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  1. I found out this item after the patch don't have small icon inventory, instead it's using the larger icon which usually use when dragging/selecting item
  2. I don't think Paladin is bad until you play PotD, which lot's of the time you need to prioritize accuracy and Pali is one those good candidate to have.
  3. What so good about PoE is that it spark a new Fantasy world setting with it's own mechanic, with Eora that we seeing now is only Dyrwood. It is but a beast still at infant stage or yet dormant. If we seeing more games, expansions, table tops and and card games from it, probably Obsidian is the modern of WotC in the making..
  4. Some people argue this game is easy on hard while other thought the easy mode is not an easy mode. Through my gameplay I can safely said these issue is pretty much about party level and the level enemy AI they facing. Side quest seem to give a lot exp but most enemy/monster level in the area especially ACT1,2 does not balance from it. What if someone decide to drop most side quest and just roaming around or just looking for encounter or feel want to dive into Od Nua will find it quite hard even on easy difficulty, while others like me finishing most quest has given me around lvl 9 end up a cakewalk into Od Nua without much effort, rush bum to enemy without casting mage/priest spell mostly. Make the enemy/monster level change dynamically base on the player current level, or spread the monster/enemy level as if 30% in current act is lower than party level, 30% around party level, 30% is more than party level. Easy : 30% below, 30% same, 30% above Hard: 10% below, 40% same, 50% above PotD: 10% same, 90% above or what ever it is to balance between quest, party level and enemy/monster stats. The cyclopedia beastiary need info of type: beast, vessel, primo, spirit, wilder into the stat at least.
  5. You could ignore the unpaid bug with hireling, its nothing to do with it, during payday it get auto deducted anyway.
  6. I haven't got to try all class yet from my experience, Barbarian quite formidable, the Health/Endurance you got per level is quit high, and supposedly being design to tank damage rather than deflect them, armor with low DR is good on him. Simply the trade off for speed and more carnage, one thing that is quite formidable about Barbarian you get pick "Vengeful Defeat" later on which is you do full carnage in 2.0m once you reach 0 endurance, combine this with item that grant second chance get back up again, down to 0 endurance afterwards with VD second time, than raise him using Priest. Probably rogue has the highest damage with sneak attack but if you want rush into PotD where enemy count++, your best bet is Barbarian. So far i have great time playing my barb, more than half damage party damage comes from my barb and I don't mind he's low with endurance which pretty much intended to trigger his VD.
  7. Yeah tax probably come from Both DBay and TElms which path to go north is through the stronghold.
  8. We got Magic Bottomless Crate of Holding from the start.. don't like it, don't throw stuff in it. Jarlaxle in Forgotten Realm's got such thing with his hat. Why frown when we got 1 in PoE?
  9. the bleep is you got journal where you can write down, probably you want something that can be mark down, why not write it down. All area is pretty small, and if you keep jumping between quest surely you going to forget where to get back to the NPC you looking for.
  10. Some people tend to withered away as so is their brain, just like how people from middle ages thought the world was flat, till their death they still think it was flat. Dig your own grave rather cast a sail to a different horizon and try to find a ground where you can dig your own grave.
  11. Go play Skyrim If you want bloating map markers
  12. The economy with "stash" is just that it doesn't waste your time running around between dungeon and merchant ( which what ever it is someone might just do it anyway) to sell stuff like other MMO/rpg implemented. For sake of realism, but actually it just inventory mechanic that waste time, I myself rather dive into story, quest, plot, encounter to enjoy this game. In Torchlight II you have pet where you can send to sell what ever stuff you put on him by sending him to the town, which then the pet comeback later on after few minutes, what does it make it different this game does if it not doing the same for sake of your so-called realism where as most the stuff even the cut-scene is done in text/image slide interactive and most of time you need to imagine while conversation take place. Or actually you want a pet mimic stash that follow you around or pack mule like in DS, to add the fantasy feeling? Again about makers, I love more Morrowind than any next Elder Scrolls series simply it throw you out in a world where you need to listen what other people say and what books, text journal written about. With makers you simply kill the novelty of this game design which nobody will ever want to read, which can be done by pressing space bar rapidly to end conversation, don't have to open journal/quest, run marker, click to interact, or kill someone or what ever the quest is, and press the space bar rapidly, quest end get EXP, that's the most stupid rope-playing game game design that involve heavy writings, plot and design. Modern game nowdays teach you people to forget literature instead look more to blood spat/ gore that spill on your TV/Computer screen, to give the feeling of "Masturbation". The idea Might govern damage and healing, or other stat for that matter is that there will be no min maxing stat that you use to abuse in IE games. If you simple can't accept that fact maybe you just an old man who don't like innovation, or can you actually imagine a cripple man on wheel chair ( MIGHT 5) having 26 INT from min max stat, can cast the best fireball in the game. You have prybar you can use without needing your bare hand although you a wizard qualify for it, you love your own style of roleplaying why not make your own rule while playing the game.
  13. I've got a barb. I think what probably drives people away is that barb is such garbage at the start. Squishy as hell, can't hit worth a darn, easily hit and interrupted, and the AOE damage does next to nothing. The thing is though that ALL of those stats improve until the barb is nothing but free damage. They get so much raw endurance that even though they're taking craptons of damage and constant hits, it never seems to take off more than half of their total endurance, and even then you can heal up easy. Even deflection goes up. My barb has never EVER hit the ground and been KO'ed, nor has his health ever dropped below 50%. I don't think that's going to change. It's also really easy to spec them for damage and accuracy for crits, so their damage output just keeps going up. In that sense they kinda feel like a wizard with more consistent damage rather than every-other-battle spike damage. The only thing I consider "lacking" with barb is that it still feels less damaging than a Rogue or Ranger or other such damage dealer, it's just the barb develops into a class where you don't EVER have to worry about them going down and getting KO'ed while they still deal pretty good damage. Good tradeoff, but personally I will admit the crits you get from a Rogue or Ranger are immensely satisfying. I've also grown to like Wizard a bit more. If you run into a tough battle, there's two classes you expect to pull you out of it: Priest and Wizard. Just kinda unfortunate that Wizard does feel VERY lackluster for any encounter where a per rest ability isn't utilized. Maybe the way I'm playing my barb in good ways and half of party damage come from my barb, anyway this just my first run. I don't know much about ranger or rogue yet or didn't dive to deep into Od Nua yet, maybe next replay.
  14. If you follow Bryy's link in his thread, you'll see that Cities made 11.5M, which means PoE is at 7M. We don't know how the profit split with Paradox plays out, so Obs' share is more than likely less than 7M. Still, they've got to be pretty damned pleased with this. As for the backers getting the expansion free: that was actually a backer tier item, so I doubt they'll toss it to everyone for nothing. I wish they toss to everyone for nothing.., either way I don't mind needing to buy the expension/sequal. It's good to know the genre lives, as if a great forgotten becon being light from this day foward
  15. http://gamingbolt.com/pillars-of-eternity-cities-skylines-earn-18-5-million-in-three-weeks Guess what PoE still in its first week of release, from the news kinda PoE getting around 9-10M on first week now, we surely getting an expansion and sequel and hopefully all the backers get it for FREE since we the one that revive it
  16. Again with this strategic playing nonsense. It seems like you have a pair of blinders on. I havent deviated from the block, buff and focus fire strat in my 15+hrs of game time so far. Every fight is pretty much the same. The creature types arent anything really special. You dont need turning from a priest in this game to fight undead for example. You're still buffing urself or neging an opponents buff/DR. Your just doing it after initiating the fight. Sounds like you're too caught up in all the magnificent bean counting occuring behind the scenes. How is this game fairer or not broken? I use the same tactic that the enemy does like bum rushing mages/casters. If you bum rush to mages/casters than you no better than the AI itself. You get to use firearm to kill almost any casters without broken your formation. The way I'm playing it my mages/casters just wear simple clothing without any negative impact on speed, and they didn't die way to much or get targeted if you have decent formation.
  17. No one love babarian, With decent might + item boost and frenzy you can get almost 50%++ to damage and healing. Carnage, few swoop with 2-handed weapon usually make all melee engagement easy as cake. I beat the Raedric final battle in one try in hard mode.
  18. Which brings me to another point: why is that Druid regeneration AE so small? Why can't it be party-wide? That really is a ridiculously small AE effect on that spell. It's such a weak effect all things considered, that making it party-wide would be so much better, since the heal is so minimal and so slow. I enjoy the difficulty of the game. My characters are level 4 and 5 right now and I am having fun. I just think some things need to be tweaked. AOE of spell and how long the spell last is govern by Intellect, as far I know Hiravias if you pick him, he has 11 Int only 6% wider, you might want to boost his Int using item or using resting with INT bonus or just chew some potion/food to improve his INT or just make a new generic druid to your liking with better INT
  19. Just think like you found Peter Lee Sword in divinity OS, other than that you just over thinking to much.
  20. This bear should have a name, a living legend beast that can beat the main protagonist single handed
  21. I'm completely disagree with you, if you really want a game that clone the old IE combat mechanic you shouldn't backed this project, just stick playing the old IE games without looking forward to PoE and try to draw line between them. There are lots of stuff going on with IE especially the BG1+2 combat mechanic which is broken and most of it is pretty much being rebuild into a better, fairer mechanic that PoE has. The vanilla version of BG's games is the worst mechanic with prebuffing, you can actually beat any encounter with "prebuffing". I don't know are you looking towards cheesy combat with prebuffing or actually you just want to laugh at your AI enemy by blowing them to pieces without much effort? Some known method is to summon skeleton warrior with project image and send them to kill every Illithids in the Underdark part of BG's 2, Play thief/ mage cast mislead and cast invisibility on Mislead clone or send the clone far away from encounter and backstab every single enemy to pieces. Once you get HLA, Jaheira with belm + transform to Earth Elemental with Improve haste can clear every lair in ToB expansion single handed, that's not counting the ultimate killing machine of kensai/mage yet. Some mod like Swordcoast Stratagem did address this cheesy prebuffing by giving the AI enemy precast ability, but that's another thing. What PoE does it to give player to think strategically with encounter, with limited resting camp, it pretty much put Mage and Priest into reserve state unless the encounter is not favoring your side than only start casting spells, other wise just keep them until very much needed, but if you are those kind that like spamming spell, you going to run back and fort from dungeon and tavern all day long, which is super bad, that's the old IE way of playing where pick every pieces on the floor go sell it than comeback pick some more, . Meh, are playing WoW here running around like doing some errant quest? I can say that Grieving Mother and Kana Rua both are best companions to bring along if you thinking to reserve Durance and Aloth spells in each encounter, The idea behind chiper is that you cast spell as long you have decent focus, which easy to generate them using blunderbuss since each hit is actually +6 hit, and Kana Rua have a chant that can speed up your firearm reload time and he does have summons spell and some really good AOE invocation to use as well. With them you have decent spell ability that you can spam in each encounter without worrying to rest. PoE force you to rethink by not playing cheesy or in short word 'cheating' especially in combat, manage your spell wisely, use trap or lure to choke corridor and door entrance to block melee engagement, position your priest/druid on center to best utilize endurance regeneration spell and read your bestiary and check out what type of armor/weapon/spell best utilize in fort coming encounter, keep at least each type of armor that best use against different type of enemy so that you might offset your speed with better DR, even against kith it best to scout see what type weapon/armor they are wearing so that you might adjust you weapon and spells you going to utilize before battle encounter. that's what I love about PoE it does justice to CRPG mechanic since 2nd Ed DnD rules. If you hate the combat maybe you aught to play this game like the old IE games to much.
  22. Yeah kinda hit your own nail in a coffin did ya?.. But there is a catch early on that quite rewarding that you can get plenty of gold once you go to Raedric Hold, clearing his castle will put you with plenty of armors, weapons and other things. Selling all of it might end up more than 5k cp.
  23. Does OE release any information regarding the size of beta? 25% or 50% of the actual game.
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