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  1. Pathfinding, for the love of god. That was absolutely atrocious in BG. I would say that after 15 years no such thing can exist again but this is Obsidian so it bears mentioning.
  2. They are only mindless zombies if you build them that way. See WIzardry 8. Why must everything be a colossal LARP nowadays?
  3. Or possibly enslave entire nations with necromancy. Nice ideas but I think they are a bit beyond the scope of this game. Are you sure you do not want to play Crusader Kings or something?
  4. It will be majestic. Still not a troll thread, no matter what Detective Volly says.
  5. I would not mention BG2 romance mods lest we raise... issues.
  6. Also there obviously is no hope of this transforming into a pure TB game and a hybrid system didn't work out so well for Arcanum. So it will be better if they just make a good RTwP combat than try to appese both crowds and create an abomination.
  7. Either no romances or something more subtle than the industry standard. Also, if you really have to have romances, it would be nice if for once sex (and ensuing influence bonus to skills, ho ho) wasn't the end of the romance but just a part of it.
  8. No cinematic.No zooming in for conversations. Ever. There are other games for playing dress up with your dolls party members.
  9. Depends how large an influence the people wishing for fantasy Sims end up having over the final product.
  10. You should notice that Bloodlines does not have nearly as many NPCs as for example Fallout does.
  11. As I understand it this what they plan on doing. Updated my Journal.
  12. People also seem to have different notions about what RPG is (Mass Effect, Deus Ex haha) and I see no harm in disabusing them of it. I mean good god, keep Bioware and its design philosophies far away from this game.
  13. When you have fully voiced dialog lines changing the script becomes prohibitively difficult/expensive behind a certain point, the game itself becomes significantly larger and thus possibly more difficult to distribute and lines that are fine in written form become unusable when they are actually spoken (especially by drama school students, about whose actual competency I have certain doubts). I have not played a cRPG which I have felt was made better by the inclusion of fully voiced dialog, quite the opposite really and I do not believe this will ever change.
  14. I don't know about the others but GOG handles international orders without any problems. I'd suspect Amazon would be a tad problematic, given they do not allow me purchase any mp3s.
  15. If by some stupid twist of fate the game will only use Steam as a distribution platform it will simple have to be "modded" out of it. Yo ho ho.
  16. Yes, do it like in KOTOR2. Which was developed by Obsidian, so I think we're set.
  17. By the time this comes out Gabe might make good on his threat to release a Steam client for linux.
  18. The father of one of the Tiefling prostitutes in Grace's brothel is a Cambion - so her grandfather would be a full devil.
  19. I remember her telling the story, that she was a child of succubus, thus she was sold to the Devils for torture. None of which makes it impossible for her to be a succubus. I mean, where do you think succubi from but other succubi? Well technically thieflings are offspring of demons/devils and humans. Succubus being one of the lowest tier demons, so technically their offspring should be tieflings. Although I may be wrong. Tieflings are not direct offspring of Tanar'ri/Baatezu and mortals - they just have some lower plane ancestry further down the family tree. Grace was a normal Succubus (I'd swear it even says so in her char sheet) it's just that her mother sold her off.
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