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  1. My kids and I have really been looking forward to The Force Unleased since we first heard about it after getting our Wii last year. I have no doubt that it won't have any of the replayability of KOTOR for me, but I know my son will just adore it. Especially the dueling part for Wii. It's the first game I've ever considered pre-ordering, really... of course, I won't even have to consider that option for whenever they get around to making / releasing K3... I'll have to schedule that week off work... :D
  2. They were in the room just behind Sion... the one you didn't go in... yeah, that's it... Shush now, are you *trying* to cause trouble?
  3. good to know that there are professionals out there with a sick sense of humor... it makes the world make sense! ;)

  4. lol, y'all are sick. I love it!

  5. Aww, you didn't have to change it... I rather liked it... ;)

  6. I once knew a woman who as a child got a new calf to play with every spring. They always named it the same thing though, "Freezer Calf".

    I'm not very good with names, though. My most original names for pets were little lizards named Stan and Loretta...

  7. Well, his mama's name was Sugar and I was 12... it was the obvious choice at the time. But, if I ever get a new horse, I will definitely have to call him Steed McMurderSauce... though maybe not in front of anyone else...

  8. Actually, I think y'all are right about the Guardian comment... that's probably part of why I don't like Handmaiden... she's a little too butch for my tastes...
  9. Damn it, you just made my picture your wall paper didn't you? ;)

    Thanks for the horsey b-day wishes!

    (Who said anything about that being me?)

  10. Everyone wish my horse, Spice, happy birthday!

    <== That's him over there!

  11. A phoenix? Aren't they the ones that rise again from their own ashes once they've died...? Noooo, there's not any double entendre there! Move along!

  12. All right... so if it's not a winged phallus, just what is it supposed to be?

  13. Well, being at work, I really shouldn't be reading message boards, and then if she'd seen me laughing so hard, I'd have had to try to explain... and I'm not sure how I could have explained the impure thoughts, comment...

  14. Why? Ok, I've been thinking long and hard for a good response to this question and I haven't really come up with one. Maybe brdavs is right, maybe it's just a stereotypical thing, but it just seems *much* more plausible to me. I guess I can't imagine a male exile really being able to hold that crew together. The women would be cat fighting and the men wouldn't really give a ****. But it probably has a lot to do with the way I interpret the character as much as anything. Honestly, I didn't like Handmaiden much, or Atris at all. That's probably because they didn't fit into my interpretation of the whole story once I'd played through female. And I really missed the Kavar and Sion interactions when I played male.
  15. Have you gone to talk to Kreia first? I think that you have to go talk to Kreia, and then come back and talk to Atton, and then you should be able to use the map...
  16. ack... can't... stop... laughing... (good thing my office mate was out of the room!)

  17. I'm going to have to agree with Shryke on this one, and I'm not even a guy. Of course, the first time I looked at the image, I didn't even see the tattoo... so my mind isn't quite as in the gutter...

  18. Isn't that what the veil is, in effect? Perhaps you just want really good clips to keep it in place when it gets jostled.
  19. I will agree with you in some ways... but KOTOR is much more trying to be an epic movie in game form where the choices you make impact the outcome somewhat. Epic movies almost always include romance on some level. It may not work out, it might just be flirtation, but it's there. The romance works in the first one because of the redemption theme. It works in the 2nd because the exile is supposed to be weaving these incredibly strong connections with all of her team members and influencing their behaviors. How would that not get a little romantic, even if just one sided. Now, when it comes to the third, if they don't want to include any romance at all, I would mostly be ok with that, as long as they were tying up the story nicely. However, us girls like romance. And quite honestly, if they're going to put the half naked chicks in for the guys, they can at least put in a little romance for us. Especially since we got cheated on the last two. Oh, and I would be ok with that included romance having horrible negative impact on the story line... mostly...
  20. My daughter is 11 and she loves video games in general. She's not quite as into them (or Star Wars) as my 8 yr old son is, but they've both started their own KOTOR 1&2 games and played quite a bit of them. They've also watched me play K2 repeatedly, so I think that's where a lot of the interest comes in for my daughter. And while my kids can read, that doesn't mean that I'm not constantly getting the "now where am I supposed to go?" questions... ugh, those drive me nuts... lol.
  21. I'll agree with you on K1, but I completely disagree on TSL. Yes, you're right the Atris story doesn't make nearly as much sense. But you do get Kavar, which has a lot of interesting implications and I honestly love the Sion connection. It's very interesting and I didn't think it came out of nowhere. It comes from the same place all the other connections do. And I believe that the force bond connections with everyone work much, much better with a female exile than a male. I will agree that Mical doesn't add much, but I would like to think that he could have if they'd known how to write him better... or given him a different accent.
  22. Bravo! Thank you for voicing so well what I was thinking. I do think that having multiple romance options would be nice, but ONLY if by pursuing one you completely lock out the others... for that game, at least... :D
  23. never thought i'd see the day... Manaan was really not that bad - and the court case was kind of fun. My daughter's currently playing K1 and I looked over the other day and was struck by how beautiful Manaan was. But I remember thinking it was booooring. But probably a lot of that impression had to do with the fact that I went there after the Leviathan and really wanted to get onto the end of the story, so the last star map was just tedious.
  24. I'm not really sure there's a disagreement between the two, really... In any religion, adherence to non-dogma related guildlines swings drastically from strict adherence to almost none. It's a natural way of things. Religious leaders see the problems that one particular issue is causing and start preaching against it. Those trying to live by the guidelines generally over correct which causes problems the other way, which makes the rules more lax again. It's a giant pendulum. But then, maybe I'm trying to get too real with it and taking it too far... I do that sometimes...
  25. The odd thing is that I find it *much* easier to play dark side as a male. Not that I've ever finished a dark side game, but I've made it a hell of a lot further with my male exile than my female. For one thing, the females get so damned UGLY when they start to go darkside... it's really disturbing. But probably it's just that I don't identify with the main character quite as much so I can go ahead and say all those horribly out of character (for me) evil things.
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