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  1. If I had been told that I was Bhaalspawn 10 minutes into BG1 that would have basically ruined 90% of the story.
  2. *possible spoilers below* Maybe I am over-romanticising BG1/2. I still consider that the fundemental issues/objectives of the game have been released too quickly, to the point that it feels like there is basically no mystery/surprise left in this game. The issue of 'what will happen now that I am a watcher' really isn't really a strong central story as far as I'm concerned. It feels simultaneously inconsequential and unchallenging. At least with BG1 you had to work through a couple of chapters to even determine that you were something special - and to even understand what the game was
  3. I'm a long term infinity-engine / RPG fan (having played and completed all the major PC and XBox RPGs over the last decade or so), so I've been really looking forward to PoE (obviously). But, I must say, I'm seriously, seriously, seriously disappointed by this game. From a mechanical perspective, it's a great product (it looks great, works well etc.). But what on earth is going on with the story? Where is all the mystery and intrigue that made BG and BG2 such amazing games? The story presented is quite amazingly one dimensional and has totally failed to capture my interest. Cast your
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