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  1. Ugh, see, I was dying to pledge, I still am, I just had too many financial commitments in the short term so an option to 'continue support throughout development' with the ability to get the same ks tier rewards would be great for people like me, and I think the option to increase pledges throughout development would be great too, I mean, it isn't like anything's going to be getting shipped for a while, so it only makes sense to allow that and rake in more cash, y'know?
  2. Hey, just a quick question. How long do you have to pay up your pledge? I just got a new job and my first paycheque had to go on stuff like food and the like and with the kickstarter ending in 3 days I'm in a bit of a panic. Is there an option to pledge the money and pay it up over a period of time? Is there any chance of an extension on the kickstarter? Goddamn I want my cloth map.
  3. No matter how good a swordsman you become there should always be someone better, I'm just not entertained by games that are there to pander to the PCs God complex (unless its populous or something) and level scaling the way its done in Games like Oblivion and Skyrim is just very crude imo. Striking a balance is a hard one to pull off but crucial to the experiece I think.
  4. I don't want to see any Japanese or eastern inspired weapons or armour.
  5. NO. But I want: Maces Flails Swords (European ones) Axes Hatchets War Hammers (properly sized ones) Spears Pikes Military Picks Morningstars
  6. Fallout Tactics had the best sprite deaths I've ever seen, anything like that or surpassing that would be very, very welcome.
  7. Okay, I can't stand quest markers. When an NPC says: "I need to to find out what Burke is doing, he usually winds up at the black crow tavern after market for an ale before he goes home, I want you to follow him" and I ask "Where's the black crow?" I expect directions, I'm fine with those being written down in my journal I'm even okay with occasionally having things drawn on my map, but not a quest marker, especially one that will follow him throughout the day, even if he buggers off out into the country for an unscheduled picnic. I don't like stupidly huge sewers either, I think that brea
  8. This is real bear hunting armor. Where your gods now? Well that's great if you're hunting bears, but you aren't likely to see it in a shield wall are you? And to be honest it looks more like the misguided idea of one particular hunter, rather than something that was widely adopted.
  9. Keep in mind you're following a thread of conversation in this, er, thread, that spreads from before we knew the exact type of setting. Nevermind that medieval fantasy has been done to death, and that the original points I made back in the first pages were about inspiration they could pull from sources besives the typical medieval, roman and other oft used sources. Not to say there's anything wrong with them, it'd just be nice to see more variety, especially from less tapped sources. The Sumeriams are great example but any of the ancient South American, Middle Eastern and other cultures have l
  10. I don't believe for a second that you don't know what I'm talking about when I say 'believable' but fine, let me clarify: You aren't going to find many bizarre or unconventional armour types in the shield wall, so by 'believable' I mean 'commonplace' to a certain extent but more than that I mean sensible, armours were made with the materials people had available to get as much protection as they could, those that were effective or cheap to produce were widely adopted, the example of that strange chariot armour that somebody posted before could not have been widely adopted for one reason or
  11. I just can't understand why people think, gaudy, overblown 'adventurer with a mid-life crisis' armour even looks better than the simple, more believable alternative. I know it's personal taste at the end of the day, but I don't know, it just looks... vulgar to me, vulgar and lame. Also, can I just add that Conan usually wore armour: be it a breastplate, hauberk or whatever; he almost always had armour on in the stories especially in battle despite the popular image of him; however Celts did tend to fight naked, but given that the definition of 'barbarian' literally meant 'someone who is n
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