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  1. I think you're right about that. It's the same as with the prestige-classes from Neverwinter Nights 2. The also felt very different than the usual archetypes. But they also were essentially also multi-classes. Very true! But all endlevel weapons of W7 were kinda all powerful deathdealing works of wonder
  2. Exactly! Nuclear blasts and laser-swords. It didn't take itself too serious, but still had it's own immersion and gameworld. Something that would be hard to come across nowadays.
  3. Well, it's the feel of a different culture. Playwise, sure, they might be just the same. But they can be felt quite differently. The elaborate. No, i am against Ninjas and samurai in PE. But i like having to play nit just zhe "usual" clich├ęd builds. For example, Dak'kon the Zerth from Planescape Torment always felt more than a samurai than a "fighter".
  4. I probably will get a lot of hate from this one, but still... i loved being able to play a little bit more than the "usual" classes in Wizardry (i still love the 7th installment and know it almost by heart). There were monks, samurai, ninjas, lords, thaumaturgists etc. I know this would break the "feel" for many players, but i am curious who does feel the same way (or differently) about being able to play as a fairy ninja. To be clear, even though i would love to be able to play as a ninja or samurai in PE, i know this may be not what most people want, so i am not suggesting it for PE. I just want to know, who also dreams about bringing some Wizardry mash up characters back to modern gaming. I am still waiting for Wiz-Online to come to western servers...
  5. i like the idea of kicking it foward, but much rather than investing money to other kickstarters, in case of sucess of PE i would like to see the money go into expansion packs and sequels.
  6. Carrying over Characters would give this game a real old-school feel. I like that. I wonder, why carring over characters from wasteland to wasteland 2 got so much hate... I also liked the Might&Magic approach of combining 2 worlds into one. And i never felt more of a badass than importing chars from Wizardry 6 to 7.
  7. I always loved the personal quest's of BG2 and the rewards of a player home, which could be practically anything. A mage tower, a home in another dimension, a castle, maybe a ship, a farm? This is what i wish to see in PE. But maybe not depending on your class, but in terms of a massive quest, involving 5 or so fractions, all offering you a new home if you solve the quest in their way.
  8. I like the idea of seperating combat and non-combat entirely very much. But as others i see a potential pitfall. I am not proud of it, but i tend to do quests non-comabtly, and if i can make more xp and more loot by killing everyone after the quest, i am tempted to do so (especially if they have good loot on them). Only in recent years i strayed away from such practices in favor for a more immerse experience of playing. What i want to say, that this should be possible without breaking the game BUT should have severe consequences in the world. For example a reputations system, so that you're known for your habbit of getting rid of your employers, or some dialog-options should could get closed, because the other NPCs don't trust you anymore, or you get more quests from evil NPCs than from good NPCs, forcing you on a route to evil. Or you are seen as a villain and hunted by headhunters and such. Or youre getting hunted by family members wanting to take revenge. Maybe there could be connected quests throughout the game, that you don't get if you have slain the questgiver. What i wanted to say is, that Obsidian should have an eye on power-gamers and let them play their style, but punish it in the frame of the game itself.
  9. Since this is a free-for-all i give my 2 cent to what i would love to see: A good story (a given with obsidian, but still the most important thing in an RPG) Character generation like in Icewind dale with class and character archetypes. a healthy mix of generated and story-related characters in your party (you don't have to use NPC's or generated chars, but to be able to go with both would be great) I don't care for good/evil mechanics like in KOTOR 2, but being able to play good/evil/neutral and to have it an effect on the game world, not on your stats. Always hated, that it was possible to be evil all the time and still everybody thinks you're a hero and you still could do "the right thing" in the end. maybe abilities depending on your alignment? I always liked the ultima-kind of Magic, using reagents and components for spells, but since this will be a "soul-magic" system, i doubt it would fit in. Prerendered backgrounds. They always looked better than all this real-3d stuff These and many more, but i am just happy, the Infinity-Engine gets a spiritual successor. Loved ALL the games, especially BG2 & PS:T
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