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Found 3 results

  1. So..it's been a long while now, any word on this? I mean you guys have announced an expansion and us Mac users still can't even see our cloaks. May I ask why I should put faith into this expansion and buy it while the mac users seem to not be cared for? Note: I am a fan of the game, i just want the mac client to work as intended. What if something else doesn't work for the mac client in the expansion? As of now, I know for sure it won't get fixed.
  2. So one thing I think would be a cool addition to the visual look of P:E would be for cloaks to be visually represented on your character figure. I know it they were'nt represented in the original IE games, but the video from InXile for their game Torment got me "pinning for the fjords." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Is2T5ue5d8 Big fan of the very public development process, and I'm sure cloaks or no, this will be one heck of a game.
  3. Dear Obsidian I have already backed Project Eternity on Kickstarter, with a $35 pledge, as i really want the soundtrack as well (here is hoping for Jeremy Soule like quality). Anyways, i have a small request for the game. Please include cloaks and capes. I feel that almost every RPG in recent memory have gotten this aspect completely wrong or not even tried. In Dragon Age for instance when wearing a cloak (or whatever they call it) you feel like you are walking around in a women's dress! As a mage/magic user i feel it is imperative to be able to have a proper cloak, and it needs to look real. Meaning something like real cloth physics, or fake, as long as it looks real. Separate the cloak from the legs and the upper body, and make sure it is only connected at the shoulders. Swords and armor should not stick through the cloak, and preferably the cloak should have a hood, covering up the face of the mage. Think Raistlin Majere from the DragonLance series, he is always hooded and wrapped in his cloak, which gives that character an ominous feel. Here is a good example, concept art from Thief: Cloaks or capes should also be available for all classes, think Lord of the Rings, adventurers usually have those elven cloaks on, which protects them from weather and they can wrap themselves when cold, or hide them in certain situations. I don't feel like they should have such functionality, but the look of them needs to be right. This is an argument towards increasing immersion, please consider it! )
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