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  1. Yeah, that's how I feel about Speed Racer... it seems like I'm the only one who has seen it...
  2. How did an "Awesome things you've done" thread turn into a "Concerts I've attended" thread? I don't care how awesome a concert is, YOU didn't do it...
  3. Maybe you can watch a video... or hit refresh and play again!
  4. I guess by deep, I mean morally complex and fraught with complex characters with fascinating motivations. Or perhaps I've read too much fan fiction... but I can say for sure that K1 fanfics are seriously one dimensional, while K2 fanfics are often dealing with the extensive complexities that are built into the game - characters, choice, the nature of the Force, etc. I haven't read any ME fanfics yet, though... can't say I'm particularly compelled to. The game was "meh" and anything anyone writes about it will be just as tacked on as the character development in game was.
  5. There's not much way that BioWare could do justice to the complexity that Obsidian put into K2. They build fine games. But they're amibitious when it comes to style and gameplay, not story. Their stories are meh.
  6. You can always scan a copy of your signature and drop it into the document as an image...
  7. Bass... he was playing on Xbox and that was two weeks ago. You *really* don't need to reply to every post... especially if you're not going to add anything useful to it.
  8. Ummm... forgive my ignorance here, but what's microsoft got to do with KotOR 3?
  9. I'd say Yes and No. The nice thing is that there's a pause button. The first thing I'd do when entering combat was hit the space bar to pause and aim. If the target moved, I'd pause and aim again. I suck at FPS, but because of the ability to pause, the gameplay was much more tolerable.
  10. Heeeyyy, nope didn't get horribly sunburned... I hardly went outside... certainly not in the daylight if I could help it!

  11. It's pronounced "You bastard" Im figuring the "b" has to be silent so it sounds like "Ros-jerg", you know, because "Ros-b-jerg" is just silly. It looks scandanavian in origin to me... and in that case the j would be pronounced y Rosb-yerg. Of course, I could be wrong... and probably am... I'll shut up now...
  12. This is a pretty common glitch. The first time I played the game I got stuck at this point and there was NOTHING I could do to unstick it. The best advice is to go back to a saved game early in your Nar Shaddaa visit and make lots of trips between sectors and visit your ship regularly to trigger all the different cut scenes individually. Unfortunately, by the time I realized it was a glitch and not just me missing something I'd overwritten all my Nar Shaddaa saves and just had to start over... whee! On my last playthrough, I got stuck where I couldn't get back on the ship and managed to fix it just by walking between the sectors a few times... try that first...
  13. He makes sense. I mean, you paid for it, why not go through it at least? Ignore the sidequests if you want, but they're useful for getting to high levels. I did almost none of the sidequests, and when I realized I'd started the end game sequence, I really thought I was going to have a hard time since I was so low level... I didn't. It was mind numbingly easy and I'm not even very good at that kind of game. Whee.
  14. Yeah, y'all are definitely way more awesome than me... About the most "awesome" thing I can think of that I've ever done is hike the Grand Canyon from the North Rim to the South Rim twice... the second time I did it 8 weeks pregnant! Of course, the first year I nearly fell off a cliff...
  15. Mine is a heavily cropped sketch of Leia on Hoth by Casey Jones... I don't think it actually looks all that much like Leia, but it looks almost identical to my mental image of my Exile... or one of them at least...
  16. I must say, I think I'm a little scared by what that's supposed to mean... And if that's what a man needs, what do I need? *ponders*
  17. I sent my kids to stay at their dad's for the next two weeks, went to see Speed Racer for the sixth time, had a flat tire and then went to my fiance's house... Two weeks without kids! WOOT! :D
  18. Weird ideas - not grounds for removal Too lazy to take to school - grounds for removal No, it's not. It's grounds for investigation into the household and if the authorities find some other reason to remove the children, then fine. But not sending your kids to school is not a reason to get them taken away. IF it were possible to ensure that kids taken away from their parents would receive better care wherever they wound up, you might be able to talk me into it... but state care and foster care are both horrible systems where kids are often seriously abused by the people they are placed with.
  19. Yes, take this child away from her horrible parents who have weird ideas and are too lazy to take her to school! I'm sure she'll be *much* better off in a state institution or with a foster family that sees her as another paycheck.
  20. I just finished Mass Effect and may I say "meh". I didn't particularly enjoy the FPS feel to it and the story line felt forced. The romance felt horribly tacked on and it was just... meh... I guess I'm one of those girls who does't really play games, I watch interactive movies... and as movies goes, ME just doesn't have anything particularly memorable.
  21. Words of wisdom... Although if you introduce a subject in a discussion, be prepared that it may be addressed one way or another @Guard Dog: I think it's a grey area, but one thing I would consider is whether or not the teachings of the parents are unconstitutional or not. E.g. would you sit by the sideline when people teach their children that midgets and miniature people are not real humans and are only good for dwarf tossing competitions? What about homes where kids are tought that people with skin colour xyz is trash and should be run over whenever you see them? Homes where kids are tought that people who either have or don't have a certain faith should be burnt at the stake. Preferably at night because the "misguided" authorities are compromised by the "enemy"? What if the parents put their kids in training camps in the desert of Nevada, where they learn to become suicide bombers, so they can blow up government buildings once the parents tell them it is time to fight the system? I can sort of understand why it must be frustrating for those watching by the sideline. You know, the U.S. has come a very long way since the 60's. A lot of racial barriers have been broken down. Did we manage it by taking away people's kids and telling them they weren't allowed to believe what they believed? No. We managed to make a difference by punishing real acts of cruelty, and enforcing integration so that the kids that were growing up would be directly exposed to those their parents told them to "hate". And that is the way you change society - slowly, one generation at a time. There will always be those that hold on to their whackjob ideals, and try to teach their children the same, but if the government steps in directly, all that will happen is that those whackjob views will be reinforced as true. It is much more likely that a child will realize that their parents are crazy if you leave them to experience the world on their own. I mean, really, don't we all think our parents are crazy? I know my kids think I am!
  22. explain "fundamentalist christian" please Fundamentalist Christians generally believe that the Bible is true word for word and without much symbolism or need for adaptation to current cultures. However, what they are is not the point. I only used them as an example because the person I was responding to used them. For my point, you can to take any group whose beliefs are in opposition to your own and apply the same argument. No matter how illogical their beliefs may seem to you, they make sense to the people who believe them. If you are willing to let their rights be taken away, you'd better be prepared when someone decides YOUR beliefs are wrong.
  23. Pretend for a moment that it is possible that what fundamentalist christians believe is true (just for a minute)... IF it is true, then YOU are the one abusing your child by not teaching them to follow God's laws and condeming them to a life of misery and an eternity in hell. You cannot begin preaching that indoctrination is abuse, because eventually YOU will be in the minority and it will be your children being taken away. Remember when you take away someone else's rights, you're also taking away your own.
  24. That's because your parents arranged your marriages at birth way back then... :p

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