reduced by a little. (Say max of 50%) By the time your health heals up, your max stamina would be back to normal. It would make health a bit more important as a statistic in subsequent fights.
  6. If there is a keychain, you should still need to clean it out occasionally. "Oh hello unfairly locked up prisoner, I will have you out of there in a jiffy, just let me get the key." /pulls out massive keyring with hundreds of keys "is it this one?... nope... hmm... this one?, never fear misss I will get you out of there!" 1 hour later... "Ah ha! This is it.. wait.. nope." The only issue with tossing out possibly important items is if it prevents the plot from moving along. There needs to be some way to either get around needing the item (maybe it acts as a shortcut) or a way to g
  7. I would like to see the resources available modifed by the local/world economies. This in turn would improve or degenerate based on outcomes of quests. Do you consistently help the merchant caravans, or do you let them be besieged by bandits?
  8. I know there is a difference between player knowledge and character knowledge. Normally the issue is not wanting to tell the player stuff that their character wouldn't know. However, I think a different problem occurs when the character knows (or should know) something that the player does not. I really like having dialogue options, especially ones that actually have an impact. The problem I have is I will fret over each and every option everytime there is new dialogue with an NPC. Which is the "right" choice? I think the main reason for this is there is almost always no background
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