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  1. The more I read these nitpicking posts on the forums, the more I realize publishers/consoles aren't the problem anymore. It's the players who have regressed, become insatiably pessimistic and pedantic beings. Pillars has nothing different from the flow of BG1, and is frankly better than it. Maybe BG2 can surpass Pillars due to the expansiveness and being a sequel, but that's just about it. Torment only had the advantage of ridiculously original and unique companions, other than that Pillars again takes the cake.
  2. No it's not. I would guess around 0.1 percent of the total players who play Pillars manage to progress in PotD, maybe a total of 100-200 people worldwide. Half of those people are cheating by using the IE mod by covering their console tracks. So a very hardcore select group of 50 people worldwide can manage it. I'd say that isn't easy.
  3. I played BG1 when I was 17, and I remember it as pretty depressing. I sucked at IE combat, and the Iron Throne was insanely overpowered and I was underleveled. I think Pillars is the right amount of depressing. In a world where reincarnation is taken for granted, everything could have been fun and dandy and idyllic. Imagine our world, random reincarnation being known to be fact-- we'd have a shortage of fear of death or a slight lessening of grief over a loved one's death (since you know they'll be conscious one day again) If you felt a little depressed I think that speaks volumes
  4. I think a couple of lines of dialogue pertaining to their soul-past would have been truly wonderful. Like you meet the backer NPC, ask them about their past life, they react in certain ways, Cry Laugh Attack you Pay you Report you Curse at you etc.
  5. You're not the only one OP. This game is a monumental achievement in my book. I do miss alignments instead of faction reputations, I do miss thieves being weak but resourceful (instead of Kali-esque gods of DPS) and I do miss my dark maiden Viconia, but these are all things that can be mended in a sequel.
  6. In my IE-game-loving opinion, Pillars has surpassed all but one game. That is Baldur's Gate 2. BG1, IEs, Torment (even with the Planescape setting advantage) have either been equaled or surpassed with this gem. But BG2 is another beast entirely, and to be fair it IS a sequel to BG1, so let's compare it to Pillars 2 when it arrives. But it's a very close rivalry. BG2 edges out barely due to: a) Existence of Alignments (not just faction reputation) which serves replayability more than just arbitrary choices in dialogue. b) Companion depth, conflict and involvement (not always to
  7. I think Adra Dragon is meant to be a hook for the expansion / sequel. Dialoguing her Dragon Hunter form to leave Od Nua and journey to Aedyr sets up nice possibilities for further storytelling.
  8. Important thingies: Casting spells on NPC portraits doesn't work at all. The character instead casts it on the terrain beneath the NPC portrait Minor preferences in my case: Backer NPC's dont need golden name tooltips, it makes them stand in a meta way. Even more importantly those NPCs being just "soul examination" stuff with text is a little bit... I don't know, immersion ruining. They should perhaps have floating NPC text like everyone else, and when you choose to examine their experience rich soul then the Watcher ability should take effect. AoE targeting being missing fo
  9. Music is flawless. I'm saying this as a person who works with composers occasionally. To remind the player of both BG2, IE and Torment while having its own identity and low-key motifs its no easy task. Mr. Bell deserves an award. And this track below... 40seconds and onwards needs to be the menu motif for the sequel just like BG2's explosive menu. My adrenaline spikes up when that music starts and I play for another 2 hours.
  10. Hi BG2 friend What do you think about his statement on monks ? I didn't check out monks but I suppose they're pretty similar with BG2 monk kit, I will see on my 2nd playthrough Right now I'm dps barb, op dps rogue, and voiced NPCs
  11. Simple truth: PoE system is awesome This is coming from a BG2 aficionado, and a person who can't play Fallout 2 below hard anymore. The rough edges will slowly be filed out as the game sets in patches arrive, classes are balanced and tooltips are decorated with a little flair instead of cold hard analytical data on hover. But its great. If you're older than 25, you'll recognize how awesomely similar it is to AD&D 2nd Edition while improving upon the proficiency and certain resistance pitfalls that TSR system had. My only minor gripes are about limiting resting to this super
  12. Maybe its due to unrealistic expectations, but I had expected alot less combat in this game, as remarked earlier, due to the removal of kill exp (save beastiary) and the introduction of the scroll thingy before certain encounters allowing you to use stats/skills and make interesting decisions. Please do enlighten me on the fun you find in the game, for now while I love the lore and the world, the combat is just really off putting for me. Maybe I've been playing it wrong, but I've already given up on soloing, yet I still find the combat wholly uninteresting. You mentioned that BG's com
  13. Underrail is a modern day one-man indie gem that takes its inspiration from BG, Fallout and Crusader series of old. You can find it as a bargain on Steam.
  14. I've recently been playing again through whole BG saga and having it fresh in my memory I have to say PoE combat system is by far more punishing and strategic. One character, even with major xp buff simply cannot do it. Example that shocked me: My 4-men lvl 2-3 party was ambushed by group of wolves in the woods. I died quickly. I tried this fight twice again and finally, with better positioning and using of more cc spells instead of damage ones, I've managed to kill them easily, having a lot of hp left. I quickly checked the difficulty setting because I felt like it switched itself to easy
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