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  1. People seem to want it to be nothing special, to be the same as all the other dungeons, why even bother with the stretch goal if you're not going to make something a bit different... Just make it clear to the player what they are getting themselves into, you have to survive on what you take in there or find on the way Some games are entirely set in a mega dungeon, especially very old school RPGs I dont see anyone complaining about them Something that tunnels several miles beneath the surface would not necessarily have loads of exits...If it were up to me I'd stop the player from go
  2. Might as well just have lots of small dungeons if you're going to have loads of exits... its supposed to be an Optional massive challenge
  3. You could always take away the xp a player gets for solving a problem peacefully if he then starts killing everyone....since he has now failed the peaceful solution that would really upset people
  4. yeah, and in jagged alliance 2 you could bandage wounds up but it took a while to heal properly I'm glad to see no resurrection, I think its stupid and I never used it in baldurs gate...and neither did the NPCs... never once did I see an enemy cleric raise a dead ally, seemed like a cheat that only the player got fallout did fine without it
  5. I think there should be stuff you just cant beat in a fair fight, where you have to think outside the box, or run away....there may be a way to win, but not by fighting I don't think you should ever become the most powerful thing in the world, it breaks immersion when the world revolves around you
  6. It honestly wouldn't be that much more work than not having it, you need a non combat stance after all, whats the difference between having the weapon sheathed or in your hand in that stance hope its in, its silly walking around town with a weapon out all the time, although getting it out ready in dungeons would be good
  7. They should just avoid having huge bloated amounts of hitpoints on anybody, be it friend foe or player, its no fun whacking away at something for ages, and the late game would still have the tension that you could die or get seriously hurt at any time Make levelling up be about gaining skills and abilities rather than hitpoints A lot of RPGs go the pointless route of having you start of fighting 10hp enemies with a 5 damage sword and end up fighting 100hp enemies with a 50 damage sword
  8. yeah, this as well...not spending the first 2 levels fighting small furry animals not that wolves are small, but thats how the begginning of baldurs gate felt...
  9. I dont want to see -me being "the chosen one" or anything special, been done to death -saving the world, again been done to death, what's wrong with with a more personal quest? -gaudy unrealstic armour and weapons -overly restrictive rules on what equipment you can use -linear plot with no choices -laser beam magic...not actually a big fan of magic in games (love to see a fantasy world without it) but since it will be there i'd like it to be a bit more subtle and imaginitive that just being able to shoot lightning/fire/ice from my fingers -being forced to use magic(see above) -spark
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