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  1. Great ideas for both a generic pet and specifics for the Ranger/Druid classes. I think that maybe they should implement some kind of training quest for your pet that only a ranger in your group can complete.
  2. THIS! This idea reminds me alot of the Breath of Fire series (tho most of those types of things like "hitting a pot" were executed in a cut scene format) I really liked many of the dialogues and found them to be more memorable due to this!
  3. Wasn't it the same in the DnD IE games as well? I don't remember being able to pick locks as a Cleric... But I was mostly a Pally or Fighter and then mage. That's the order I'll be playing PE in too btw
  4. This should have been Mass Effect's ending... Maybe it was but the indoctrination couldn't let you know it.
  5. I really liked how Bioware gave us a homage to BG II's Minsc and Boo by having a Hamster in ME. They should do something similar to that. They should pay homage to the IE titles of their choosing but it should definitely be IE titles. (the titles that sparked alot of the support for PE)
  6. I was wondering what you guys thought about how the Godlike race should be executed. To be more clear I was wondering what you guys thought about possibly giving whichever God (the character is devoted to) a say in some of the more important decisions you make in the PE storyline. I believe there should be some kind of dialogue between you and your respective diety. What are your thoughts?
  7. I would like to see a single bag of holding (IE an expensive or unique piece of loot) just so you can carry a few mor pieces of equipment thru vendor sparse areas like the Underdark.
  8. I don't know if anyone brought this up already but has anyone considered porting P:E to the OUYA console. They don't have to change any of the functionality of the game to be more console/controller friendly as long as the OUYA allows for keyboard and mouse use. As a side note I believe they already announced the Fallout series and possibly other IE games (but I'm not sure on the details anymore).
  9. The only thing Planescape did to me was literally torment me... I hate dying and I hate rat cliches the most.
  10. In BG2 you could turn them off completely... I don't know about DA or NWN
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