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  1. One last time. Fighting your waifu... Shura. "Hesitation is defeat" Looking forward to the DLC and hopefully a sequel.
  2. Finished my 3rd playthrough, this time without Kuro's charm.
  3. @IndiraLightfoot: The combat is even more outstanding! NSFW.
  4. BTW, Bloodborne is on sale on the PS store right now. You can get the GOTY edition for 18 €.
  5. ICYMI, the Tactical Legacy Pack is free for owners of XCom2: War of the Chosen for a short time:
  6. I feel so dirty and disgusting after all this...
  7. No pre-order incentives so far. I would buy the game anyway, so it doesn't matter if I buy it now or in March.
  8. I’m replaying God of War on the hightest difficulty. The game is outstanding from start to finish. Actually I would say it’s one of the best written games I ever played.
  9. Right now, I'm blown away by the games presentation.
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