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  1. AGX-17 thank you this was a compliment?I like to understand all new things,whatever slav or celtic=)they are both worthy to know and learn.
  2. Multiple endings must have you history true the whole game,what decision you make,etc,and of course it must be consider your class as well=)
  3. Можно свзять с натурой друида-нордический характер и тд) засуммонил поговорил=) More likely the nature of man=) And some kind of ultimate ablility to transfer your soul to the stone or tree and from this you are almost invincible=)I am one with the world=)
  4. Paul yeah=)))lol i like asterix & obeliks=)making of elixirs and potions will be funny=) Dronios-я и подразумевал типа трансформацию со временем в существо non human=)
  5. There is idea in game the druid can evolve from(Human,Elf,etc.) to some kind of spirit or manifestation of combine the nature part and part of its being into creature like this
  6. .Leif yes spiking about spirits it will be the ultimate goal at finish to be a one with the planet spirit-of the world=)Godlike)
  7. So you say the effects of spell and char animation in 2D will be look much better than in BG 2?Oh i wish that true!Playing a mage with silly effects like in old rpg is no cool)
  8. My first druid cast nature power spells and summoning an army of treemans=)after that all foes of nature crushed and flee away=)
  9. And some of treeman or dendroid companion =)good for me=)
  10. Hello everybody.I want to tell about the druid class in Project Eternity.How do you think Obsidian can make our beloved class more interesting to play?A big choice of nature powers,shape-shifting,summoning the creatures of mother nature-an ancient treeman is may favorite=). Some things about how the druids can look-good for me=) Watch attached pics.
  11. I am for wide variety of monk specs.Martial or magic,or even wis-blind monk with bow and dzen arrows=)creating with the power of his soul=)
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