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  1. Yep, it's pointless to speculate about women's armour when women didn't fight and there is no historical armour that was made for women, if you were going for full earth realism, then it would be pretty pointless allowing you to create a female warrior... but no one wants that, and luckily it isn't historic earth... not really the right thread for this discussion though.
  2. Fallout 1 and 2 had "fade to black" sex scenes.... Nothing wrong with them in an isometric RPG.
  3. The person I quoted. Neo6874. It appeared as though he had posted some other response, then pulled a pseudo-delete edit (the closest thing we can do to deleting our own posts) by posting "(actually... ignore me)" I was ignoring him, It was a joke... ho hum...might try another one someday....
  4. My favourite save system is actually the one on mount and blade, where it autosaves pretty much every time something happens, overwriting your previous save. I believe sui generis is planning something similar. No save scumming there, and no having to go back half an hour because you had to turn the computer off and go out. It has to be impossible to get yourself into an unwinnable situation though for that to work. and the save game system has to be very robust.
  5. Shadowrun Returns uses a checkpoint save system if you haven't tried it yet. Shadowrun Returns is a nice enough game, but players consider the checkpoint saves to be one of the major faults. Once you proceed to the next level you can't redo your choices. One clusterf*ck and you may need to replay an entire level or be seriously gimped if the mission has multiple levels. Choose the wrong companions or bring the wrong consumables and at best: play the same level again and again until you succeed, or at worst: you need to restart the whole game. Personally I'm fine with it... it's more
  6. I understand that, but when I said I wanted them to have some personality I didn't mean bickering and fighting with you, I just think the odd comment would go a long way to making it feel like there are actual people following you rather than mindless puppets. the comments could be expressing thoughts about your location or situation..it doesn't need to be an opinion beyond "it's dark in here" or "I've got a bad feeling about this" or similar comments I know for a fact I will never use them if they are just silent PCs I'll have a PC, I don't want 5 more. Not too bothered about this th
  7. I'd like the adventurers hall characters to at least make the odd comment about your actions/surroundings even if they are not fully fleshed out characters with a backstory, so yeah, some personality would be nice and I agree it would be nice if it played a role even if you don't make characters there
  8. That's what playtesting is for. name one game that is dependant on RNG rolls that the dev didn't realize that something creative should be done to ensure you didn't auto fail a playthrough every so often? keep in mind one person not failing doesn't mean anything. if the odds of auto fail is .1% and the game sells 100,000 units in its lifetime, and each unit has an average of 5 playthroughs, then 500 playthroughs will auto fail (most games sell more than 100,000 units BtW). No, you name one game where you had to go back to the start because a random item didn't drop.
  9. It's pretty simple. I want them to be the same as the IE games, simple as that. That's not really answering his question. "Immersion" in a video game is that feeling you get when the game sucks you into its world. When your attention is fully on what's going on -be it during combat, or exploration, or dialogue. Saying "because I like the way Baldurs Gate had green circles under my characters" does not explain why Blue circles will suddenly break your attention span. Or to put it another way, if the color of the circles under your characters is breaking your immersion, then the game is pro
  10. I didn't mean completely random, I meant how mount and blade does it, each soldier in that game has random gear picked from a list of items appropriate to both their class and their culture. you end up with a coherent group of soldiers who are individuals rather than clones. Skyrim does similar.
  11. Ehh, methinks you're overlooking the fact that what's actually being "saved from censorship" is not child killing on the player's part, but child vulnerability. If a child cannot be harmed, then you cannot ever need to protect that child. You can't make difficult choices ("Do I focus fire to let that kid get out of the streets where battle is ensuing? Or do I just fireball it to go ahead and take out 5 of those orcs?"). What would be ridiculous is "I want the world to be populated with children whose vulnerability never amounts to anything in the gameplay/story besides my ability to flippa
  12. The voices in the IE games sounded unnatural to me, like the actor/actress was trying too hard to sound like a caricature of a class. And there were too many overacted hammy war cries etc..... Some natural sounding voices please.
  13. I can't wait for the sense of awe and wonder as I find a flamey sword...I can put it on the pile of other flamey swords I've found in every other fantasy RPG I've ever played. Actually I don't mind if the legendary weapons are magic or not, powerful or not, as long as they are interesting. And the main thing for that is an interesting history. I would prefer magic weapons to have a downside of some sort though, rather than just being an obvious better choice...think stormbringer.... or, on a smaller scale, a fire sword could burn your hand..
  14. This Excalibur never really did anything that any other sword couldn't have done, with the exception of getting stuck in a rock, it was a symbol. Weapons with a small bonus and a backstory are the way to go, rather than making something so powerful you feel you have to use it.
  15. Enemies should drop what they actually have (actually i'd rather they not drop it but it stays on the corpse, someone;'s armour falling off when you kill them is a little bit silly) loot in other sources could be partly random Enemies like rats shouldn't drop anything (that's if we are fighting rats yet again...I kind of hope not) A little bit of randomness in the equipment of basic bandits etc...would make the place feel more real than if they had a bandit "uniform"
  16. I loved those incantations, It's miles better than the silent casting of most games.
  17. Whilst it could be cool, you do have to ask the question.. If they're that legendary, why are they in bits?
  18. Reality?!? What? Anyways, those impossible fights are so sweet when you figure out how to win them, I would argue that they where a big (if not the biggest) part of the IE games. I still remember the Chimera fight at the ice temple in IWD2, or my first dragon in BG2. To tie in on this, why would you get the same amount of xp for doing something that is hard in this example a "hard fight" and for sneaking past the enemy. In my opinion that is just encouraging people to quit from those impossible fights, and go for an easier route. When i said reality, I didn't mean "reality" What I'm say
  19. As I said in the "coward" thread no xp makes retreating a more viable option, it would stop players staying to fight impossible odds that no sane person would actually attempt in reality, because there would not be the huge xp reward that some games would give for this.
  20. The lack of combat xp is a good thing for this IMO Since there is less incentive to fight on when anyone in their right mind would retreat.
  21. There should be some fights you can't win. Sometimes retreat should be the best option, and it should be by your choice rather than being forced on you like the infamous mass effect "loss" against the ninja bloke. Lord of the rings = lots of hiding and running away Star wars = lots of hiding and running away If you can beat everyone it kind of negates any sense of a threat from the antagonists.
  22. I agree, and there's always the possibility of simply having less loot (that doesn't equal less objects in-game, just less combat/magical equipment). I've personally never bothered making multiple loot-hauling trips, but I'm disadvantaging myself by not doing that (or so I hear). Tolkein kind of skirted around the 12 trips back into Moria that the fellowship made to collect all the goblin's crap. Or could it just be that stories and adventures aren't about collecting rubbish and selling it to incongruous shops that buy more than they sell.
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