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  1. read my lips: "PC only" after the release they can port it to whatever platform they want. ipad, android phones, atari2600, toasters etc.
  2. personally i don't wanna see any translations, at least the translations should be fan-made/crowdsourced (save precious $$$). also, why not give turkish a chance? many gamers in turkey do not know sufficient english to play text-heavy crpgs. it's probably as big a market as germany. when crysis was released in turkish its sales soared in turkey. many people bought it just to support turkish language games as they are really scarce. it's an odd mentality but shows that there is a desperate need for tr-lang games.
  3. i have my doubts whether the boxed versions of the game will be available right after its release or not. probably not: distributing physical copies (a.k.a boxes) in shops probably is not gonna happen. (publisher heavy territory) ordering boxes straight from obsidian is probably more likely, though after some time. so maybe this is somewhat a good incentive to pledge to $65 tier. also a close tier from wasteland 2 (the $50 tier) saw a lot of love from backers
  4. NO, also, even in PST those cut scenes suck after couple of uses.
  5. you can maybe have your melee weapon broken when you hit an ice giant or a crystal monster (a la arcanum). then you have to repair it. but still...a lot of hassle with a party of six. NO to durability and broken items.
  6. too much realism is not good for the game sometimes practical way (one fixed currency) is to go
  7. wow, pst had hidden morale options for companions? didnt know that.
  8. nay! but since romance is issue is stirring a lot on this forum maybe they should get MCA to spend 2-3 months to write a story like annah's (ps:t). but only one romance. no more!
  9. can't we have total non-human races resembling tanarri, baatezu, thokola etc.? never seen that before.
  10. i don't see why not. it could be just a zoomed in rotating doll of the actual 3D character positioned next to the weapon/item slots.
  11. i detest the "chosen one syndrome". too cliche and overused (a bit in fallout 2*). i disagree that TNM in PS:T was the chosen one. he was "special", yes...but he was just a confusedamnesiac immortal trying to figure **** out! *: in fallout 2 you start by thinking that you are the chosen one but as you venture deeper you realize that you are just another **** in the wasteland.
  12. i hope we will have a comprehensive "FM" maybe not that huge and pompous one like in arcanum.
  13. one thing about the slavery: if i am seen by the locals while i am in slavery biz then fine, make my reputation for that town a "slaver". otherwise i wouldn't like to be penalized for my slaver past or distant slave biz.
  14. NO. imagine in PS:T, you were also given an option to create 1 companion. would it have had the depth and the story correlation of the other dev created companions? (morte, dak'kon, annah etc.) it wouldn't, it would only stick like a sore thumb.
  15. i know that artworks can be expensive but it all depends on how obsidian has their "art team" involved. i mean, usually towards the end the (alpha version) art team doesn't have much to do. if they are still on payroll make 'em work
  16. apparently just stating london doesnt cut it it's a place with ~13 mil. population (more than double the denmark's entire population)
  17. isn't chris avellone gonna be super busy with also helping wasteland 2?
  18. gods indeed saved us from romances! we'll maybe have one romance thingy going on and if it does, it will probably be like in PS:T (annah and the nameless one)
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