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  1. 1) will wait and see...but I'm glad we're not going to be stuffing 20 potions down every fight...stopping for a drink has never been a valid tactic in any known form of combat 2) resurrection just makes death inconsequential, good riddance 3) will have to wait and see how this works out.. 4) see 3 5) good 6) I hate artificial restrictions on what you can do and rigid abilities, no one should be able to do everything but you should be able to make an unconventional character
  2. Some of the BG1 portraits always gave me the impression that the characters head was too big for their body...Imoen and Jaheira from the example in this thread.. however I do like the way they caught their characters, BG1 Jaheira especially is way better than BG2 Jaheira Personally I prefer both baldurs gate's to Icewind dale's or torment's
  3. I always felt this was a bit of a cliche, all fantasy RPGs seem to have distant cultures that are the same as our distant cultures. And it's never done the other way round, I've never seen a game set in a medieval japanese influenced culture where european stuff is there, but rare and exotic.
  4. Yeah, and I want levelling, interesting levelling, I don't see anything remotely interesting about an increasing HP pool, they could do away with hitpoints altogether as far as I'm concerned...if they can think of something better that is.
  5. You could just not give the player stamina /health increases, they're usually pretty redundant in games anyway as the enemies just start doing more damage to compensate. away with it all I say! just gain skills and abilities.
  6. That assumes that you will level up about 10 times in there...nowhere has anyone said that this is the case...I thought we weren't getting xp for combat. anyway, I'm not saying it should be doable at level one, what I'm saying is that it should be doable in one go... otherwise, from a gameplay perspective, then it's not actually a mega dungeon, it's a bunch of levels that happen to be in the same place on the world map, and therefore nothing we haven't seen 1000 times before I don't care if you have to wait till mid-late game before you can do it in one go, I don't care if you have to pr
  7. That logic doesn't really fit in a non linear game, if you can break the game by doing a dungeon too early, then you can equally break the game by doing main quest sections in a different order There were several large scale quests in the old games that could be done in any order, and some were optional, doing any one first meant you were more powerful for the the later ones...that's how it was, was it really so bad? It does go hand in hand with not making the character go from being a weakling peasant to a superhuman god in the space of a few days though...if levelling is fairly restrained
  8. I enjoyed it, flawed but fun, I bought it on steam, didn't back it on kickstarter, it wasn't a full price game so was worth the money IMO, especially as it has an editor. Checkpoint saves didn't bother me in the slightest, a bit too linear, but the editor will soon see to that Leaving it alone for a while now to give the modders time to polish their missions...
  9. As much reactivity as possible please...race,subrace, gender, class, stats, clothing, companions... (arcanum reacted to most of this stuff) . I want to feel like character creation meant something
  10. I think this would be better in a sequel (assuming it does well enough for us to get one) the companions will have moved on in life, they aren't still following you around, but they could still be in the game (if they lived) mass effect and baldurs gate both did it this way...
  11. Evil in real life comes from greed, intolerance, lust for power over others, or from a mistaken belief that what you are doing is the right thing...as well as plain maliciousness Evil in games is usually purely maliciousness along with a little "I wonder what happens if..." and from letting off a little steam by destroying things. I'd like to see actual believable reasons for evil acts, both from the player and from enemies/NPCs ..and for evil to be believable there usually has to be something to be gained Nice guys have to sometimes finish last.....
  12. I'd rather the inventory screen just showed stuff that was nearby or on nearby bodies and you can pick them up from there, as in jagged alliance 2. It did annoy me a bit on baldurs gate that all the dead bodies had a pile of loot on top, I hope they don't go that route, I 'd rather search the bodies than that, but something in the style of JA2's sector inventory would be best for convenience
  13. The game will start with you parachuting in from a c-47 dakota It will be the only reference to the existence of either parachutes or aircraft in the entire game....
  14. In terms of the main plot, I'd rather see a clash of differeing philosophies, than black and white good vs evil New vegas did that alright, the NCR were good but not that good, they did some pretty bad stuff against groups like the great khans The legion were evil, but not evil for the sake of it, they thought they were doing what was for the best in the long run A faction based plot with a choice of which side to take would be best IMO In terms of individual acts, there needs to be consequences for your actions, people shouldn't forget, and if you get a bad rep they should distrust an
  15. This Nothing should be out of bounds if it fits the story and setting, but neither should anything be added just for the sake of adding it.
  16. And probably go looking into pokey caves and holes... I support different armour types having different uses....when the orlan horde is marching on your stronghold, then you should be able to say "Jeeves, bring me my plate" But if you're climbing down ropes into an unexplored dungeon and may have to squeeze through small openings etc...it just feels utterly stupid from a realistic character's point of view to go down there in a suit of plate even though game mechanics (purely combat) would probably mean it was the best. "your armour gets jammed in the tiny orifice...you starve and die"
  17. It would be good if someone did give you a quest like that, and if you took it up it would turn out that you were working for a complete nutcase, and had attacked innocent people or laid waste to a peaceful settlement, or simply interfered where you were not wanted You could get arrested and face a stern telling off about believing everything you are told by strangers.
  18. Everyone keeps talking about battles, it's not a battle simulator, it's a small party of travellers who would probably be better off not drawing too much attention to themselves...
  19. Morrowind's sytsem was great, you could pick from loads of pieces, chest, legs, left and right arms, gloves..etc... and you could wear clothing underneath and robes over the top, you could end up with a co-ordinated look or you could look absolutely ridiculous
  20. That's simply preposterous. Everyone knows that all historical combatants, ever, simply wore the absolute heaviest armor they could possibly get their hands on, and that's that, u_u. They actually just ran through fields made out of sharp edges, so any spot not covered by full steel was instantly gouged out/severed. And the people who made it all the way across the field without dying won the battle. It had nothing to do with their ability to engage opponents and move freely, or stamina, or any of that malarky... Yep, and and everyone knows that what you need when squeezing through
  21. This is kind of what I was getting at...I havent been lost in a dungeon since daggerfall in 1996 (then I really was lost) they always feel like you can just nip out at any time
  22. I'll be okay however they do it, I'm just stating my preference, if it turn out different I'm not going to wail and gnash my teeth, but as I said earlier if you can go out there needs to be a compelling reason for your character to go back in, regardless of their class and motivation (which would be different for each character, a nature loving druid isn't going to go in in pursuit of treasure, an amoral thief isn't going to go in to rescue someones lost dog...) so it would have to pose a threat or something. maybe you wake something up in there that you shouldn't have done... There is alw
  23. Trouble with that is, it narrows down the choice even more, besides, if you're going to have characters who dislike each other, more fun to have them in the party and bickering...possibly leading up to a fight, or threats, that you have to break up. As long as they don't start fighting when there are enemies around, that would be a PITA and would make no sense. Would be quite cool to have to diffuse a tense situation in your party occasionally. Possibly a character could leave if you always side with the other guy. But if we have a limited number then we should at least be able to have an
  24. My point is basically that i'd rather the dungeon had it's own interesting and involving storyline rather than just being a place to level up and get loot I do think the 5 levels from one location and then a portal stone somewhere else goes back to what I was saying earlier, it would make it basically 3 or 4 dungeons rather than the attained stretch goal of one mega dungeon I don't want it to be a grind, I want it to be a separate adventure from the main plot, a game within a game...there are entire games set in one dungeon...and not all of them are grinds there could be towns of dungeon
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