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  1. *waves to Archie* I still have an active subscription to SWTOR and really loved it, though I haven't played it in a while. It is NOT KOTOR 3 in any way, though. But, as someone who does enjoy MMO's it's its own kind of fun. Huttball is absolute genius as far as pvp games goes and is a blast to play with a halfway decent team. But I still yearn for what could have been. Just read the Revan book and was really annoyed by how one dimensional they made the Exile, and yes, I have read a lot of fan fiction that was written just as well (if not better) and was much more satisfying. The Revan story was halfway decent, I suppose, and got him frozen in time so he could show up in the MMO 300+ years later, but they made the Exile a prop. It was very disappointing. So yesterday I fired up another game of KotOR 2 after purchasing it (for the umpteenth time) on Steam. So I'll use that for my fix for a while. Right now, with my Disney buyout of Lucasfilm, my greatest hope is that they'll make a live action KOTOR / KOTOR 2 tv series eventually. I figure I've got 15 years or so to wait, but when it does get done, I'll watch it. Or whatever else they put on, because face it, when it comes to Star Wars I'm easy.
  2. Anything is viable end game. The game is very easy and the exile is very overpowered by the end. Even full light side, force storm took care of everyone in the room. The last fight might give you a little trouble, but you'll probably figure it out. Play it however you'll have fun with it.
  3. I finished reading the book on Saturday and have been trying to find a place to complain about it ever since. I should have thought of these boards sooner! Not being a huge Revan fan, I found the way his story was handled to be pretty well done. They gave him some personality, delved into his relationship with Bastila and Canderous and told a decent story. Though... I've read just as good (and a lot more satisfying) fan fiction. As far as the Exile goes, though... I wish they'd not bothered. She was a prop. She lacked personality, motivation or ANY sort of non-generic Jedi cookie cutter crap. About the most we get out of her personality wise is that she feels a little jealous that Bastila and Revan have something that she could never have with him. I could have dealt with her fate a lot better had she been fleshed out at all.
  4. I thought Mrs. Petrelli had visions / dreams about the future? And the way she implied that she was surprised he survived left me with the distinct feeling that *something* wasn't quite right. Perhaps the incident referenced is like the apartment fire that "killed" Claire's birth mom. Actually caused by the hunter himself and the reason why 1) he survived and 2) is so hell bent on taking out everyone with any special powers. I get the impression that Sylar *could* take someone's powers without killing them if he were inclined to, but it takes a lot more work and time to do so. Since he doesn't care about life generally speaking, it's not worth the effort. I was also surprised he didn't dig around and try to figure out what all his father could do, though. Surely there was *something* he'd picked up over the years that would have been worth learning.
  5. Well, I guess Sylar's on a mission now. No more small game for him... woot! It'll be nice to see him whoop up on some bad guys... And I still want to know what the hunter's power is... Mrs. Petrelli seemed to have some idea.
  6. Damn, I'm such a geek. That trailer made me giddy...
  7. Wait, what? No way. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to call bull**** on that. Firstly on the whole idea of there even being a "proper response" to anything in a relationship like it's some sort of test or science, secondly on your baseless assumption that Wals for some reason projected his own feelings upon his ladyfriend, thirdly upon the apparent (whether meant or not) implication that the situation where a woman would need such space is impossible (whereas I know from experience that it is not), and finally upon the notion that preemptively kissing ass was the correct course which (even if it might have prevented this chick from going mental on somebody who already had too much on his mind, but probably could only delay it) it can NEVER be because that makes it a relationship based on mind games and false expectations, and that's not much of a relationship at all. There, I called your quadruple bull****. You can call bull**** on my bull****s if you want, I'm quite used to being wrong about most things (though I don't think I am in this case) and the internet has shown me this on multiple occasions, but here they are anyway. Um... ok... let me rephrase... Probably the response she would have liked to have received would have been, "I got used to you being here... I miss you...", etc. I'm not saying Wals *should* have reacted any differently, just that what he did reinforced her notions that it was basically over. I was merely interpreting the facts that Wals gave us from a different perspective. It may or may not represent what was actually going on at all. But, considering the posts that Wals made while she was there, even *I* got the sense that he was sorta tired of having her around and all the drama.... you can damn well bet she picked up on it. Her going nutty was not a response to not being called. It was a response to interpreting and possibly misinterpreting Wals actions while she was there, and then being left to obsess over all of them in the four days of silence that followed. Of course girls can need space, but that should be obvious during the two minute phone call to make sure she made it home all right.
  8. As a girl, I can kind of see where having just spent a week with someone and then not hearing from them for four days could be kind of upsetting... The proper response in that situation would not be to apply your own feelings on her "probably had enough of me" but rather to call and say, "I got used to you being here... I miss you..." Clearly, though, you had gotten enough of her and she had probably picked up on that before she'd even left your house, and then you didn't call, giving her four days to stew on the fact that you were clearly tired of her. Now... if she's sane, she may be able to deal with this in a more rational behavior, call you at day 2 and try to work through some things... but... well, reading the writing on the wall and going nutty in a few days of trying to figure out how to "fix" it will make anyone crazy.
  9. Last night's episode was great. I loved seeing Sawyer morph into the responsible leader type. At the end, my kids kept saying he looked different... and I had to point out that he was *happy*. Though now that they've lived there for three years, and presumably had a way to leave the island if they'd wanted to, I wonder just how interested they are in returning to their own time. I can't believe we have to wait two weeks for the next one.... bah.
  10. Last night's episode wasn't too bad. I'm more convinced than ever that Noah is Rebel... but then again with all the hacking and such I suppose it could be Nikki's kid (Micah?) as well. I do still wish they'd quit with the multiple timeline reboots and bringing multiple people back from the dead... (I'm pretty damn sure that the puppetteer guy died at the end of last season... didn't he?)... and I'd like for Peter to be able to retain at least a few powers at a time... and Matt needs to stop making the weird face when he's "concentrating"... and Claire needs to stop falling for every young-ish fellow that comes her way... and Nathan *really* needs to stop flip-flopping his position so constantly... But I found last night's episode to be fairly entertaining, overall. I really liked Mrs. Bennett showing her strong side and I liked Peter enjoying himself on the break in. The Sylar development was interesting, but I'm kinda with the kid on the "you're the most powerful guy in the world, what do you need your father for?" sentiment. But I guess we have issues to resolve before we figure out if we want to be good Sylar or bad Sylar. I like Chaotic Neutral Sylar the best myself...
  11. I watched a lot of movies at home this weekend, but the main one worth mentioning is Two Mules for Sister Sarah. I adore that movie. I was watching it a long time ago, when my kids were a lot younger and when I was playing Red Dead Revolver on my xbox. I tried to get my daughter to notice the similarities between the game and the movie, and she was completely clueless. Later my son, who is a few years younger than his sister walked in stared at the tv for about 2 minutes and asked, "Is this Red Dead Revolver?" :D
  12. I was a little bit disappointed in the episode... not because it wasn't awesome, it was, but because I'm definitely ready for the story to move forward and the backstory / exposition in this one sort upset the flow for me. On it's own, the episode was really great. I was really surprised to see Abbaddon die, for some reason, I had the impression he was immortal, much like Richard... I think my general theory is that Abbaddon and Alpert are "angels" both working for different sides. The dark skinned "angel" being evil is too obvious and I've always gotten a really sleazy vibe from Richard, so I'd say Abbaddon works for the "good" side and Richard the bad side. I think that the power of the island corrupts people. Even good hearted Locke became brainwashed with the "sacrifice the island demanded" nonsense. I think that Jacob, the force for good on the island has been trapped and legitimately asked John for help and that Christian is not Jacob.
  13. I also agree that replacing a toilet is easy. I've done it a few times myself. Carrying an old nasty toilet down the stairs isn't so fun, but definitely waaaaay cheaper than hiring someone.
  14. Idiocracy I had recorded it off Comedy Central over the weekend and it was somewhat cleaned up and probably massively edited, but it was still pretty funny. Makes me want to see an unedited version, though.
  15. I'd say it was mostly Evangeline's acting... blech! She was pretty good when she was playing her cover personality, always keeping the real "Kate" hidden, but ready to kick someone's head in if they got in her way. But once she stopped being the fugitive it's like the character lost all definition. She really can't act for crap. I never, for one second, bought her as a mother on any level and while I liked her for the first couple of seasons, she's just been degraded into this always unhappy whiney, annoying thing. I get what you're saying a little about the stalling... but I think that particular stall comes from the fact that they cannot bring the kids back to the island this season and have them be the right ages for whatever they're doing next season. They learned their lesson with Walt. Kids grow too fast and screw up the timeline. Get them out of the story right up until the end.
  16. Another great episode. We did get a lot of answers, and also more questions. 1) What did Kate do with Aaron? 2) Is Penny dead or was Desmond able to run Ben off? (Because I'm sure that's what Ben was up to.) 3) Where are Sun and Sayid? 4) If a time flash got Jack, Kate & Hurley (which is what appears to have happened) what happened to the Ajira Flight? (We saw Ajira airways water bottles in the Losties' abandoned camp at an unspecified time during one of the jumps, making me think that they still crashed). 5) Did Frank jump or crash? 6) Jin appears to be working for Dharma... how long have the Lefties been in the Dharma timeline if the O6 just experienced a flash? 7) How did Hurley know to be on the flight? Did Charlie tell him? (Hence the guitar?) I'm sure there are more too... but those are the ones that I can think of that originated from this show alone.
  17. Sunday afternoon I took my daughter to see Twilight. I'd read the book so I knew what I was getting myself into, but still had to laugh most of the way through it. It takes itself soooo seriously, which considering it's a movie about a sparkly 100 yr old vegetarian vampire who falls in love with / wants to eat an obnoxious teenage girl... well... it's... amusing, at the very least. I most enjoyed the performance of Bella's father, who's eye rolling frustration with the teenage girl drama was pretty perfect and reflected much of the adult audience's feelings pretty well.
  18. I think that's a pretty generally accepted theory, honestly... but I'm thinking that getting pulled into the hole by Smokey really screws you up in the head.... which puts Locke's sanity in a precarious position.
  19. Ok, last night's episode was fantastic. So much happened and it left me reeling with as many questions as answers, once again! The things that struck me last night as they never have were the suggestion that the nature of the island was evil. I'd always gotten the impression that the island was powerful and that good and evil people had fought over it for as long as we had been here (and maybe before) but I hadn't thought that the island itself was evil... I'm still not entirely convinced, but they did make a pretty good case for it last night with Danielle's group and Charlotte's warning and Jacob's creepy pushing of Locke. Also, Christian showing up as Jacob again was really interesting. I especially was struck by the fact that he clung entirely to his Jacob persona, but then at the end threw in the "say hello to my son" continuing to claim his "Christian" persona. Are they the same? Was Christian always Jacob somehow? Did Jacob take over Christian's body but let him keep a part of himself? Then there's the nature of Mrs Hawking's work. You get the impression since she's working with Ben that she is on the opposite side as Widmore, who we still think is the bad guy, right? Anywho... can't wait for next week... always more questions than answers, but that's part of what's so great about this silly show.
  20. In the future that Matt & Daphne were married with child, Sylar and Peter were still brothers... so no, I don't think that having seen them in the future before means anything about what's going on now. At the beginning of each "season" they give us a vision of the future somehow, and then spend the rest of that season making sure that vision doesn't come true. In making sure that future doesn't happen it derails all possible future visions that went with it. I.E. Tracey being the First Lady to Nathan's President. Not saying it couldn't happen still, (especially since it might have been the 3rd twin and not Tracey) but it's definitely not this timeline anymore. Season 1: The bomb did not go off in NYC, forcing Peter and Nikki into a relationship and Hiro into a dark and vigilante style terrorist. Season 2: The virus was not released in Manhattan, wiping out the population and the bomb didn't go off in Casa Verde, killing future Daphne who was married to Matt. Season 3: (Part 1 Villians) The general populations were not given superpowers and therefore the world was not torn apart by rampant misuse of said powers and likely undid the future where Ando kills Hiro. Just because we've seen it in the future doesn't mean it's going to happen.
  21. That was the impression I got... so I have to wonder... why are they keeping Nikki/Jessica/Tracey, the ultra annoying chick, and Claire, who has become the same old tired routine again... and killing off any of the interesting women? What happened to the ultra cool St. Joan? Why do all the non Nikki - Claire heroes keep dying? It particularly struck me at the end of the episode when it was all the men standing around the picnic table... Gah, I'm not generally a stickler on women being well represented, but this is really getting annoying.
  22. Hrm, that would makes Miles around the same age as Alexandra, who was about 16... I agree that one of the jumps is going to be Daniel at the Orchid, but I don't think it'll be this one, the time frame just isn't quite right. And yeah, I'm pretty sure about Miles' parentage, but I still want to know who Charlotte is, damn it!
  23. Here's a converter for us silly Americans.... http://www.wbuf.noaa.gov/tempfc.htm We're not the hottest place in the states, but it's not unusual for us to get a few 44C (111F) degree days here in Oklahoma every year. Normal summer highs are around 37C (100F). Of course, we also get some really cold days every year (-15C / 5F), too, but not so many of them. Of course, the real reason I love the weather here is that you can get a 21C (70F) degree day in the middle of January on a very regular basis. Last week, we got three inches of sleet, today it's 70 and sunny.
  24. Yeah, as soon as Kate started running, I realized that it had to have been Ben who sent the lawyers. He is, as always, doing what he does best, manipulating everyone into a situation that will be best for him. Charlotte should have a few more jumps left, before she slips into that coma... at the very least we need to get more of her story before she blips out on us!
  25. I think I know what you mean, Rosbjerg. We're definitely moving forward, but very little is really happening on the show. A lot of that is because we're dealing with so many different story lines. After last night's confirmation of Miles history with the island (likely Pierre Chang's baby shown at the beginning of the first episode of the season), I think my main question is who are Charlotte's parents? According to Ben, they're not anyone we know, but we've pretty much been told she was born on the island. Probably during the Dharma occupation. So my question is, is she Ben's? Ben's little friend Annie from his childhood is supposed to return to the story somehow and be a very big part of it... at least according to lostpedia... Anywho, I'm definitely enjoying the season so far... though I hate waiting a week between episodes. Having watched the first four seasons back to back makes turning the tv off after one episode nerve wracking.
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