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  1. It's always tomorrow for somebody somewhere. Good luck surviving in the real world.
  2. No, I do not enjoy slowly whiting down some boss's bloated HP reserves, better it be done quickly. Give me my save or die.
  3. Bring back save or die spells. Also bring back the protection spells. Who says there are no tactics involved? Ad the no resurrection argument - maybe there shouldn't be any crits either, eh?
  4. They should have all the taverns sell "Dew of the Mountains" exclusively. EDIT: This post has been brought to you by Satan, apparently.
  5. Changing gear is not respec. Diablo III does not even enter into this discussion. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!
  6. WE ELITISTS DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS! There can be no compromise!!11 There can be only war! WAR! "Todd, what is best in life?" "Riding on a horse killing monsters with your faithful love interest on your side in a pseudo European Middle Ages setting" "WRONG! Vince, what is best in life?" "To crush popamole, drive it's developers before you and hear the lamentation of the players who couldn't get through character generation! Good ****ing riddance!" "Good!"
  7. Feel free to hope, the crushing disappointment will be even funnier that way.
  8. Arcanum's combat mechanics as a positive example? There really is a first time for everything.
  9. You know, BG does not have skill tags on account of having no skills to use in a dialogue. And as far as I remember dialogue in both of the BG games was a fine example of Bioware's "six choices, one outcome" school of game design. Anybody remembers Gaider's famous exponential quote?
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