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  1. Which only means we still have 25 posts worth of double entendre to go. EDIT: Ever since 1998 I have believed that your avatar is jerking off. Oddly appropriate for this thread.
  2. Got your attention, did I? I would advise you to make a threat thread about it. It certainly won't stand out much among the current batch.
  3. Indeed. I've lost count of the number of people who *still* think we're dealing with a 3d, cinematic type game. I would say that the devs probably need to straighten out this confusion, but what more can they do that they already haven't done? Why? The money's already in the bank and the braying of farm animals is of little import to them, I would say.
  4. Each time I read a post such as yours I feel a little dead. Can't you see that roleplaying games evolved and game designers set themselves free from the limitations of the past? Yet still you stubbornly cling to outdated and frankly unnecessary mechanics, while much better resolution methods are available. Have you played Mass Effect for example? I am pretty sure you haven't otherwise you wouldn't spout such nonsense - go, buy it and try it at least seven times and then come back and criticize me again, granddad. Or are you scared you won't be able to finish at your age?
  5. I do not see why should I be forced to miss on content just because of some arbitrary numerical values. Look at the tasteful images in the OP - you can get them at the climax of various quests no matter your build, which is the way it should be IMHO. All you need to do is stand erect and face the challenge. This might be a old school title but still a modern game - being constrained by design decision made simply because of insufficient hardware capabilities would be a huge step backwards. Do you want this to game to be turn based too? Thank god you are impotent to effect any change.
  6. You must be a virgin - I believe using such antiquated methods as skill checks would be an absolute waste in this case. I don't want my character to fail just because I didn't tag any of those less then useful skills during character creation - making a rhythm minigame is much more fair and it is a tried and modern way of handling things. It's something the creators of BG would have used if the system specs allowed it at that time IMHO. The rest I am very well able to imagine in my head - if I believe that the encounter should end in failure I will simply fail the min game myself.
  7. So nude but not sexy means a broodmother? Or were you talking about decently dressed with a realistic figure? Either way: what?!
  8. Yet the votes (at the moment) seem to indicate an acceptance of the subject. Perhaps people don't openly comment on it because of the insults and shaming that will be directed at them? I have not actually bothered to vote, because question #2 supposes you voted yes on #1 and is not skippable. I assume I am not alone who decided not grace such a loaded poll with my glorious vote.
  9. Well, thinking about it a bit more I have found that I could help them write some mad scribbles of a brain damaged asylum inmate.
  10. HAHAHAHAHA, you crack me up, little buddy. (An ironic quote, I should have used something from the Sierra repertoire to be more topical)
  11. It's his own fault for starting his post with a weird, erroneous tangent about the X-COM. After that his credibility was shot and nobody truly cared about his concerns for PE, given that they were built on a faulty premise.
  12. I am fan of Notepad ++ GOTY edition, it even helps me to script romance scenes better.
  13. Hint more, I'm lost in your devious analogy. English not my first language and all that jazz...
  14. There was a person on the WL2 boards who somehow misconstrued one of Brian's comments as a promise of a single protagonist story focused playstyle (a la DA) being possible and after the Kickstarter ended went on a crusade, including vandalizing the project's Wikipedia page. Some people just don't read.
  15. I am well aware that they owe me jack, except from possibly releasing some reasonable facsimile of a BG clone on the promised date or within allowable time frame. I am also trying to argue within the scope of the project - ie you won't find me pushing TB on the devs, because even if I personally dislike RTwP I fully recognize what kind of project I have backed. Romances for are on the fence - they are not a typical feature of neither BG nor old school games and so I believe the discussion is a fair game.
  16. "Hello, I've donated to your project promising to resurrect hard core games of old and I would like to voice my displeasure with you including old school hard core elements in it. Can't you make the game more like Mass Effect?"
  17. You almost get my point which is why I provoke him. I see too many pledgers who think they should 'dictate' things that, imo, they shouldn't. It is tiring to hear arguments based on the money this kickstarter collected and refreshing when people put forward a coherent argument. I don't get all the people who feels a need to decide what is the best use for the money.. they obviously had little faith in Obsidian to begin with, or want another game than was described by them from the start. I strongly hope Obsidian doesn't care a rats ass about all these threads with x,y and z wanting this and that, because their brains might melt if they did, by now. I have a lot of faith in Obsidian, which is why I have pledged based only on their promises, past works and one mock up screen shot. I was merely reacting to the argument that including romances does not mean any more resources need to be used just because there are no cinematics, by presenting our side of the debate. PS Do you think I am sufficiently provoked because I responded or is more aggro necessary?
  18. A lot, relatively to my income, not much relatively to the maximum possible pledge. Does not mean I can't voice any concerns either way.
  19. Maybe not difficult but ceratinly undesirable and inferior. Look at ****ing x-com. Turn-based works really well with controllers because there are no time constraints so you don't need to give precise inputs quickly. The PC UI of XCOM is not that good, but that comes down to simply not getting the time it deserved. The gamepad is more suitable for TB then RT, yes, but it can't compare to KB + mouse combo and dumbing down PC games to that level is a travesty.
  20. The companion interaction scenes do not write themselves and are not done in two hours in between design meetings (were they might be, if you work at Bioware). On a project like PE, with limited funding and people, effective usage of manhours is essential. But we've been over this already in this thread, several times, and we obviously do not agree with one another's premises.
  21. Maybe not difficult but ceratinly undesirable and inferior. Look at ****ing x-com.
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