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  1. The GOG downloader allows download resume, so the size does not matter and if you have enough free space to store the Steam installation directory you have enough free space to store the GOG installer so I really do not know what the hell are you blabbering about.
  2. learn to live and to make your own business When Italians make a game I would like to play I will consider it. Until then not interested. EDIT: And DaWu, I used this troll first, find your own shtick.
  3. So, either they haven't run away with the money or they left Josh behind to keep up appearances.
  4. Yeah, I have backed PE precisely because I care about opinions of gaming journalists... oh wait.
  5. dear lord, anything but that. HA! Good Fun! World reactivity, not combat mechanics.
  6. I support this for morbid curiosity's sake. Projekt: Věčnost FTW! I don't see how that's so radically different from Проект Вечность. Well, I can't read azbuka Clarifying edit: I can read this, but that's because of the context.
  7. I support this for morbid curiosity's sake. Projekt: Věčnost FTW!
  8. WHY. "I want kissykissy in muh gaem!" "No, that's dumb." The End. Seriously. It's been discussed to death. To death. True Love can never die. And there's always undeath.
  9. I rather would not constrain the developers vision just because a particular monster might set somebody phobia off. On the other hand if the game is devoid of giant spiders I don't think I would shed a tear.
  10. Torment's alignment was there because it was an intristic part of the setting and they've played pretty loose withe the implementation anyway. From the player's standpoint it might as well not be on his sheet.
  11. The money is spent on all the things that are insanely expensive but do not really make the game any better than their more reasonably priced alternatives. You know, almost real looking graphics, full voice over by hollywood cast, symphonic orchestra, etc. The thing is, the masses love them.
  12. No. Go on a Japanese dating forum if you want that kind of thing. Why? It certainly can't be worse that what is in this thread now.
  13. Real world Middle Ages towns != fantasy metropolis with 300.000 inhabitants In fact Real world != fantasy world Depends on the fantasy setting in question. If you want to emulate a medieval atmosphere, you should take medieval realities into account. If you have skyships, living automatons and flying crystal cities, on the other hand, you're not bound by reality. Fantasy worlds where are remember thieves guild existing are Tamriel (which is a high magic peyote trip), FR (with 1.000.000+ a inhabitants city and magic up the ass), Midkemia (there's not that much magic, but it does not even try to pretend it's set in some kind of middle ages) and whatever world QfG is set in (rule of funny in action). I guess we're in agreement then, it's just that you haven't put the caveat in your original post.
  14. The romance forum did. There was a total drama overload and the mods pulled the plug on the entire thing. Mass exodus ensued.
  15. Real world Middle Ages towns != fantasy metropolis with 300.000 inhabitants In fact Real world != fantasy world
  16. I'm gonna go with no. While I don't think you should be able to experience everything the game has to offer in one playthrough, there should be the possibility to pick from all the choices on your first try. It's especially egregious with difficulty modes, IMHO.
  17. "Conservapedia" isn't exactly a way to make yourself look well-read in a subject. But hey, I guess "Conservapedia" is a more trustworthy source of information than say, the UN. That's a matter of some debate, I would say. Can't say I really agree. EDIT: About the trustworthiness, I mean.
  18. I replayed Arcanum several times, that should tell you everything.
  19. I'm not sure what you are trying to say there... but my original point was women want pretty much the same power fantasy as men in games and that's why gender swap characters are popular among women. So...yeah what's your point. I'm kind of confused. My point is the same as yours? The writers tend to put stupid **** in storylines for female characters, whereas in games that are written primarily for a male characters, females tend to turn out better, because the **** is not present.
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