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  1. It didn't really work like that, it was more of a pointless escalation of hitpoints and weapon damage on both sides, which led to you being able to swat lower level enemies like flies, despite the fact that they were supposed to be armed and armored men but generally the numbers get bigger but nothing really changes, with the exception of the new skills and abilities so why bother making the numbers bigger? It is a few years now since I played an IE game, but that's kind of how I remember it
  2. Turning into an awesome superman who can just wade through hordes of enemies without taking a scratch just sucks the fun out of the game, most RPGs are more fun (for me) early on when you are more vulnerable and have crappy equipment. The exception to this, and therefore in my opinion the way to go is gaining cool abilities and perks that are fun to use You should be a better fighter(or wizard or rogue) because you can use your abilities and skills to gain an advantage, not because you can soak up damage and hit things for 10 zillion HP something that adds fun rather than numbers
  3. Whilst as Sensuki said, there are no health potions in the game, I do often wonder in these type of games why are you carrying 300 bottles of stuff around with you? Having one bottle of a given potion and just drinking some of it when needed seems a bit more realistic to me, apart from the inventory space aspect there is also the fact that trying to move silently with 300 bottles on your person could become something of a problem.
  4. Whilst i have mentioned a few times on this forum that I'm not a huge fan of magic, I did like this touch in BG 1 & 2, and it's something hardly anyone ever seems to do I do think that worst voice acting in many of these games was actually the choice of voice sets you got for the player character, I seem to remember struggling to find any that I liked. Would like to see more variety and quality there.
  5. I agree with all this except partly 3, the really cool stuff should be obtained from encounters, puzzles etc...no legendary items in shops please Arthur didn't go down the shops to get excalibur, the one ring wasn't on offer down at the jewellers... I'd prefer the a lot of the so called legendary stuff in shops to be charlatans selling fakes...could still be useful fro what it is, a sword is still a sword, but turns out not necessarily to be the legendary artifact their outlandish claims said it was a bit like all the people selling pieces of the one true cross in the middle ages
  6. That isn't a realistic combat mechanic though, it's just a different one. realistically you would try to avoid fighting altogether unless you had no choice or were damn sure of winning
  7. Were we on different physics then when Argentinosaurus roamed the earth? You do have a fair point though in that there are plenty of animals around today that you just wouldn't take on with a sword, if you didn't want to get turned into jam, and I do wish monsters in games were as formidable as they would be in real life, even if it meant actually fighting them was a fools errand beating the dragon(dinosaur) that is terrorizing an area could involve building a trap or digging a pit rather that steaming in with a sword and shield like a tiny armoured crunchy snack.
  8. I'd be quite happy with having to find another way of dealing with a dragon than a straight fight.. or possibly needing to raise an army to fight it A world with realistic combat mechanics mean you cant just beat everything and win every fight.
  9. What they need to avoid doing is making all the l;evels follow the same basic structure There should be some linear and some non linear, you shouldn't go in knowing what to expect because you've already done some dungeons. Pretty much every dungeon in skyrim comes round full circle to give you an easy exit as soon as you've found what you went in for, to the extent that as soon as you have it you're looking for the quick way out that you know is there, after a while it felt lazy I agree that you shouldn't need to backtrack the way you came (unless it's changed considerably by some
  10. I kind of dislike the way RPGs always turn into a crap collecting simulator.. I'd be happy with a realistic inventory limit, but I know I'm in the minority there Trading in a more realistic and meaningful way, such as buying a shipload of goods and sailing it to another port to sell...or running a trading caravan would be a much more preferable way of trading and making cash to me...or hell, even looting and robbing other people's caravans or ships.
  11. That diablo 3 screenshot filled me with horror, I hadn't really been following the game, but have they really strayed that far from the original concept? from the PE screens I've seen so far I love the art style, but yeah I'd be happy if they toned down the pink and purple
  12. There is only one world heavyweight boxing champion (per sanctioning body...perhaps that's a bad example ) and no matter how much practice most people get, they will never get there. I don't want to automatically end up as the most powerful person in the world as in skyrim etc... I think I'd actually enjoy the game more if there were characters/creatures who could easily beat me., that would make me think more about strategy and planning I'd like it if a person was just a person...set health..minor stamina upgrades with fitness..and most of the gains in levelling up came from increased
  13. I'd like to see new abilities, perks, better critical chance etc...when levelling up rather than a load of extra hitpoints or something. I wouldn't mind if the hitpoint/attributes were static or almost static. Id rather have the levelling up do something noticeable rather than change an arbitrary number which makes no difference to gameplay because they'd only make high level enemies stronger anyway to compensate
  14. I hate this, it's just removing choice from those, such as myself(sometimes), who would carry on and accept the consequences...without really adding anything for those who would reload except for a few seconds of their time. I see it as a symptom of the dumbing down of RPGs
  15. True enough, but having something which feels real can add to the gameplay experience, standing there taking hits like a bullet sponge can make the enemies feel less dangerous, which makes the combat less rewarding and makes the threat of the enemies seem more trivial.
  16. I hope you can stand on a fleeing enemies cloak and cause him to fall in a slapstick manner.
  17. That's why I mentioned arma, it's not like other FPS's you get tired, you can die in one hit, you can get hurt, you can't carry a million bullets and can only carry one rifle and a sidearm, the scale is realistic and the map huge so stuff actually can be miles away..... etc..etc... It adds tension and fear and it does make you play the game at a slower, more careful pace. but as I said...not for PE, it would be a complete redesign...but I would like to see someone do it...
  18. I agree that a world with commonplace magic could be interesting. The problem is, in a society chock full of magic you'd see peasants and the like begin using magic for all sorts of labor-saving reasons. Why drive the ox yourself if you can charm it? Hell, why not convince the guy down the street to make you a golem to do the farmwork? You see where I'm going. In a world where everyone has magic, it won't be used for merely parlor tricks and combat. It will be used for everything, and society will stop looking high-medieval and look more like some weird dreamland version of the Indu
  19. Resting should be in, but you shouldn't be able to spam it,you can't sleep if you're not sleepy
  20. I'd like to see an RPG that does for fantasy RPGs what the arma games have done for FPS's... a huge realistic world with realistic combat I'm not expecting it from this game though, it's not really in their plan Sui generis is doing away with hitpoints, and has physics based combat, will have to wait to see how it works out though (another game I backed on kickstarter)
  21. I'm pretty neutral on the romance thing, I think this is the first time I've looked at this thread....however, this always makes me laugh 362% on kickstarter of what they actually wanted to make the game, plus whatever they've made since...people are tripping over themselves to hurl money at obsidian, as well as other studios like inxile and double fine, yet every suggestion is always met with "Nooooo...limited resources" it just seems to be an excuse to try and stop them adding a feature you don't want. I know they are not limitless, but how much do you think they need? $10million? $1
  22. It would, but it would still inspire LESS wonder than if no one could do it. Either way, magic (for me) should be "magical". Otherwise it isn't really magic. The frequency and itensity can shape a different atmosphere of course, but I personally feel that overly high-magic worlds loose something. Me too, there is no way that anyone in game should ever call something that every one can do, magic...that just ignores the definition of the word Also, one of the main reasons I dislike magic in RPGs is the lack of imagination or innovation...it seems like we have been casting the sa
  23. Because I like the settings and the creatures etc..and I like the infinity RPGs, I'd prefer a setting where magic is less common but there isn't one...mount and blade is about it for non magical fantasy settings.... what I don't like is being railroaded into a playstyle because the devs did some fancy effects.. I want fighters to be fighters, and rogues to be rogues Yeah sure..tell me to play shoot em ups and action games instead why don't you? why don't you go and cast spells in dishonored instead? What I don't get is why people want magic to be so common that it's mundane,
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