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  1. I think it would be neat if the culture you came from influenced how your chosen class progressed. For example if you came from the Pearl Coast and were a fighter...you might be trained differently than one from Godhammer Citadel in the north. Sure, that probably isn't super easy to implement, but it would make sense historically. Japanese had Samurai and Ninja; Europe had Knights, Longbowman; Sparta had their Spartan spearmen and formations; Roman Legion; Persian immortals; Indian Braves; China's Shaolin Monks, French Muskateers, etc. I think that could prove to be interesting.
  2. Thanks again for this update. A lot of good things in here. We know that there will be stealth type of abilities....travel skills with teleportation, ships, over mountain climbing...the ability to "win" an encounter without fighting, craft items, have NPCs craft for us...lots of goodies. A+ to Obsidian for the amount of info that is coming out. The community appreciates it.
  3. My other is being able to craft a unique weapon. Whether that be via finding a recipe and then tracking down all the ingredients...or just working on it yourself via experimentation. That would be pretty fun and rewarding.
  4. Call me silly but I kind of like the armor class type thing....modified by armor pieces. I really like how SW SAGA did it with having a reflex defense (AC) will defense, and fortitude defense. Your armor increased your RD and FD depending on type. You needed certain proficiencies to gain the max abilities with the armor, but anyone could wear it.
  5. Pointless and expensive? Lets throw down some figures to see how expensive and do a study on how much resources it takes away from the core game. As I said in another post, a stretch goal's entire purpose is to expand the game from the core. The argument that MP takes away from experience is a misguided one. It would be like me saying, shame on you Obsidian for offering to make Another faction, race, and class because if you spend too much time doing so...you are taking away from the core of what you were doing. That's just silly talk. The game is multiplayer at its core...its just that we control all of the PCs. Adding in the ability to play with 1-4 player characters and have the rest NPCs shouldn't ruin anything and would add an element that many people enjoy. Multiplayer =/= Less of a Single Player experience.
  6. Saying that multiplayer addition somehow takes away from the single player game is pretty short sighted. Where are we in the 80's playing pitfall? A good story and game can flow with multiplayer since in reality the single player game is multiplayer...its just that you happen to control ALL of the other players. It shouldn't be a big deal. Put in a system like the Old Republic where you roll to see who gets to speak as dialogue progresses. Make it so you can have a party of 1-4 PCs and keep the rest as NPCs for story. Is it a challenge yes...is it overly difficult...probably not. Especially if its a stretch goal...aka that means you are allocating money towards that goal...which means it does not take away from the core...its an addition. Thats what a stretch add on is. With the attitude I see about Multiplayer ruining single player, we might as well have no stretch goals. No one is asking for an MMO, but cooperative play is fun and its been done before numerous times.
  7. I agree. Nothing more annoying than having to force yourself or a party member to be a rogue when you have a 22 strength behemoth who could do the job. As far as breaking things inside in the proces ..meh....maybe they break or pry the lock off. That can be done.
  8. If this is possible in an isometric game, I am all for it. The more modes of movement the better. At the very least climbing and swimming.
  9. I can't see how people would vote no to this. If adding co-op as an option for a stretch goal did nothing to limit the single player game, why not? I would like to see co op where you could have up to 4 player characters leaving room for 2 NPCs. Then perhaps in conversations you roll to see who gets to speak like in SW The Old Republic. Everyone gets a chance to shine and become part of the story and having 2 of the dev created players in the mix at any time would allow you as a group to pursue those plotlines.
  10. 1. (pen and paper) Legendary Spiked Chain of Kossuth -- Unlocked numerous bonuses and abilities as you completed quests and achievements. It was formerly from a Fire Giant who served the god Kossuth and eventually found and used by one of our party members who was a Goliath. It was amazing. The only thing that could make it any better is if it were a weapon familiar or if it was sentient. I love that kind of stuff for RP flavor. 2. I love spiked chains as weapons and I really love vampiric type effects.
  11. For me the big thing I would like to see is CO-OP multiplayer for up to 4 players. All who have a chance to interact as part of the questline. Perhaps there is a random roll like in The Old Republic for who gets to speak during a particular conversation. That would leave 2 party slots open for NPCs and their resulting storyline. Mounts and other modes of travel like ships, airships, etc. Mod tools are great for the community.
  12. Hrm so what kind of ideas to replace this.....CO-OP Multiplayer is my vote! Seriously...I am not talking an MMO, I am talking an adventure that you can take 1-4 other players along while still have 2 NPCs to run quests and story with.
  13. Agreed. This is kind of where I was going with topic 3 and 4. I would like to see some creative options for those melee/ranged types. Maybe some knockback kind of ability, submission...a pinning shot, kicking dirt in someones face to temporarily blind them a boxing of the ears to stun....whatever fits and makes gameplay as lively and varied for martial characters as it is for those who excel in magics.
  14. Devs, I have to say that the amount of updates that you provide is incredible. It means a lot to see these coming in and that you are keeping track of the conversations and ideas here. I was kind of nervous about a setting with firearms, but from the way you describe it, I like it. I also really like the fact that there are ships and exploration....and POLEARMS hurray for reach weapons (Can you please include a spiked chain type?). I am excited to see the conflict and intrigue that unfolds when "civilized" nations meet face to face with an isolated race of people. Really good stuff. Nice to see some more info on the donation tiers as well. Great Job Obsidian!
  15. I am creating this thread to discuss basic game mechanics. Seeing as Obsidian is creating their own product, I figure this might be a good place to discuss basic game mechanics and things that you like or don't like about systems. The following are a couple of topics but feel free to enter your own ideas to continue the discussion. 1) As Obsidian is breaking archetypes, what do you think of doing away with the natural 1 is an auto miss and natural 20 is an auto crit? 1-b) If they do stick with the nat 1/nat 20 thing, what do you think about a randomly rolled botch table ala the D30 of doom at many tables...with a similar list for criticals? 1-c) Should there be the Nat 20 - Nat 20 - beat AC insta kill or tie AC destroy armor varant? 2) How about implementing a form of Condition Track system like SW SAGA did to reflect more accurately what severe damage did to a character. (If the damage beat the damage threshold your character moved a step down the CT giving you penalties to your rolls and eventually KOing you if you didn't use actions to move back up the track) 3) Should the game include tripping, disarming, sunder, grappling, and those types of martial maneuvers? 4) What about tome of battle themed fighing where characters take stances and perform maneuvers? 5) What about combat advantages due to terrain? Cover, height, etc? 6) How do you think the devs should handle rest, fatigue, or eating? 7) Do you want to see some sort of flying ability allowed? Would you like to see a single attribute bump at intervals or the two different attribute bump per interval? 9) Do you think skills should be allocated by skill points or more of a SW SAGA style where you get to choose a # of skills based on class + int and those stats become your favored skills. All skills increase as you level and you still have the opportunity to do skill focus and other things like that. 10) Should skills be somewhat simplified. IE Instead of having a Skill for Hide and Move Silent you have Stealth. Instead of Diplomacy or bluff you have Persuasion. Knowledge skills would all be unique, but you get where I am going here. 11) Should the game include mounts that particiapte in combat? 12) Should the game allow pets in combat and allow you to control them? 13) Should weapons or armor be allowed to be damaged or destroyed? 14) Should terrain/walls be destructable?
  16. I think dragons, while not mandatory, are iconic symbols of fantasy role playing games. That said, I would like to see them treated like intelligent creatures who have the long view outlook on life and are bigger than life. Powerful...magical....rich. If shapechanging for dragons is something that is part of this world...I would love to see a party member or someone who you interact with over and over surprise as being a dragon when the time is right...and hopefully on your side. Another interesting story hook would be if you were entrusted with a dragon egg and had to raise and protect one. Makes for some good story.
  17. http://www.gamespot.com/news/bioware-founders-retire-6396699
  18. I like the idea posted about having a faction with the ability to accept and use multiple classes. I also favor the idea of being able to move up the ranks and perhaps move into a leadership role with the ability to influence goals/direction. Basically another vehicle for the PC to exert influence, good or bad, on the world.
  19. I was wondering if there could be some more elaboration on how this process works? For NPCs, will you be able to designate everything about them including a backstory and perhaps some interaction with the players? What types of weapons will we be able to create? Can we tie those to a quest of some sorts? Same ? for armors...
  20. I think you should be able to take out one of the party members, but it might be a good idea to make that a selectable option. Goodness knows sometimes AI doesn't do what you are trying to get it to do all the time.
  21. Thank you devs. Your updates have been great. It really is nice to for the community. Really good ideas for the tiers.
  22. Sure, why not. I don't mind different cultures within the game viewing sexuality differently. It'd be a realistic way to approach it. As interesting an idea that is, one that I think would be great for storytelling. I fear that would bring in an entire legion of litigation against this game. I could just see it now "Game maker Obsidian promotes hate crimes against gays!" No thank you.
  23. Let me clarify why its bigoted, and why every bit of inclusiveness is critical. Because, thankfully, we have made great strides in regard to racism, no one needs to make a thread suggesting that they include dark skinned characters. They will. And if anyone suggested that they shouldn't, didn't need to, or that it was "pandering," everyone but the most racist among us would consider that offensive and bigoted. We live in a world where people think (rightly) that we don't have to respect the opinion of a racist that dark skinned people are inferior or unnatural, but unfortunately we should (wrongly) respect the view that gay and lesbian people are unnatural, sick, broken or inappropriate. This, like racism, shouldn't be tolerated. Because, like it or not, its bigotry. Jusyifying it with religion doesn't make it not bigotry. Substitute "dark skinned" everywhere any post in this thread mentions gay and lesbian people and you'll realize why "bigot" is exactly the right word for those who don't want gay characters in this or any other game. Using extreme examples to define bigotry when someone on here disagrees is a false argument. No one here, from what I can tell has posted a flame against homosexuality. Some people don't want it added for some kind of crusade for inclusion. Save that kind of stuff for places where it counts...such as the debate on marriage, etc etc. Maybe some people don't like sexuality thrown in other people's face either, or political activism in a video game, or pandering to a vocal minorty for whatever reason. If the game devs want to make a gay character for sake of the story, because that is some sort of important fact that is crucial to the storyline, then have at it. I personally think sexuality should be handled in a mature and intellectual manner whereby there is some imagination. Leaving that to the imagination could open up the possibility of a certain relationship being one that is homosexual in nature more often than not. Have characters who spend time together, etc etc etc and let your mind wander just how deep that relationship went over time. We don't need Witcher in your face sex to /roleplay/ a character.
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