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  1. Oh, no, Fuddruckers isn't nearly as retarded as Joe's... gah, that place sucks... the only redeeming factor is that they have a playground for the kids... as a mom, I *really* appreciate that...

    There's a new restaurant here called BJ's... I'm pretty much refusing to eat there too....

  2. lol, I always got them confused with Crate & Barrel when I was young, so I know what you mean... good food though!

    One place I could never stand to eat because of the name? Fuddruckers...

  3. You've never had a chicken pot pie? Shame on you... Cracker Barrel has a fanastic one, if I remember correctly... :p

  4. Eh, I don't feel old at all... sometimes though, when I look around and realize I could have been babysitting the people I hang out with it makes me chuckle... :)

  5. hehehe... what? you don't like meat pies?


  6. I don't think you're 8... I actually think you're the only person here who's reasonably close to my age... but I'm probably wrong about that.... it's probably just wishful thinking so I'm not the only person who's really too old to be hanging out somewhere like this...

  7. Sorry, Archie, I didn't want to cause his profile to mess up AND spam the crap out of him... especially when I knew I could count on you for that! :p

  8. Welcome Back! Sorry your holiday is over, but I hope things are going better for you now... :)

  9. I'll agree that Kreia was just Kreia... but one question... Kreia wanted the Exile to somehow kill the Force, right? How did her actions at the end of the game promote this agenda?
  10. bah... it cut me off... lol

    anyhow, haven't seen Indy yet... everyone's "It was good" without enthusiasm reviews have put me off a bit... :)

  11. I've seen Ironman twice. Fabulous movie. Better movie overall than Speed, but I enjoyed Speed more if that makes sense. As a huge fan of Narnia (I wore out two sets of the books as a kid and still reread them regularly) I saw PC on the opening afternoon. It was great. A pretty perfect adaptation, really, even if they did add stuff, but I didn't find the story as compelling as I would

  12. I'm not sure Kreia didn't know... she just didn't know what the Exile's motivations were for cutting herself off from the force. Kreia says she doesn't know a lot of things and she implies that the council did it to the Exile, but because of her knowledge of Nihlus I think she knows exactly where it comes from. I think she's just trying to help the Exile figure out the "why", and therefore she lies and manipulates to make the Exile question it herself.
  13. I was reading through the wookieepedia entry a while back and found this quote:
  14. Fine... actually, though, my RSS feeds are much slower to alert me... :p

  15. Ok... now I feel bad for getting the width of your profile screwed up... :(

    here's a bump to help get rid of the links....

  16. Aren't you just the sweetest geek ever!

  17. Yes, my love, you are right... whisk me away from this place... help me forget the details... whisper sweet polynomials into my ear... as we ignite the servers in the flames of our love! or something... :shifty:

  18. rofl...

    one of the options in your profile is to receive an email when a comment is left... when I'm at work, I have my email open all day... so I get them pretty instantaneously... I didn't respond right away because I'd left work, and went home... :p

  19. Aaah, gotcha... I don't know if they had that when I first signed up... of course, I wasn't interested in posting anything, just reviews for qutie a while... :) then... some bizarre pazaak game fell out of my head... fanfic is the devil, I swear!

  20. Well, they're opposites in a way, but since the Exile is supposed to be a cypher, her strength would depend on what's around her, as you said... if there was NOTHING around her, she'd be pretty evenly matched against Revan, right? If there as something else to draw from, she'd be stronger... Of course, being stronger in the Force doesn't necessarily equate to being a better fighter / strategist / Jedi... so... there's still some room for debate, I guess...
  21. waiting for 2 days? is there a waiting period?

  22. Exile... of course... and not to be picky... but why is it that your name and headline are both in total lowercase but your post text is in all uppercase...? studies show that using all upper case letters drastically reduces comprehension from your readers....
  23. I gotta admit that when I first saw the preview I squealed like a fangirl... with the honest belief that the movie itself would be awful... I was pleasantly surprised when the love I had of the show when I was 5 was completely brought to life again... :D

  24. OOohh! perfect! Just what I was looking for!

    Though, I was in High School when you were born...

  25. Oh, you should see it! It needs to be seen on the big screen. And yes, the IMAX was wonderful, very big and bright. I really hate that it hasn't done better than it did. It's not going to win an oscar for screenplay or acting, but the way it was done was pure genius.

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