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  1. It's a village-y place by Epping Forest in England, I had the British Telecom guy come out (don't use them they're crap - messed up everything) and he said the supply is almost 6km from the cabinet, he's only heard of most being 3-4km or so. I expect it's down to the privately owned land and farmers unwilling to lose the square area required for mainetnance of underground services, or masts and towers - so the telephone supply cables just spannnnnn these huge distances. Have heard the council might makes some changes, but they might prioritize actual street lights first - people never believ
  2. Interesting. I wonder why he wasn't mention as having contributed to PoE. Because those games are more well known
  3. Love the game a lot, it's the experience I've been waiting for since Baldur's Gate 2 and Dragon Age Origins. However I'm finding it hard to finish Act 3 and get to the end of the game...because there's very few set pieces in the game, and an abundance of trash mobs. You know, the groups of spectres, shades and similar enemies littering the game? Doing the Burial Isle is so tedious just because you can't move for having trash mobs thrown on you. I was hoping for more set piece battles against mages, varied parties etc. It is just a bit dull fighting spectres for 9 fights in a row and I'
  4. True but if they're busy pressing copies to go out in stores you think they'd be able to allocate a section of the game copies for people who had paid for their goods many many months ago.
  5. Paradox updated me on the situation. Sadly it appears our games have not even been manufactured yet and we don't be getting the game until the discs are actually made, which could be today or could be in a months time.
  6. The whole poll they had to decide when to send game discs out was essentially pointless because it has been so long now. It is a shame that the whole project has been good except for complete lack of communication as to when backers are getting their products and keys. Paradox are dealing with my issue now anyway. Giving them til Wednesday then will start poking them with emails.
  7. I was willing to give them a benefit of the doubt but it has been a month now so I am concerned I haven't got my product, especially if it was a limited run of boxed copies. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon. Keep bumping the thread guys and hopefully the developers will see it and we can get an answer.
  8. I feel like it will be better to compare the games when we get a sequel to PoE with more high level and complex gameplay. To weigh in for me, yes it is better than BG1, but not better than 2. It needs more content density and atmosphere in the world to top 2, however it's better in every single way compared to BG1.
  9. Over a month since release and it's still on "Shipping Soon" so I guess it's time to complain to Paradox.
  10. I just checked and my package is still awaiting shipping. Is there anyone I can message about it?
  11. Have people in the EU started getting their physical goodies then? I am in the UK but still nothing to be seen
  12. When I played Act 1 I thought that Raedric's Hold was going to be our stronghold. I had grown attached to Gilded Vale and it had residents we knew It was a bit of a disappointment when we were given Caed Nua which was just a bit of a random ruin we find and immediately leave.
  13. Any update on physical copies yet? Nearly a month since release and nothing so far
  14. Yeah this is true. I enjoy using my wizard and priest spells in normal combat. However for normal mobs I don't use them, and tend to just wait to use them for the tough set piece or boss encounters. This isn't fun. I've gone through several entire dungeons now (playing on Normal) without using any rests or spells or consumables because I'm waiting for the big boss battle to come, and it doesn't. This is a shame, because it promotes my most hated thing in RPGs which is saving everything to the end. It's an issue enough with potions, but now I'm doing it for abilities and spells an
  15. There wasn't a vote on this. The vote was if they should send the disks for the physical copy separately to the manuals and box so backers could get the physical game disk on Day 1, or wait to send everything off at once. The former option was decided but none of us have our physical copy get (in Europe at least) so it was a bit of a failure sadly.
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