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  1. I think you're right about that. It's the same as with the prestige-classes from Neverwinter Nights 2. The also felt very different than the usual archetypes. But they also were essentially also multi-classes. Very true! But all endlevel weapons of W7 were kinda all powerful deathdealing works of wonder
  2. Exactly! Nuclear blasts and laser-swords. It didn't take itself too serious, but still had it's own immersion and gameworld. Something that would be hard to come across nowadays.
  3. Well, it's the feel of a different culture. Playwise, sure, they might be just the same. But they can be felt quite differently. The elaborate. No, i am against Ninjas and samurai in PE. But i like having to play nit just zhe "usual" clich├ęd builds. For example, Dak'kon the Zerth from Planescape Torment always felt more than a samurai than a "fighter".
  4. I probably will get a lot of hate from this one, but still... i loved being able to play a little bit more than the "usual" classes in Wizardry (i still love the 7th installment and know it almost by heart). There were monks, samurai, ninjas, lords, thaumaturgists etc. I know this would break the "feel" for many players, but i am curious who does feel the same way (or differently) about being able to play as a fairy ninja. To be clear, even though i would love to be able to play as a ninja or samurai in PE, i know this may be not what most people want, so i am not suggesting it f
  5. i like the idea of kicking it foward, but much rather than investing money to other kickstarters, in case of sucess of PE i would like to see the money go into expansion packs and sequels.
  6. Carrying over Characters would give this game a real old-school feel. I like that. I wonder, why carring over characters from wasteland to wasteland 2 got so much hate... I also liked the Might&Magic approach of combining 2 worlds into one. And i never felt more of a badass than importing chars from Wizardry 6 to 7.
  7. I always loved the personal quest's of BG2 and the rewards of a player home, which could be practically anything. A mage tower, a home in another dimension, a castle, maybe a ship, a farm? This is what i wish to see in PE. But maybe not depending on your class, but in terms of a massive quest, involving 5 or so fractions, all offering you a new home if you solve the quest in their way.
  8. I like the idea of seperating combat and non-combat entirely very much. But as others i see a potential pitfall. I am not proud of it, but i tend to do quests non-comabtly, and if i can make more xp and more loot by killing everyone after the quest, i am tempted to do so (especially if they have good loot on them). Only in recent years i strayed away from such practices in favor for a more immerse experience of playing. What i want to say, that this should be possible without breaking the game BUT should have severe consequences in the world. For example a reputations system, so that you're k
  9. Since this is a free-for-all i give my 2 cent to what i would love to see: A good story (a given with obsidian, but still the most important thing in an RPG) Character generation like in Icewind dale with class and character archetypes. a healthy mix of generated and story-related characters in your party (you don't have to use NPC's or generated chars, but to be able to go with both would be great) I don't care for good/evil mechanics like in KOTOR 2, but being able to play good/evil/neutral and to have it an effect on the game world, not on your stats. Always hated, that it was possibl
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