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  1. so uh... basically that means i wasn't the knight in shining armour she wanted, so that's why she pulled that excuse on me? Oh, damn, now I feel bad... I think what I was trying to say is that women generally have horribly unrealistic ideas about men until they get older. Maybe she's grown up enough that she realizes what she missed out on now, though!
  2. Well, let me explain one thing... a woman is ALWAYS ready to be in a relationship with the man she thinks she wants. Now, the likelihood of that man existing is generally slim to none, depending on the age and maturity of the chick.
  3. You know, Xard, I'm beginning to think you're just trying to harass me today... *evil glare*
  4. Don't do it, Shryke! She's an ex for a reason! Ok, maybe it's just my own bad experiences talking, but these things rarely go well. They just f*** you up in the head. Or at least they do me. *sigh*
  5. I don't think I even *know* you anymore! Maybe I never did! Seriously, though, A New Hope pretty much summed up Star Wars so they should never have made Empire, by that logic... and we all know that Empire is vastly superior to the others. It depends on when they set the KOTOR MMO game. The Old Republic Era is a really long time, so it could not have anything to do with it, or it could try to take over with rebuilding the order.
  6. Well, yeah, I'll *play* it, but I'll definitely be hacked if a KOTOR MMO precludes a K3 being made. Really, really hacked.
  7. Until there's an official announcement / press release, it's still just a rumor! DAMN IT! *cries*
  8. I'm not going to believe it. I refuse. Then it can't happen, right? RIGHT???
  9. Ok, I guess my next question would be, what the hell does the recipient want with such things? It boggles my mind.
  10. Ah, Chapter two... yeah, that's pretty mild compared to 4 & 8... of course you can always read the cleaned up versions on kotorfanmedia.com if you want to skip the worst of the smut.

    Anyhow, thanks for reading! *wave*

  11. T3? Ugh, no. She's crazy, not um... whatever that would be... lol. And all crazy chicks have issues. Some issues are just easier to live with than others... What chapter are you on, anyhow? I'm just starting to write chapter 10 and Mical will definitely not be gay in this story... though making him interesting will be a *huge* challenge no doubt.

  12. lol, yeah... my latest story is definitely a little more steamy than my others... I'm definitely enjoying writing this story though... crazy chicks are fun! :D

  13. One of my mother's favorite sayings about people learning from their own mistakes rather than from the mistakes of others is "Some people just have to pee on the electric fence for themselves." Apparently you're one of those people!
  14. Some speculation in the thread I linked suggested that the interview was from Feb or March, but! this is another quote from that thread. Let's just say I'm hopeful... even if I shouldn't be...
  15. I'm afraid this is it. We're geeks, we don't throw much of a party. I brought pi though!
  16. No desire to mock, but a great curiosity as to *why* you would purchase such things... there has to be a reason, right?
  17. It's especially interesting considering this post http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=50011 Though, I really hate to get my hopes up, I can't help but be giddy with the possibilities.
  18. Generally, I think they're a curse. But before the last few years comic book / superhero movies were generally pretty bad too. But now they're starting to get those right. Is it wrong to hope that *somehow* they will start making decent game movies?
  19. Eh, you shouldn't have dumped your emo pic just because Archie's an Arse.

    Really... he is... and right now, I know he's missing Accept something awful.... Poor Archie.

  20. Um.... sure.... but I think I threw it away already... oops...

  21. Postcard sent! No idea how long it takes to get there through the gate, but it only cost me about $2M... such a bargain!


  22. Ah, a little of both, I think! He just generally makes great points.

  23. Mostly I meant learn by writing, getting constructive criticism and getting a good beta reader to give you feedback on what you're doing right or wrong. My beta reader has been invaluable in helping me hone my skills... and hopefully it shows.

    Off to write now! Have fun!

  24. Oh, and, you might want to watch starting fights with Jediphile... he usually wins... :D

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