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  1. at least in 2016 obsidian did not work on a vampire game, which was confirmed by brian in an interview about tyranny at gamescom. the big project helmed by tim and leonard is about a new ip, not white wolf related. the other big project is deadfire. if there's anything vampire related in the works it would be way too early for an announcement.
  2. dunno if it's a feature or a bug, but after equipping items with the spellbind property there's no active ability shown. after resting everything works as intended. in the infinity or the aurora/electron engines those properties worked right after equipping. btw it would also be nice if the a.i. can use those special active abilities of such properties to their advantage. perhaps this could be a future addition to the series. ps: there's also a bug with the exmine window. sometimes this window is draggable without restriction (shield, armor), sometimes only horizontally (weapon). and sometimes it will get stuck at the bottom of the screen after moving around (books), only the top half visible. then you have to examine a shield or armor to drag it back to the visible portion of the screen.
  3. i am having tremendous fun. thanks for that!
  4. so they're gonna stream char gen the next hour... oh yeah, and lets pick godlike, because it was never chosen before in any presentation.
  5. the amount of pausing required differs individually, and is heavily influenced by your reaction time/familarity with the system, party composition and/or talent selection - not so because of game speed since v301. imo the speed of action/movement in and out of combat feels comfortable right now. it still suffers from animation feedback, but that's something that is already being worked on.
  6. it's still a valid option if you don't wanna "pause" the action. pressing space bar doesn't help to test the speed of the game either, but breaks the momentum more abruptly. after familiarizing myself with the new set of ability icons i hardly use pause any more.
  7. confirmed. you have to rest to get the calculation of the abilities restarted. i would not list this as a bug, but a missing script after initializing the first area. it only affects the bb chars.
  8. actually it's fine the way it is. i don't need to pixel hunt those little items, and can see everything in one glance. just make sure that not every single item property will be included as a separate buff.
  9. yup, they should include highlighting plants when the button is being pressed. who likes pixel hunting can still choose not to use the help function.
  10. they're not just show. there's a noticeable difference in behaviour between the minimum of 3 points and 18. it's just that right now resolve and perception are a little light on usage, but by far not useless. i also doubt that one can finish the game on difficulty normal+ with a party of "3 to all" gimped chars without abusing the ai issues. perhaps obsidian even adds talents which require a minimum amount in a specific attribute to encourage players to spread points for different builds.
  11. and in which way does this prevent rest spamming? btw i have no issues with the current system in place, although the stamina/health ratio needs further tweaking. right now one loses a tad too much health.
  12. yeah, this is definitely going into the right direction. now to the important question: what's holding you back from releasing this on steam asap? we're in a closed beta, and obviously it's stable enough to be presented at pax. plus we qa testers backers don't really care about bugs. i mean build v257 feels already like in the middle of a hive. do beautify our weekends, please
  13. that's a no to both your questions. so far in development the design of the endless dungeon is basically finished. perhaps that's something for the planned expansion. btw the 4mio stretch goal was already achieved with paypal.
  14. especially hungary was a beast back in the days. their golden era in the 1950s was almost unbeatable.
  15. nope. it was the biggest victory in a semifinal ever.
  16. 1) actually that would be the case for the pacifist if the game rewards killing. in poe your barbarian won't miss out on tons of xp because there simply _is_ nothing to miss. so if you're roving the land bashing in heads left and right you will get the same amount of xp as the pacifist because you're bound by quests. if you kill someone granting you a quest reward before the quest was given to you, i'll bet that you will get the xp nonetheless. at the latest you will get rewarded in an instant after getting the quest because you already did solve it. it simply comes down to these two options: getting xp for killing things hampers roleplaying because you have to deal with encounters, else you will miss out on xp crippling your char's power level. it's also prone to abusing. after solving the quest in a non-violent way you can turn around, draw your sword and earn yourself a nice double fee. getting xp for solving quests rewards roleplaying. you can deal with encounters the way you want because you won't miss any xp. after finishing the quest there's no way to abuse the xp system - all you get is perhaps additional loot which should be enough of an extra reward. i refuse to understand how someone can favor the first option without seeing the huge drawbacks this whole system suffers from.
  17. yes, because players can stealth or speak their way to the target without falling behind in power. if the game grants xp for killing it's balanced around those encounters, and you have to kill them if you don't want to be too weak later on. btw you still have the option to kill everything, if that's the way you want to play your char - nothing is stopping you. your complaint sounds like you give **** about the rpg aspect and simply want your precious xp.
  18. so who said that there won't be quests where you have to kill the big bad monster at the end of the tunnel? the xp is quest driven and imo that's better than simple xp rewards for killing. it's also less prone to abuse without a ton of scripting involved.
  19. + after years it's the first true isometric crpg with rtwp and zero camera fiddling. and it looks gorgeous! there's no worry about the writing, because obsidian. plus tons of text, different factions and sparse dubbing. the mix between pre-generated cohorts and access to the adventurerer's hall to create the whole gang. CYOA screens! no xp for killing things. all xp is quest driven which frees you from mass murdering sprees and gets you creative about overcoming obstacles. - modding support and possibilities are totally in the sky. no overland map to walk on. no party chat. while the pre-rendered screens look beautiful the world will be static. besides opening doors and looting different containers there is hardly happening any interaction. it ain't the black hound
  20. if the referee saw it, definitely. he's focused at the action around the ball so he's a hard time seeing all the little vulgarities. in the case of song i doubt that the referee would have punished that behaviour if both players kept running along. btw the red card was well deserved. an assault to let off steam, even slightly missed or just the intention, demands a dismissal - especially if no soccer ball is involved.
  21. right now nobody knows what will be possible, not even obsidian. it all depends on their file documentation and how they structure unity, e.g. which files will be outsourced and easily modifiable.
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