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  1. Black Geyser hasn't been updated since Dec 2018, they have responded to comments on their update KS page. Not sure this is a good sign or not. Beyond Realms though has been keeping much better updates on what is happening.
  2. Does the Relationship indications act retroactively? I'm checking mine and it doesn't give me any info on why or what made the reputations what they are for my character.
  3. So what are the consequences for taking the baby Vela to Sun and Shadow? I was thinking some soul would have hitched a ride in her body.
  4. From Fallout, to Skyrim, to Pillar's I've had it up to here with dealing with squabbling factions that care for nothing outside their own interests. I'm so glad that they designed an "go it alone" option at the end of this. It's amazing how a Living God doesn't unite these people at all. The Ratuians make the least sense in this game, they hate their own kind just because they are more advanced. The Vallians can only see gold coins, though I do agree they need to advance Animancy. The Principi think they are nobles but are nothing more than pirates. The Huana were the only ones I could stand b
  5. Well, turns out the quest is bugged, that swamp witch won't drop her grimoire if she died during transformation I believe this has happened to me as well without knowing she was supposed to drop grimore.
  6. I've been using Eder as a Rogue/Fighter and not once have I seen him cast any sort of spell. He has mule kick, knockdown, hobble, wide swing, etc none of those are Wizard level abilities.
  7. I finished "He waits in Fire" and I got the quests "Final Maneuver" and "Honor Among Thieves", however I don't want to go down those quest routes and I want to side with the Huana to get the "Taking out the Traders" quest. I talked to the Queen and I said I wanted to work with her but nothing. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.
  8. Check your local game folder. Hmm.. I've already beaten and uninstalled the game. Is the music in the installation folder the complete soundtrack and properly tagged? Yes it's in the install folder and gets deleted when you uninstall the game. You may want to check local folders before deleting games, never know what goodies you may find there.
  9. I did as well, seems the crash is random, I just wanted to make sure the devs got the dmp file.
  10. I think I've been needing this thread. Love: Eder: He's this games version of Minsc, only with a on going story, I love how his side story is tied into the main quest of hunting Eothas. Aloth: He is my favorite wizard character, plus I enjoying hunting the Leaden key quest. Serafan: I like this crazy pirate Orlan, he's right decent for pirate types. Pallengina: I enjoyed meeting her again and having my previous games choices affect her story in this game. Mixed feelings: Xoti: She started out fine but as the story progresses her fanaticism seems just as bad as Durance.
  11. I am enjoying the hell out of the story! I love the twists and turns with these characters, nothing is black and white in this story.
  12. I was sailing into Hosango having just retrieved Bearn from the Lighted Path cult, I had sailed from Neketaka and as the ship hit the Hosango city, the game crashed and created a dump file. 2018-05-29_164012.zip
  13. I am aware of the autopause, the problem is getting them to detect it in the first place. The pet doesn't seem to be increasing the perception ability either.
  14. How do you force the characters to detect traps in this game? I think it used to be in stealth mode they would see it but now I can't seem to get them to see any traps they just keep walking right into them with no detection of them.
  15. Port Maje here I come! XD I don't think this works anymore, the fish vendor's rack is marked for thieving.
  16. I've died on classical a few times so I don't think it's impossible.
  17. </Spoiler> Alright but is it really a spoiler when they ask for a cure in the title of the post? I think the spoilers are for plot more than mechanics.
  18. I played on Classic and found it to be challenging after the Tutorial island, I tried to make a portal jump and got wiped by a Boss soul collector. I don't find this game easy so far and just marvel a those that complete it on PotD and claim it was too easy.
  19. I've met her in game and she really isn't Goth, more like distracted nerdy girl if you really want to use a cliche descriptor.
  20. I've only had the one crash so far, been lucky on that. Seems pretty stable though since I was able to get past that part. Don't know if it was something I did or completely random.
  21. I think if a God stole my sole and walked away in a giant Adra statue I'd form a better plan then just straight follow him. Anything that gets near the statue dies. Frankly I am loving the hell out of this story and I pity those that can't find that same enjoyment. Not all games are for everyone to enjoy, "Different strokes for different folks" "One mans treasure is another's garbage" and all that.
  22. Same happened to me as well, I did significant damage to their ship, thought they only had four crew but they had a lot more as well.
  23. Don't remember the last time a game released bug free, it's not a "this company" thing, but just how things nowadays are in general. Bug free is a bit different from not releasing a game which will be unplayable for some players and knowing it. Good one them for taking my money and ruining 2 days at least. Ye and don't expect me 2 actually bother 2 argue with funboys. Also nice 2 know major bugs a now apparently normal. Awful Your argument would hold more water if your grammar was better. It's ironic that you are complaining about a game company's quality control and you can't be bothere
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