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  1. Selecting Female, Moon Godlike, Aumaua, Paladin, Goldpack Knights....next part where you choose Flames of Devotion or Lay on Hands, the category up top states *Missing string*
  2. Selecting Female, Moon Godlike, Aumaua, Paladin, Goldpack Knights....next part where you choose Flames of Devotion or Lay on Hands, the category up top states *Missing string*
  3. Glad to hear it. I would rather devs take time to get this done right. Been playing the Beta and it is fun and there is a lot to look forward to, but there are also some issues that really need some attention. Kudos guys. Take your time and release that much more polished product!
  4. I am working on this quest and I have both items, but when I approach the pillar nothing happens. I try just having them in my inventory and wielding the weapon. Not sure if this is broken or I am missing something completely here, so I figured I would post as it could be a bug tied to the quest.
  5. I have had party members just sit there and airwalk when then should be able to walk around and maneuver to a target. Sometimes they get stuck on another party member forcing me to try and move that party member so I can then get the other one unstuck. It is really frustrating. Party members should be able to move through areas that other party members occupy easier. It seems like this aspect of the game is about 70% of where it needs to be. Too many issues to make combat flow even when you are trying to be strategic about things. Makes for a messy melee.
  6. I had this happen to me while I was in the underground dungeon that you can access west of your starting point (where the lions and the feral druids are). After fighting a number of spiders, my rogue just vanished. I double checked the combat queue to see if he /died/ somehow, but he did not get killed. He just disappeared.
  7. This has happened to me as well. My fighter lost his shield I had him wield, rogue lost weapons, etc etc. It has happened more than once, but I don't know how to duplicate this.
  8. I agree with a lot of what the OP Said. Here are my observations thus far. Even as strategically as you plan your encounter, I used the NPC wizard to toss fireballs that did hardly anything, (granted I was fighting the lions at the time). Then it was a giant cluster of melee madness. I find myself barely engaged and more watching as all the party members save my created paladin. I just maxed Strength and Constitution and guessed on everything else, but the pally seems to be able to fight the good fight even against multiple big bads. Even the fighter gets dropped in melee before the Pally. The cleric's heals seems to not be as effective as I thought they would be. The rogue is understandable squishy but even if I try setting up flanking and using its maneuvers, it doesn't have the high damage output I figured it might. The wizard...meh. With as many spells it has the only thing that seemed to work somewhat was web and then using the missiles. Most of the other spells I tried had little effect. To sum it up. I really like the visuals so far, I like the possible plot hooks you can find. Sound effects are pretty decent. Combat is....meh. If it is any challenge, the normal turn of events is I send my created Paladin into the middle to try and tank, and try to use creative strategies for the rest of the party who gets KO'd and I then just use the main hero to finish the rest off.
  9. There are a number of items that are missing graphics or names (ie it says missing string). Do you want us to report each of these individually or is this expected for this point in the beta?
  10. When you attempt to take an item from your stash and you are in a hostile or non resting environment it states that you need to be in a rest area to access that slot. This in of itself isn't a problem....unless you accidentally close the stash box and now that item you are dragging around with your cursor is stuck. You cannot open the stash, you can't hit escape to get out of it, or anything. You are stuck and forced to shut the game off and restart. There has to be a way to either open up the stash so you can put the item back, or ESC out of that selection.
  11. With Beta access just around the corner, are backers going to be provided with any feedback on just how/where their survey information is going to exist in game? It would be nice to at least get some information to see how backer creations have been implemented in this new world.
  12. Its good to have a date attached with this! Its just around the corner.
  13. Nice update. I look forward to seeing more as things progress. Hopefully backers will get some updates on their inputs for the game soon as well
  14. Just wondering if we submit our surveys for either items or NPCs, will we get feedback on what we wrote? The surveys were limited for word count(understandably so), but it would be nice to communicate with this awesome team to have our piece fit into this bold new world.
  15. I apologize I have been absent for a while since the kickstarter, but is there anything we need to do to tie in our pledge to our account information/profiles here?
  16. Seeing as how the other 1k tier was to create an EPIC weapon, armor, or wondrous item, I sure hope that these player made NPCs are more than just eye candy. Most player made items in that tier are going to be in high demand. The NPCs should have an equal ability to draw people's attention and further the story. I think it would be great to have them as quest givers, competition, adversaries, rescuees and rescuers, essential plot hooks, comic relief, etc. The number of player created NPCs should help to bring a breadth of diversity to the game world which helps to make it real.
  17. I think what you guys are asking for is that Obsidian provides options. I am all for that...but taking the martial arts out of monks and calling it gimmicky is like taking away spellcasting from wizards because that is gimmicky and rehashed. I mean why do they have to toss spells....that is so predictable. Call me crazy, but maybe it is one of the essential pieces that sets that class apart from the others?
  18. Ahh interesting. Yeah I guess each of the higher tiers are specific in what they grant. Now they would be awesome if they granted a choice of the lower tiered items, like 5k allows the 3k bonus, one of the 1k bonuses, etc on down the line. Thanks for the info!
  19. For those who donate 5,000 or 3,000 towards the project, for example, do they get everything previous to that tier? IE, if you donate enough to have your portrait in the game, do you also get the 1000 weapon or npc bonus, etc etc? Just curious as the kickstarter is almost over.
  20. If it is some sort of aquatic type race, I would rather see something like a Shark type of creature...rough skin...rows of teeth....black deadpan eyes that is amphibious. The lizard thing is kind of played. Maybe even something akin to Nautolan in Star Wars. Something different please!
  21. I am hoping for one "small race" and one "large race" I have always been a fan of the Goliath rock type race from DnD and would love to see something like that or maybe a draconic race like the draconians of Dragonlance. I would also be supportive of something completley off the wall.
  22. There were so many good elements to IWD and IWD2...not sure I would want to say that it is something not to emulate to some degree.
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