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  1. And on that note, the Speed Racer DVD comes out September 16th. Everyone buy it so I can get a sequel, k? I want more Racer X, damn it.
  2. When I need dialogue I tend to play through the game and take screen shots of the conversations. But, I've got somewhere around sixty saved games (on my PC another 50 or so on my xbox), so it's never very far to any particular conversation. But that's only for K2. I never could get into K1 stuff, either. That being said, if anyone needs any dialogue, I've got screenshots...
  3. I've never seen a chick (that doesn't work there) go into the only store I do: Gamestop. Of course, when they see (god forbid) a shoe store, its all a squealing, "ZOMG! SHOES!" rush, even though they already own more shoes than I do games (I traded in around half the other day and got $1250. Epic stinginess.) A friend of mine once explained this to me, in a way which convinced me of the sense in it. Women's clothing doesn't work in bits like men's clothing. I can have three pairs of shoes - sport, smart, durable. This will let me meet any eventuality. However, a woman's whole dress, bag, hat etc has to be 'unlocked' by the correct pair of shoes. Thus they freak out whenever they see a concentration of shoes, any one of which may unlock whole outfits they had previously been unable to use to devastating effect. Or, to put it another way, imagine that you had found a Grotblast Scale Armour, and a Grotblast Fur Hat, both of which were +1. But if you found and killed a grotblast you would be able to take its skin to be made into Grotblast leggings, and all worn together would grant +9 super kill death avoidance. Every time you saw a grotblast in the distance you'd be like "ZOMG! Grotblast!" Is it weird that I identify waaaay more with the latter than the former? I generally have two pairs of shoes. In the summer I have a pair of sandals I typically wear (all summer long) and in the winter I get a pair of semi dressy boots. I also have a pair of tennis shoes that I keep on hand for when I need them, but rarely wear them, unless I'm mowing the lawn or something. Oh, and I also have a pair of riding boots (horseback). So I guess that means I have three pairs of shoes at any given time, but rarely wear anything other than my stock winter / summer footwear choice. (BTW, my ex-husband was the one with the shoe fettish in my life... the man had shoes for every outfit... ugh!) AND I go into gamestop all the time. But then, I think I once took the BBC's male / female brain test and scored right in the middle of the male brain scores. My fiance thinks I'm awesome. True.. until 1+ years into your relationship, when their radar for these things gets overloaded once a week. Like when suddenly you've clearly done something wrong, by the way you are reading that newspaper.. I don't know how it works with most men, but I do know my fiance will tell me nothing is wrong, when it's obvious he just doesn't want to talk about it. BUT, the, "something is really bothering me and I'm trying desperately to ignore it and let it go" vibe is rolling off him so strongly that I cannot relax at all. So I keep bugging him about it and he keeps saying, "nothing!" Which drives me nuts, because it *is* something... eventually he usually gives in and talks about it... Of course, he's someone who really likes to avoid confrontation which while makes for a peaceful relationship on the surface, can lead to other problems in the long run.
  4. Its a nice way for them to say the prospective male didnt make the cut. I'd say it's more of a, "I'm gonna keep you around to stroke my ego and if I get *really* desperate, I'll make you take me to a movie." sorta thing. Otherwise, why stay friends with someone who has a thing for you? If you're not interested at all it just gets irritating.
  5. OK isn't so bad, there's lots of stuff here to do. But I was hoping to get away for a bit. I like CO alright... but it's supposed to be hot there this weekend. If I'm going to be hot, I might as well not pay for the gas.
  6. Sure! But we've done it. And it's gonna be hot this weekend, so outside stuff wouldn't be very fun... Right now I'm leaning towards Santa Fe... 8 hour drive, but it's supposed to be 77 there this weekend!
  7. You forgot the real reason people are single at 60. They're female. Once the men start kicking the bucket, the # of willing available females skyrockets and the men just keep dropping. Sure, any guy at that age can have a relationship if he wants one, but it's not the same for us.
  8. Just found out I'm going to have my kids this weekend (their father is sick) and I *really* wanna get away from the house. Anyone know of anything fun (and cheap) to do in central US?
  9. It's not that Clone Wars is so awful, it's just that it's a kids movie. My 8 year old son enjoyed it quite a bit. My daughter (11) not so much. And there wasn't an opening crawl because it is a kids movie. The "opening crawl" was read by a narrator as different scenes flashed up on the screen. It worked well and was a great adaptation for a movie that is pointed to the 10 and under crowd. You know, all George Lucas was ever trying to do when he wrote SW was make a movie ten year old boys would love. It's not his fault that the rest of us fell in love with his universe as well. Anyhow, yes, I do have Star Wars withdrawals if I don't get enough input on a regular basis. It's actually why I joined this forum. I got tired of waiting around at Fark for a Star Wars thread. I don't, however, read much of the EU stuff. I've read the first three Zahn books and I have some of the comic book collections that I got for my son to encourage him to read, but other than that, I've not paid any attention. Though I will get drawn into wookieepedia at times.
  10. Also, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure BioWare had started working on this project long before the EA buyout.
  11. Oh, I'm sure of that. Unfortunately, the guys that wind up being keepers are generally overly shy and awkward at those ages. Just gives a good reason to wait until you're older to get serious about anyone.
  12. Well, caring about my looks just isn't anything I'm capable of for any extended period of time (a night out, sure, daily make up? oh, hell no). So I guess I'll just be glad I was doing other things... though I can't say how worthwhile it really was, I was a teenager, after all. The good news is that the guys worth having do grow up.
  13. And yet, when I was in high school and smart, fairly cute (according to others) and didn't give a damn about my looks did I *ever* get asked out? Oh, hell no. The boys were all pining over the dumb chicks that spent hours a day working on their hair.
  14. I can't really see that being true. Star Wars is going to keep making money after he's gone and that money will have to go somewhere. Wherever it goes, that entity will have the rights to control future Star Wars projects. He might make it his wishes that nothing else is made, but I doubt that would be honored for very long. Now, if he says "no more in the movie era" then I think we can all wholeheartedly agree.... please... no more in the movie era... please...
  15. Thank you! I don't mind the repetition a bit... ;)

    I'm definitely a review junkie... :D

  16. I gave Remote some love... And Viridian, but I do prefer Silver a bit... and yeah, shock/lightning/storm.... there is nothing more fun than walking into a room on the Ravager, hitting force storm (even as lightside) and having the whole room fall over. That's just... maniacal laughter worthy.
  17. Sure they can... WoW has dedicated RPG servers where it's expected that the people playing are in character (and reportable if you don't). Now, you don't get to be the saviour of the galaxy or anything, but you can certainly develop a character, history and play a role.
  18. I play WoW. At $15 a month, that's equivalent to seeing one movie (with refreshments) or maybe one dinner out. I know not everyone can do it and it does seem like a racket that they get to keep squeezing money out of you month after month, but really... compared to the other ways to spend your entertainment budget, MMO's are freaking cheap, especially when you consider how many hours of entertainment you can get out of them. On light weeks, I can log over 10 hours without even thinking about it. So, basically, if KOTOR 3 is an MMO, I will be trying it. If it's entertaining enough, I will continue spending the money on a month by month basis as long as it is still keeping my attention. If it's not, I won't. I don't *want* K3 to be an MMO, at all. I don't think it can do justice to the story line and I'd really like to see Obsidian finish up the story they were wanting to tell. But I am looking forward to a (hopefully) good Star Wars MMO.
  19. Oh my... No, really, every guy I've ever dated has been happy to watch chick flicks with me, at least semi-regularly, but it does seem that in most long term relationships the willingness goes *way* down, when it really should be the opposite. And yes, Thelma and Louise is a chick flick, most definitely, but not one that's going to leave your SO batting her eyes at you and thinking just how wonderful you are.
  20. Having read most of that article, I agree with the main premise, that men are the "sherpas of romance" doing much of the hard work involved, but I competely disagree that it makes them more romantic than women. For most men romance is just a means to an end. They don't get it, they don't really care about it, if they did, they'd be just as upset if we didn't remember Valentines Day or anniversaries. But guys don't really care. They complain about having to go see chick flicks in spite of it being one of the easiest ways to trigger that romantic response in their SO. When most women watch a cute romantic comedy, they very easily put themselves into the story. This makes it very easy to then look at the man beside you and remember all the wonderful things about him and how much you love him and how perfect you are together. (Whether any of that is actually true is another subject all together). Guys, you do NOT want your women going to chick flicks without you. Even if you're falling asleep, you want to be there when those romantic responses are triggered. If it's not you, well... it won't be you...
  21. SirPetrakus... That conversation makes me ashamed of my gender. But we aren't all like that, really.
  22. Actually, watching Star Trek:TNG with my ex is one of my fondest memories of our relationship. Geek love is awesome.
  23. It wasn't that bad. I agree. I thought it was reasonably entertaining and better than I'd feared. The action is pretty constant and not incredibly unbelievable given what we've otherwise seen in Star Wars. My only two grips are Ahsoka and Jabba Jr, especially the latter who is clearly the JarJar of the film. But even so, he is far, far less annoying than JarJar. Ahsoka is a decent character, but suffers a little from "the spunky kid" syndrome, which reveals very clearly that this is a children's movie. Oh, Ziro the Hutt was also both awful and embarrasing. And not in a good way. But otherwise this was all a nice little Star Wars adventure. Definitely not a great film not to be missed, but if you go for straight, mindless entertainment for about 90 minutes, you could spend your money on much worse. For me, 7/10 is a good rewatchable movie. The Clone Wars was reasonably entertaining, like I said, but I don't have any desire to see it again, so it gets a 6/10. I have to agree on the Ahsoka & Ziro comments... definitely a kids movie. Not that that's a bad thing at all. It just is what it is.
  24. From Unknown Regions (having trouble posting comments from his phone): romance isn't the same as love. love is only love when it's mutual. romance is what some people call chemistry. romance is the raw form of love. it is love untested and untried in the fires of difficulty.

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