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  1. Thanks! Though, it's not that fast... this guy first asked me to marry him almost three years ago when I knew how to do his physics homework...

    Geeks are so easy... :D

  2. If a few = = infinity, then yes... While 22/7 is a more accurate representation of pi, the decimal form is much more recognizable and a reasonable substitution. That's speed for you. Isn't it? Someone should probably plan an intervention for me or something... but until then, I'll try to get a few more viewings in!
  3. Let me know what it's like the 192nd time you've seen it. I'll be sure to do that! Can you even imagine how awesome it will be by then? ;P Seriously, I can't wait to get this on DVD so I can pause and rewind. Last night I was primarily paying attention to the score and helping explain some of the finer points of the story to my kids and actually missed a few of my favorite scenes. I do figure that eventually the emotional impact of the movie will wear off... but until it does, I'm still addicted.
  4. I went and saw Speed Racer for the fifth time... I swear, it gets better every time I see it.
  5. Thanks everybody! I'm pretty ecstatic about it. Now we just have to find a place to live and plan a wedding... meep.
  6. What news? Damn it, now I feel completely out of the loop...

    Oh and happy bday tomorrow... :)

  7. Damn it, I missed saying happy birthday on your birthday!

    Happy Birthday! (sorry it's late)

  8. I got my engagment ring last night... I guess it's official now! :D
  9. I notice that USB keyboards tend to do this pretty regularly. You might try unplugging the keyboard and plugging it back in. Not exactly a high tech solution, but an idea.
  10. I think I remember hearing that surrendering your weapons right away will sometimes trigger a bug like this. Try loading the save game just before you enter the academy and choosing a different option in that first conversation.
  11. I grew up around guns. I own a 12 gauge pump action shot gun, but shot quite a few others in my life. I think one of my favorite guns for playing around is a .22 / 410 over / under. It's a really fun little gun.
  12. It is gorgeous, isn't it?

    Great pic, btw! You make me miss it... :(

  13. Wow, what a great trip! How'd you manage to miss Grand Teton national park on that circuit? lol

    I adore Yellowstone and Grand Canyon... I've hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim twice!

    of course that was almost nine years ago now...

  14. Welcome back! Which national parks did you go to?

  15. pffttttt!

    Archie... telling me to be quiet three days later is a little late, don'tcha think?

  16. I've always thought that if you were going out to fight the "true sith" the difficulty scale would be so much more difficult that you could effectively reset Revan or the Exile's level to 1 and let the player choose five or six powers that were "high level" in K2 but have them learn even stronger powers as they level. Sure, the Exile is god-like by the end of K2, but that's only against regular folk... against the true sith she would just be a level one nobody again.
  17. Oh, yeah, 'cause without the Force and dependent on technology, we're the happiest galaxy out there!
  18. lol, I was rather amused by your reply since whenever we talk about 200 years being a long time you European types roll your eyes... What's the saying... This world will be a much more peaceful place when American's realize that fifty years is NOT a long time and Europeans realize that 50 miles isn't very far.
  19. motive for having the weapons is immaterial. if you are prevented from carrying a gun, it's a bit difficult to do either. besides, i quite believe that the framers came from a time when it was often necessary to defend oneself from other citizens (as well as other predators) and the thought of this was on their minds when the 2nd was written. taks Perhaps... I guess my problem with all of it is that I don't really like that the arguments in favor or against have begun to revolve around home defense. With all of the carrying on that people have done about the Patriot Act and how GWB is stripping us of our freedoms, etc., I guess I'm just surprised that more people don't seem to "get" the notion that our constitution / bill of rights was set up because of a mistrust of government and that the second amendment is the assurance that we have the right to stand up to whatever government comes into power. That doesn't mean you won't get mowed down if you decide to fight the government and everyone else thinks you're crazy (i.e. Waco / Ruby Ridge). You will. All that being said, coming from the viewpoint that the second amendment protects us from our government... I really don't like the idea of registries. Once the goverment knows where the guns are... it's just a very short step to sending out the troops to collect them.
  20. Hrmmm.... As the granddaughter of a card carrying member of the NRA and a believer in the 2nd amendment I have a little bit of a problem with this... The second amendment wasn't put into place so that we can defend ourselves from our fellow citizens. It was put into place to protect us from our government. The right to bear arms is a measure set to deter a militaristic takeover of the nation.
  21. Well, thank you!

    And an early happy b-day to you! :)

  22. No, I haven't tried Kilkenny, but our local brewery has a fantastic Irish Red that they make around St.Pat's that's probably trying to approximate it... I'll have to look for it sometime.

  23. I've been up to almost nothing... you missed my birthday, though!

  24. day shift? well, crap... now there won't be anyone else on that's as bored as I am... :(

  25. I like beer... Primarily a good smooth, not too bitter stout... nummy!

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