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  1. What? You want me to turn the General over to your poorly trained collection of bounty hunters? ;)

  2. Yes, but you hate everything, so how can I take you seriously? ;P

  3. Hrm, I don't use any program at all, just the print screen button and paste. It was working. It still works in other programs, just not in K2 anymore.
  4. Lately when I've been trying to take screen shots in game, all I get is a black box. I was able to take screen shots successfully as recently as last week. Anyone know what might be causing this? If it helps, I'm running with Vista on a laptop with the following stats: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (2.0GHz/800Mhz FSB 2M L2 Cache) 3GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G
  5. *waves* Thanks! That's probably my favorite line from both games... :)

  6. Wouldn't that be a hutt? Didn't Revan even say something about being a hutt in disguise?? Suddenly it all makes sense!
  7. woohoo! me too... g'nite!

  8. Woo! I likey! Though, they seem to have a bit of a wonder twin thing going on... mmmm... twins... :D

  9. Not much, honestly... was about to head to bed... I do love your Carth / Exile though... that's awesome. :D

  10. I saw Iron Man and Speed Racer this weekend. Iron Man was a wonderful movie that anyone could enjoy and I will probably go see again. I adored Speed Racer. I loved the cartoon as a very young child and the movie managed to capture all the coolness and magic that the cartoon was in my five year old mind. I will definitely be seeing it again and buying the DVD.
  11. I think Archie was just implying that all the girls like to hang out with you... ;)

  12. I'd watch Hugh Jackman do just about anything... and we know he's good at the whole "forgotten / rediscovering his past" thing... Babydol's right about Carth's voice, though. I remember swooning when playing Republic Commando, too. However, that being said, I think I could get over it if it was done well... And having seen Iron Man and Speed Racer this weekend, I actually have a little faith that Hollywood can get it right sometimes... Robert Downey, Jr was highly impressive as Tony Stark, I must say. I wouldn't mind seeing him playing Revan either, even if he is a little old for it.
  13. Kreia isn't a great character in the sense of "Oh, man, I just love her and want me with her every second," but rather because of the incredible depth she brings to the game. For the most part she is incredibly wise, but the developers also gave her gaping flaws so that she could not be seen as an ultimate authority but rather a voice that questioned everything, but needed to be questioned herself. That's why Kreia's great, because she makes you think. I can't stand her as a person, but as a character she is awesome.
  14. But... my girl was sad... there's nothing sad at all in 27 dresses... nothing at all... I don't particularly like sad movies either... well except moulin rouge... I love moulin rouge!

  15. Yes, it's a huge chick flick.. and cute as can be... predictable and sappy, but cute none the less.

  16. Yes, but he finally got to be the leading man in 27 Dresses and boy was he adorable... :D

  17. Yes, perhaps... but you've never had him smile at you walking down the hallway to 5th period... *sigh*

    (not that he had any idea who I was, he was just a nice kid)

  18. Lol, no, Brittany picked Patrick Dempsey, I'd agree that I don't really get him... but her statement put Jimmy in my head (again) so I had to post it... No, he wouldn't have Nicky's voice... I really wouldn't mind Nicky in the role, but he's not quite got the look of the rogueish scoundrel somehow... Besides, even Nicky doesn't sound like Atton most of the time. Live action KOTOR would be very hard to get right... and you're probably right, it would *never* live up to all our expectations... but at the same time, I'd love to see it. I'd just like to see if anyone *could* make a decent movie or mini-series out of it...
  19. And Star Wars!

    BTW, was that a question or a command? ;)

  20. You can add irrational numbers to the list of things that put me in the mood... they should probably be listed just after fire, and just before cardboard...

  21. No, I think he was trying to say that "KOTOR 3 in Development" is the one thing he really wants out of K3...
  22. I think you just told me to go away.... *takes her pi and goes home* :(

  23. Christian Bale would be awesome! He's got that whole light side / dark side thing down really well. I can't see Bastila falling for Woody Allen though... no matter how powerful he was... :D I'd love to see Kevin Spacey as Malak... :D
  24. Brings my fork to your page... more pie for me?

  25. How about Revan or the Exile? I think I'd love to see Gwynneth Paltrow play the Exile... she seems to resonate that strong, capable female aura and still stay incredibly cute... No idea who would play a good Revan though... it would be a very tough role to pull off.
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