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  1. 1) Itemization is bland. Boots of speed and obsidian lamp figure were the two most exciting items I found in my playthrough. 2) I'm sorry, but if you think this game's combat system is brilliant, then you are wrong. Try to play this game with 2 fighters, 2 rogues, 1 priest 1 mage (all custom made)on hard. You laugh, that's how easy it is. Only times you need to go back is when your hp is finally too low. So you can maybe get that "wow I made it all through the dungeon without resting" feeling. What a great feeling. Not. The rest system is a ****ing joke and if you think it's good, then y
  2. It feels really great struggling to kill stuff at lvl 10 in the Kickstarter dungeon and you don't get xp. Really rewarding. Glad the combat is so tactical and challenging and just really different every encounter, that I don't care about the xp.
  3. If you find PoE tactically challenging, then good for you.
  4. To be honest, I turned it off, and I slept with unlimited camp supplies. It did not help that much. The short range of spells, no precast before combat... You know, I had alot of fun toasting ogres with fireballs in BG. Or stealthing in with my rogue and one shotting the mage before combat began. I know this is not BG and it's pointless to say that we need BG, but this is so far from it. They basically went in the opposite direction.
  5. If anyone feels that the combat system is the best thing ever, then I'm happy for you. I just need to let my voice be heard, cause I was hardly enjoying combat in PoE:(
  6. When I backed this game $140 it was because I was being told it would be like the old IE games. I was sold. PoE is very similar in its design of areas, zones, quests and so on. I think Obsidian did a great job here. I'd like to point out that I think the music is outstanding in this game. Obsidian basically did exactly what they told me they would do. That is, for the things mentioned. Somehow, at one point in time, someone obviously decided to break that promise. Instead of a similar experience to the old IE games, especially BG1+2 - Obsidian decides to totally redo combat. Let's just lo
  7. I installed the IE mod, which removes the stupid engagement system and at the same time opens console commands. You can just press console and type "rest" then if you want to rest. Currently playing on path of the damned with unlimited rest. It's pretty damn close to the old BG feeling now. Every fight is very tactical, almost too difficult, but at least I use every spell I can and can position like old times. It's WAY better than vanilla with engagement and rest limitations.
  8. Mister 9k posts wrote: "Oh, and no, the solution is not to make combat harder. If you made combat much harder and then allowed unlimited resting, it would become far too difficult to play without resting. In that case you might as well also make health heal instantly after each battle, just like endurance. And you might as well make every single spell per-encounter. Of course, when you do that, you diminish the fun of the combat, because now you just blast through your most powerful spells each battle every time in the same way, and you just go in gung ho not caring about damage as long as it
  9. By saying stuff like "you should try something more easy" "that zone is not meant for you then" and so on, you COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT!! It's not making the game more challenging, it's not making any difference whatsoever, it's putting a macro restriction on a dungeon / zone whatever, which clearly can be bypassed by going back and restocking, hence the word arbitrary. Don't try to validate the system with any arguement you can find. Ask yourself this: Why do we need another layer of resource management? Because combat is not hard enough / The entire endurance system. Well, sorry to say it,
  10. Deleted my post. All I wanted to say was: I agree with Mansen: The camp supply system could have been redone. Am I meant to predict how many times I need to sleep? Do I need to predict the size of the dungeon? It feels like a cheap solution to make it harder, instead of making the combat more challenging and dynamic. And as Mansen said, I can backtrack at any time and restock. The only cost is some copper and annoyance. I hope they redo the camp supply system as they improve the combat system.
  11. I'm pretty happy with what I got for my 140 bucks. A game I'm passionate about, and I did not want to play the beta, as I would not want any spoilers. What I will say, is how absolutely disgusted I am with another Kickstarter campaign, namely Hex the TCG. They gave backers uniqe permanent enhancements for life. Their completely ignorant KS-backers on their forums justify this with: "we deserve it cause we took risk". I hope Hex fails for how they abuse Kickstarter, making incentive permanent perks and not passion. The small KS community on their forums also seems to not understand how these p
  12. My username on this forum you can all see, but will I get my full name in the credits? I don't mind, was just curious:)
  13. For which forum will this badge be applied? Will I get a badge here in October?
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