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  1. My exile always has a silver main hand saber and a short violet off hand saber. I always give Mira the Viridian crystal. Bao-Dur gets blue. Atton gets yellow usually. The others get whatever happens to be around.
  2. Deadly was backing me up, and that is entirely on topic. By the way, that's a Q not a G...
  3. Agreed. It just didn't work for me. Anyhoo, I'll shush now... and we can get back to other movies... I plan on seeing Wall-E this weekend... can't wait! ****edit**** Christian Bale is enough of a hottie for one movie.
  4. lol, likeable and enjoyable are not the same thing.
  5. I think I finally figured out what was so unfulfilling for me about TDK. Alrighty... sorry for the musings... I guess I'm just trying to figure out why I didn't just adore a movie that so many others seem to love. I really wanted to love this movie, and I did enjoy a lot of it. It's just not love. Now Speed Racer, that's love. :D
  6. Have you tried looking for a driver update on Dell's website? They have proprietary stuff a lot of the time.
  7. Thanks for the backup! I was beginning to think I was just over reacting... :) Well, I was over reacting... but damn...

  8. I never meant to imply that you didn't often help people. I know that you do. But you also have a very bad habit of responding to posts with useless information, or plugs to your own post (ego) as well. In addition to the lack of reading comprehension skills shown in this thread, here are some others that frustrated me: From http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=50271 From http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=48307 In thread http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=50105 you reply repeatedly with answers that show that you paid little attention to the users initial post. I'd try to cut and paste but there's just too much, so I'll just quote the user's own frustration here... It should be noted that this is the thread that initially got on my nerves... Okay, so I'll admit, I responded harshly but then I apologized realizing my mistake, but still hoping you might at least sort of get the point. However you decided to insult me, so here is some evidence of what I'm talking about. Yes, knowing hardware is often important. But sometimes it isn't. Respoding with a wrote reply, stroking your own ego, instead of applying a little bit of reason does help 70% of the cases, as you pointed out, but it also frustrates the crap out of people with real problems that need real help.
  9. Yes, but I took that to not only imply but confirm that he did not die in the movie. If he had, talks of whether he would do a subsequent movie or not would be moot, wouldn't they? I don't know, I remember going in to see The Phantom Menace and hearing that Liam Neeson had signed on to do Episode 2... of course, after that was over, I thought he'd be a force ghost... was surprised when he wasn't.
  10. Impossible owing to the fact that Bane is dead by then. Not even Yoda lived a thousand years, and Bane is human. We could just let their force ghosts duke it out... that'd be pretty cool, you gotta admit...
  11. I understand what Nolan was trying to do, and I think he acccomplished it very well. Yes, the film is coherent and makes sense in the way you mean. I got it. It's just that the last third of the movie is so... all over the place. Anyhow, I do plan on seeing it again sometime, and I'll probably enjoy it more the second time... though my fiance who loved it did go see it again and said it was much less effective the second time around. Anyhow, to the movie list you put up... (I didn't list the movies I haven't seen)... Or Titanic... not a huge fan of this movie, but that has more to do with having lost my son in the year before and being completely freaked out by all the bodies in the water. I actually thought the ending was pretty cool, though. or Seven... BLECH! or Alien 3... Saw it and I think I liked it... *shrug* or Dances With Wolves... Great movie. While it was depressing in some ways, I liked the way it ended. or Blade Runner... I didn't get this movie. I might like to see it again sometime, but the first time I just thought it was weird. or Hamlet - ok, now you're just being silly or The Usual Suspects - Damn, I love this movie or Citizen Kane - Very interesting movie. I watched it during a film class when I was pregnant, though and I'm not sure I was awake the whole time. I probably need to see it again... lol or Braveheart - I enjoyed this one too... not sure why I didn't find it so depressing, actually. or Wag the Dog - enjoyed it or Fight Club - great movie or Saving Private Ryan - how is this depressing? It's all about the sacrifice of the many for the one, in juxtaposition with Schindler's List which is the sacrifice of one for many... While I wouldn't watch Schindler's List just because, I do know it's a great film. I think the difference between most of these and TDK is that I like the way most of these ended. TDK, not so much.
  12. NO! I'll see it at least once more before it leaves the cheap theaters... that'll make 10, which is 1 more than the number of times I saw Return of the Jedi in the theater. :) Oh, and why doesn't Sheppard know me and what has that got to do with science? :p

  13. Done! It should be noted that I loved Batman Begins. That was truly a great flick. So it's not so much the dark part I don't like as the dreary and depressing ending. And I think I might have even been ok with the depressing ending if it had been a little more coherent and made a little more sense. Once we got past the Joker's initial arrest, I got the impression that Nolan used Ledger's death as an excuse to not edit the movie. I don't care how good of a director you are, stories should always be cut down a bit to make things flow better.
  14. qt3.14159


    Yes, but according to Ender, that is an extremely species-ist attitude. Elitist alien jerks!
  15. qt3.14159


    Thats the sticking point with me too. It seems aliens only visit wackjobs and those in need of "scientific probing". If they wanted to be discovered they could just land on the White House front lawn. No denying it after that! Well, duh, they're not supposed to be discovered by us. They're following the prime directive!
  16. You're breaking up with me in a comment???

    I'd think that'd warrant a PM at the least... :p

  17. Yes, Happy Birthday! (yay someone here older than me!)
  18. So I guess I'm the only one who thinks the Dark Knight is highly overrated? It was fun to watch, and Ledger's performance was great, but thinking back on the film I have so many criticisms. And I really, really didn't like the ending. I'd probably give The Dark Knight an 8 of 10 on a good day, but my current IMDB ranking has it at 6 because I was that depressed after seeing it. I have never understood the appeal of dark and dreary story lines. *shrug*
  19. You just took me back to 8th grade Algebra class. I have no idea why I have such a vivid memory of a boy, whose name I can't remember, singing that song, but I do. Rock on!

  20. alright then Pi, it looks like you just volunteered to be my editor Ugh, that won't be pretty then... my editing abilities are limited at best. But, surely the audience for a murderous bantha jedi would be low brow enough that I could get by...
  21. I just like the idea of a murderous bantha. That's pretty awesome! (wookiee is spelled with two e's though... )
  22. well it's not like i've ever tried to pass myself off as some kind of paragon of virtue Except when you tried to tell us that you took a girl upstairs and got blue markers all over your hands giving her a massage. Uh huh. Right.
  23. It doesn't? Dang, don't I feel stupid now... I guess that was Mass Effect I was thinking of. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Oh, and try updating your intel drivers through Windows Update... or from your PC manufacturers website
  24. I was given a Salvatore book for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love to read and thought I might enjoy getting into some of the fantasy writers... but I couldn't get very far. His description of the first character irked me to no end. Honestly... I don't want characters described in a data dump, especially not if they're as "perfect" as this one seemed to be... it just feels so... fake. Ok, I know, it's fantasy... but seriously... Of course, the last thing I read was "Princess Academy" (it won a Newberry Award!), so take that for what it's worth... What? I like juevenille fiction...
  25. Ummm... please ignore the previous post... it was made before adequate intake of caffeine... I'm much better now, thanks.
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