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  1. On some level It's kind of depressing that these gender swap characters are the best women can choose from isn't it Because when the writers create a story line for a male protagonist and then just gender swap the PC they are not able to put in pink fluffy unicorns, tears and rape.
  2. Some of the illustrations in those were quite good, you graphics whore
  3. It should be read by Cleve, his Indiegogo pitch proved that he has what it takes.
  4. They could always aim for hideous but hollow, they have money enough for that.
  5. It's not like you'll be able to see it with perspective the game will be using.
  6. Please do, I'd love to know how I rate! On an unrelated note, is there a possibility that you scale back on the constant quoting a maybe trim the the quote pyramids down a bit. This thread is unreadable as it is.
  7. It's not a matter of "how many people speak xyz language?". The question is "what markets might be interested in buying the game?". I guess that Obsidian has made an informed decision about what languages to support from the gate and have not pulled the winner at random from a hat. They're trying to at the least fund the expansion.
  8. Thats basically all Bethesda games ever. How about playing at least Morrowind? EDIT: Goddamn, ninja'd by Rosween.
  9. as disrespect for the pro-romance crowd. Perhaps I just have unnaturally thick skin / low ability to detect disrespect? Oh, disrespect was intended, at least towards certain demographics.
  10. Basically. It's the method to achieve this that differs. Our "nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure" is not exactly compatible with the other side's "invest more manhours".
  11. We've got to do something for the next two years. I for one enjoy having my posts deleted. Well, not really.
  12. While it is nice that you are trying to make it Project: Eternity in deed as well as in name, I must respectfully disagree with your less than intelligent proposal, good sir.
  13. Depends. Are they romanceable, and is one of them bi? They are sisters and a twincest mod is in the works, check nexus in two weeks.
  14. Where? Who? The "Up against the wall" Isabela? Or the "virginal girl next door" Meril? Or the hawksexual terrorist, that every important person ignores at the end? She worked on Orzammar IIRC, so someone form there possibly.
  15. Fellow Obsidian forumite, it isn't just romance discussions that bring in the weird people demanding their tastes be satisfied and go on their own Quixotic crusades. Two words - Vancian, cooldowns Oh, I never claimed I wasn't weird. I just don't do pie charts.
  16. I basically agree, mostly due to faith in the god-magic of MCA. But if they asked me what feature to drop to save money and the project, I know what I would answer
  17. Romances bring in weird people, just wait for the pie charts and graphs proving dev's bias against whatever.
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