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  1. I blame Mikey for the lack of micro-transactions and loot boxes. How am I going to satisfying my gambling problem now?
  2. Statements like this are pretty ridiculous and make it hard to take you seriously. Why would you ever wish for the unemployment of 100+ people and closure of a company because you, personally, don't like what they have done? How is that better than just not buying what they make? Clearly, lots of people loved post 2012 Obsidian games. This is why they are still in business.
  3. I don't think you can read about it anywhere. I'd imagine it will stay that way for development / security reasons. I don't work there anymore, so this is obviously just my guess.
  4. I personally thought DA:I was a lot of fun, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  5. It seems to me that it damages an industry of creators in the same way something called "Cheese Spread" with an almost unnoticeable under note saying "contains no actual cheese" affects dairy farmers. If you don't understand why... There's not much I can say to make you understand. They are charging for easier "flavor" content that you can do for free anyways. How is this as extreme as you are suggesting? I should note, I DON'T AGREE with them doing it, but at the end of the day it doesn't actually give someone any sort of tactical advantage, is optional, and does not impair your ability to play the game. Basically, the game is the same as it was before you knew this was a thing, so why make a fuss about it?
  6. Not sure what platform you're playing on, but you may want to make sure your game is patched. If I remember correctly, there were issues with the forest that were patched shortly after release.
  7. I just love how all bugs get automatically associated with programmers. Clearly no bug is a data, design, art, or audio issue. The designers at Obsidian are probably all in Hawaii right now drinking mai-tais while production whips the programmers to get the game/patches done faster. Not to say some issues are not programming related, but any time I see someone illogically, explicitly blame programmers for [all] the issues, I stop reading the post. Unless you have personal experience making huge games, I don't think pointing fault at a subset of developers is warranted. Complicated games mean complicated issues for all departments involved. I happen to have insider knowledge of how things work at obsidian, and I know all the programmers that worked on Eternity. All of them are very smart. Even Rory. Believe me when I say that they busted their ass every day to make something you all would hopefully enjoy.
  8. Is.. is it really you..?
  9. Unless you're playing on steam, there is no cloud saves support. Steam will also allow multiple installations since it's tied to your account not the computer. I believe all other copies of the game are DRM free anyways. You can install it on both machines. You just have to move the save yourself.
  10. But there is not a single thing you can do in physical proximity that you can't do online, except for sex. Everything else rests on organization, are you saying that bothering with organization is not worth the big costs of having to maintain a physical building, not to mention travel and everything else? No one said it's physically impossible. There's a reason bigger companies don't do it though. It's just not as productive in terms of actual work output. Not to mention the countless times where problems have been solved while talking casually during a coffee break with coworkers or in front of a whiteboard with a small group of people. It also allows people to interact personally with coworkers (AKA make friends at work), which increases morale and general loyalty towards the company. There's not really a price you can put on that type of thing.
  11. Personally, I'd hate not having an office to separate work time from home time. It's also a security issue. A lot of game studios do not let you work from home because that means assets / code / etc are being accessed on random machines or networks that they do not have control over.
  12. Didn't they report that they had a fix incoming for the major stats and inventory issue already? To be honest, they are being a lot more transparent than most companies are regarding patching a released game. The developers are actually on the message board responding to people. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72923-psa-game-breaking-bug-affecting-everyone-including-you-temporary-fix-for-party-members-only-currently/page-3?do=findComment&comment=1607951
  13. Expecting Skyrim-esque out of a crowd funded project is ridiculous. You do realize these huge open world games cost 10's of millions of dollars to make well enough to be worth doing, right? I don't think Obsidian wants to do anything that isn't going to be done right and at a high quality level. The 2D isometric style games are many times less expensive to do at a very high level. Especially if they already have the tech and a team ramped up on said tech and processes. The beauty of Pillars is that it's modernized/stylized take on a genre we played the hell out of back in the day. It has appeal to a wide audience without being watered down. It may be 2D (2.5D really?), but that doesn't mean it's not a freaking gorgeous game.
  14. I help make games. Whether that's BS or not is debatable.
  15. I would too! Also, flip-flops aren't great when the floor is covered in that cold white stuff. It makes your feet turn blue, then purple, then toes start falling off.. or so I hear. The engine doesn't make the game. Assuming modding tools are decent, you can dictate game logic/ability usage/etc. I'm sure someone smarter than I could make it work.
  16. I'm always a bigger fan of how games middle than how they end Someone should just remake FNV by modding wasteland 2. Assuming mod tools and a huge huge huge amount of free time are available.
  17. Not sure. I sent Andrew a link to this post, so maybe he'll reply? Maybe not? I don't work there anymore, so I can't twist his arm (and even if i did, I would never do such a thing! )
  18. He's in California. That would be PST(UTC-08:00)
  19. It really depends on what exactly you want to do. If you're looking to go into the more technical side of design (as opposed to story / writing), a background in programming is extremely helpful. While you might not program on the job (you may script? depends on the company), knowing how a program works and understanding "programmer talk" will put you two steps ahead of those that do not. If you're not looking to go into programming but just want the background, a lot of Cal State schools offer decent degrees in computer science. The plus side of Cal State vs private or UC is that it's 1/4 the price of UC and 1/10 the price of private. Then again, I'm biased since I'm a programmer. Other than my biased programmer opinion: Have things to show. Make mods for games. Make levels/areas/quests for games that supply an editor. Something they can play or watch a video of. This means it should be [mostly] complete and playable. For example, New Vegas shipped with the same editor we used to make the game. Internships! Start working on your degree. Start making mods/levels. When you get to a point where you feel good about it, try for an internship. Getting your foot in the door is 3/4 of the battle. Employers want people with experience, but interns are [relatively] cheap to bring on and take trivial work off the plate of the more experienced designers. Maybe someone in design will reply with more useful advice. I'm not a designer
  20. Adam: the slayer of rumor. the bringer of truth. the light at the end of the internet's tunnel. (I've lost my mind? Maybe)
  21. Thank you, LadyCrimson! i'll still be lerking the forums far after I'm gone to see what sort of secrets you guys dig up that I wasn't aware of yet.
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