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  1. Wait I have to use steam for the linux version oO? Linux and DRM? This is like a holiday in Guantanmo (one good and one really bad thing, which just don't work together).
  2. Where is the problem? If I want to fight in the mega dungeon with a low level character and die often and have a hard time, it is ok. When I can get a good item from it, I am maybe stronger then normal, but I fought for it. This is fine and free choice of a big game
  3. I pledged for one version of Project Eternity via kickstarter. But I have a laptop and a pc. On my PC only linux is used, since its for work and I don't like the MS OS. But for travel I use my laptop. Which works with Linux for the working, but the GPU is not supported but the closed source driver properly (blackscreen). Can I have a linux and a windows version of Project Eternity when I pledge once? Or must I pledge 2 times for 2 versions?
  4. Hi, I am a linux gamer (they are real :D) and the best ports of linux games I have seen were done by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothee_Besset. He war hired by id software but left this year. An other good porter is icculus (ioquake3). Just wanted t name some good coder for the linux port .
  5. No I don't want them or very very very rare. Like the one in BG 2 (the strange dwarf who solds stuff in the start city).
  6. I liked the style Baldurs Game weapons looked. Btw. will this game be modable? With an exporter for 3ds max? If yes we can make alternative weapon / armor sets
  7. This game will be great :)

  8. I like the Baldurs Gate 2 death system. And if characters die often, they should start to ask question like Minsk did in Baldurs Gate 2.
  9. So only the minimum fund must be from kickstarter, so they get the funding? This make sense^^
  10. I don't want steam on my pc. If you are going to release it only via steam I think I would donate and look for other ways to get a working version of this game. I like salted cookies, and I trust people who make cookies more then big companies
  11. Is it possible to reach the Linux support stretch goal with paypal? Like you get 2.1 millions from kickstarter and 150.000 from paypal, it would be combined 2.25 millions. Would this linux support? Or will there be linux support only when the money comes from kickstarter?
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