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  1. This questline does seem to be a bit buggy. I've killed all the slavers and freed all the slaves, but Aeldys won't acknowledge this when I talk to her.
  2. This has been resolved for me, see https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97832-game-stutterslags-every-minute-or-so/, with diagnostics attached there.
  3. Description: The quest A Fruitful Alliance cannot progress. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Load savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/607rfpslt6ilicu/Arelle%20%281f98c809-5874-4628-b213-1f564f96e91a%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0 When talking to Ruasare during A Fruitful Alliance after having killed the slavers, selecting the discussion options that make her acknowledge the alliance do not progress the quest. It is still possible to talk to her again and choose different answers that lead to her rejecting the alliance.
  4. The game crashed (for the first time for me) when trying to leave the capital city after the encounter with Malnaj in Serafen's questline. Logs are attached. I was not able to reproduce the crash after replaying the encounter. Crash dump 2018-05-11_073208.zip
  5. Thank you. Turning off the Steam overlay and telemetry in the options fixed the problem.
  6. I have the same issue, but curiously only today after a system reboot, not yesterday on launch day. Output log and dxdiag output attached (savegame is too big to upload). Diagnostics.zip
  7. Similar problem here. Played all evening yesterday without problems, but today the game freezes every few minutes for a few seconds and then resumes. Sound still plays. Disabling vsync hasn't helped.
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