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  1. I'm hoping it's interesting enough that people won't want to skip it, or piss off out to the shops half way through.... I'd be a bit disappointed if it's 15 levels of dark rooms stuffed with monsters. I think it will be optional though, in fact I think they've already said that it is, but I'm not going to spend hours looking for a quote. In a way i hope the rewards aren't that massive, as that makes it difficult to balance the end game for those who've done the whole thing versus those who haven't touched it A compelling story is what it needs....rather than just being an extended
  2. But there is also the point that some, such as myself, would be disappointed if you can't do it all in one go...that would feel like the stretch goal for a single massive dungeon had been wasted, if there are 15 levels you can just pop in and out of at will, then it's no different to having 15 small dungeons. I'd prefer it if there was enough variety and interest in there that you want to get through it, there could be communities down there, hubs with quests.... it doesn't have to be an endless slog through monsters and traps Fair enough make exits for those who want out, but don't ma
  3. I'm fine with the odd exit, it's nipping in and out as though it's a shopping trip that I don't want to see, and as I said, if you can get out then there needs to be a reason your character (as opposed to you, the player) would go back in. Something more than loot and random exploring A story in other words..
  4. I don't really like it when you can just nip in and out at will to sell stuff, it takes all the fear and awe of a dungeon away and turns it into a shopping trip.... "I'm just off down the dungeon to get some stuff, be back for teatime" I realize the mega dungeon is a bit big to do in one go, but it wouldn't bother me as long as the gameplay in there was varied and interesting, and of course if you can leave there needs to be a compelling and realistic reason for going back in, collecting loot doesn't really cut it, and what's fun exploration for the player wouldn't necessarily be much
  5. I'd like to see a fantasy RPG without magic for once, it seems to me like they all just follow the same path. I always feel that the magic in RPGs is largely just reskinned laser beams, and sometimes as what seems like a lazy way to add a plot device... I understand that some people love playing wizards and love the magic in fantasy RPGs but it's not as if they aren't already well catered for... I'm not suggesting I don't want magic in P:E, as after all it's marketed as a successor to the infinity engine games, which all had magic..I don't particularly dislike it, I just feel a bit jad
  6. Why does it have to be a chokepoint though? it's a supernatural event, it could happen anywhere, say it's a demon wandering the earth or something, does it matter where you meet him? it could just be at or near the exit of whichever area you chose to start at nothing kills replayability like a chokepoint
  7. Is the choice between Adventurer's Hall characters having mild depth and a small number of major NPC companions being designed exactly like they were in BG really a mutually exclusive choice? I'd find both a decent amount of general personality/reactivity from Adventurer's Hall peeps AND significantly-improved-compared-to-the-way-BG-did-it main companions to be quite preferable to just one or the other. Personally. Any interaction they implement with the characters from the Adventurer's Hall would probably be pretty limited: there's just too many possible variations race/class/backgro
  8. I'd like this, along with familiarity for non magic items....you should find some cool new loot, but it shouldn't just render the old stuff obsolete, that just removes choice. Keeping what you already had should be a viable option...and it can be a bit jarring when the legendary sword, complete with backstory, that you found at level 2 is just a piece of worthless junk at level 6 Also I'm another one who wants to see RPGs move away from being looting and selling simulators...been there, done that, bored of it....
  9. I don't really see why the event has to be in a set location though (though of course that depends what the event is) Say for example you help someone who is fleeing a supernatural creature and get cursed for your troubles...that is something that could happen anywhere. The event could happen like a random encounter...except more scripted and not random. I like making characters and replaying games like this, but the thing that usually puts me off(other than not having the time) is having to do the the start in the same order again and again
  10. I voted yes, purely because saying "I'm a kensai" sounds cooler than saying "I'm a fighter" but to be honest I'd be happy with specialising through traits and abilities gained when levelling
  11. Skyrim needed the quest markers, because people gave you no directions or clue whatsoever about where to go....it actually did have signposts and stuff I understand why they did it, after people complained of getting lost in morrowind, but I don't see why they couldn't have done both, an optional marker and a good description for those who wanted to turn it off
  12. I'm all for a sentient talking item, but if it's as annoying and juvenile as that sword I'd sell it at the first opportunity (like I did with the sword)
  13. Having completely different game beginnings in DA:O was a great idea....unfortunately it just moved the repetition a hour further into the game when you were funneled into the battle against the darkspawn...having different starts which then dumped you out in the wild world to go where you want would be great.. that is assuming the momentous event which sets our adventure in motion is not tied to one place...if it's something like being attacked by something that appears, or witnessing some treachery on the road...something that could happen anywhere...then it would be possible for each pl
  14. That's why Blacksmiths post DRM on their newmade sword...*cough* Anyway, just going to quote myself from posting in another thread about this... I disagree about having unique powerful items in shops, apart from feeling contrived and gamey it's also kind of rewarding you for not playing the game if you can just go and buy them...and it takes away from the unique feeling of the item if you just bought it in a shop...and there is also the question of where the hell did a shopkeeper get it and how does he manage to keep hold of it? Shops should sell stuff that is useful and powerfu
  15. What about.. Magic items are rare and other people beside you actually buy them.
  16. There is just so much info and stuff for star citizen now that I've switched off, I don't read it, I'll play the game when it arrives... a lot of it seems geared towards getting you to shell out for more starting ships, etc... at least that's how it seemed when I was still reading them One thing I'm definitely not doing is giving them any more money.
  17. True, but some of us liked the old games but don't want to see the same old nonsense aspects that they used to have still cropping up again and again. People complain about dumbing down, but seem quite happy to carry on with the old established dumb stuff.....
  18. I think I've said this before somewhere, but I think that if you're buying and selling stuff, it would be better done by putting together a trade caravan or hiring a ship or something and shipping your goods off elsewhere to sell...imports and exports Or maybe you hear of a small village that needs swords to defend against bandits, or a town int the grip of an epidemic who needs potions, and you can set up a caravan going there maybe you can hire a merchant to deal with all that for you...or maybe you could travel with your caravan and defend it Probably getting out of the scope of
  19. I preferred having a druid to a wizard in BG II the swarm of bees was the best spell, because it stopped enemies casting their spells, allowing you to just wade in and batter them also they could heal and were a bit better in melee
  20. I'm a wee bit concerned about double fines inability to stick to a budget, as though I didn't back broken age, I did back massive chalice....to be honest on the strength of their good name and the basic Idea, as they had almost nothing to show us. so I hope all turns out well. It does make me a bit wary of pledging more than the minimum to get a copy, as it is a risk (I've pledged at or slightly above the minimum to get the game on all but elite dangerous, where I was swayed by free future expansions)
  21. Elite dangerous seems to be pretty good with the newsletters and stuff, the initial campaign was a bit of a balls up though and I reckon they could have got a lot more money with better planning, but I love the direction they are taking. Forsaken fortress is a bit sparse with the updates, but when we do get one, it looks like a much better game now than the one I initially pledged for, looks like they are putting the money to good use The new satellite reign one looks good so far, but only a few days in though P:E or elite dangerous may be the best ones for updates that I've backed, I ge
  22. I'd like it in, for the moment of panic when your sword breaks, unfortunately it sounds like things won't actually break, just become damaged, so I voted option 2 I think the best crafter in the party should fix everything when you rest though, as long as you have the tools, clicking things in an inventory is never the most fun way to do stuff and any repairs like that should only be needed in an emergency. I do wonder about the need for money sinks though, why not just give the player less money in the first place?
  23. The other (and most realistic) possiblitiy is being able to split your party across more than one map, if your rogue slips past the enemies and leaves the map, he is on his own on the next map This could potentially lead to options to split your party in two in order to achieve different objectives, the down side is of course that you can only be on one map at a time.
  24. New skills and abilitites is the point, I much rather mow down the low level grunts because I have a new attack that decapitates one whilst bashing another with my shield, or an armor piercing stab (or whatever) than because I now do 20 damage and they are still on 10 hitpoints, and I'd rather shrug off their attacks with blocks and dodges that just stand there taking them because their swords hardly make a mark any more, they should still be dangerous if they manage to hit you. It would work both ways, you would have more chance against a higher level foe if he didn't have the huge hitpo
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