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  1. The code is easy to manage, yes, but only if you just want to make your own mod. If you want to use something like WeiDU for that, you need an API. An API is both a set of common functions that have to be used, as well as a set of rules that you have to follow. The difference with most other games supported by WeiDU is, that there only the resources/assets are modified, not the code. Because, code is very hard to break up into small, independent units. That is, if you don't use strict guidelines and not always use the library functions. Because that is the same as having an API. For as
  2. If you can sell your first short sword for 10 gold, but your 10th short sword only sells for 1 gold and your twentieth for 1 copper, the inventory problem mostly disappears. Unless camping supplies, arrows, gems, jewelry, minor healing potions and such don't stack. Or only by type, when there are many different types.
  3. If we talk about classes, do we mean that they are specialized in a certain thing, or that they can only do that certain thing? That's a difference. As an example, let's take a skill like 'first aid'. Which class would be best in that? - A cleric wouldn't, because they don't actually need to know anything about wounds: they pray that their God fixes them. They're good at praying, not at treating wounds. - A warrior would be quite good at doing first aid, as it's probably to himself. Scratches, abrasions, minor cuts, concussions and even broken bones would be things they would definite
  4. With an RPG, the idea is that the stats of the player matter less than the stats of the characters. And with a party, it stands to reason that the other members act on their own, according to their stats. Like they would in P&P. Otherwise it's not an RPG, but a RTTG (Real-Time Tactical Game). But those only work when they're turn-based. As soon as APM or twitch reflexes matter, it's the skill of the player that is the most important, not those of the characters.
  5. Swords didn't last very long when used for fighting. Or actually, any weapon used to hit the enemy. Weapons were very disposable from the moment the Romans invented logistics ~1500 years ago. Before that they were extremely expensive, so they did see use until they broke. Like in Japan. Then you have myths: Long swords were actually most often used two-handed. Katanas are actually shorter and heavier than long swords, and inferior to even cheap European swords. The most effective weapon was a simple spear, the metal head being optional. Etc. Then again, large-scale battles were
  6. Strangely enough, skewering someone with a sword was often a one-hit-kill. Duels tended to take about 10 seconds, on average. The first hit was almost always the deciding one. Weapons tend to be designed to be immediately lethal.
  7. I think it all depends on what the developer expects of their customers' expectations. If you think they expect an interactive movie, you will make something vastly different then when you think they expect a customizable sandbox in which they can experiment. For what I read about the PoE expectations, I don't think replayability is high up on the list, if it's on the list at all.
  8. With zero marketing, nobody would know about your game. You wouldn't be able to have Steam or GOG distribute it. What you're talking about is alternative ways of marketing that don't cost money immediately. Still, you need to hire the people who lobby with the people who make the "free" advertizing, etc. There is no free advertizing. It always costs money.
  9. If you don't advertise, people won't know about your game, and so they won't buy it. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that most of the budget goes into marketing and hyping the game. That's how you maximize your potential profit. The main criteria for people to determine if your game is worth buying are the marketing hype and the looks. Because, that's all they have before the game becomes available. And for a computer game, the window of opportunity is about two weeks, before the emotional rush subsides and peopel start nocticing the irritations. An interesting fact about human behav
  10. "Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity." After thinking it over, I think Josh is very sure his system is the Best. And I don't think he distinguishes between systems for RTwP computer games, turn-based computer games, pen and paper or live-action role-playing. There can be only one! While I think each has vastly different requirements, and so requires a vastly different system. Or, at least, that's what I do when designing a project: make the solution match the requirements, instead of the other way around.
  11. In some ways, like the spell list, PoE is a carbon copy of Infinity Engine games. In others, it's quite different. This is all expected and fine. But there are discrepancies. By which I mean: the design and execution go in opposite directions. Like, if you want to design a real-time with pause system, you should do just that. But, it turns out that someone thought: "Well, RTwP is crap. Turn-based is the way to go! And we're not going to compromise!" And so we have a turn-based system that is turned into a RTwP system without changing anything. Because, surely, everyone can see that tur
  12. Could I make my own AI script that controls the party? Is there a robust scripting environment?
  13. I am watching an interesting Fallout Let's Play. The uploader (mynameisnotlilly) plays "a female, diplomatic mage converted to a technical setting": "We need intelligence and charisma, some perception and agility, strength is a dump stat, luck probably as well. The stats translate probably to the Speech, Barter and Science skill. And I found these two really interesting traits: Bloody Mess and Jinxed. Sounds fun!" Well, it's fallout, the typical game in which there are no dump stats. So that, indeed, sounds like fun. Speech and Barter will get you far, and Science has some nice perks.
  14. AH! I get it! Instant death to your party members: BAD, fail. Instant death to enemies: GOOD, pass. It took me a minute to figure out.
  15. Spot traps Description: This ability will find all traps in sight range of the character as long as their Search skill is higher than the Difficulty Class of the trap. Type: activated ability Cooldown: 30 seconds Usability: 3 times each day Available to: all classes
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