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  1. One last time. Fighting your waifu... Shura. "Hesitation is defeat" Looking forward to the DLC and hopefully a sequel.
  2. Finished my 3rd playthrough, this time without Kuro's charm.
  3. @IndiraLightfoot: The combat is even more outstanding! NSFW.
  4. Exploration in this game is fantastic...
  5. BTW, Bloodborne is on sale on the PS store right now. You can get the GOTY edition for 18 €.
  6. ICYMI, the Tactical Legacy Pack is free for owners of XCom2: War of the Chosen for a short time:
  7. I feel so dirty and disgusting after all this...
  8. No pre-order incentives so far. I would buy the game anyway, so it doesn't matter if I buy it now or in March.
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