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  1. How'd ya guess? lol..

    Yeah, loved it. I've seen it twice already (once on IMAX) and will probably go to see it again before it leaves the theatre. Not sure why I liked it so much... but I did.

  2. Pfffttt, you're just jealous, Tale! :p

  3. Oh, don't act so surprised... Speed is *hot* in his race uniform...


  4. I don't care what you say... I'd do Speed in a heartbeat if given the chance... Preferably in the Mach 5... Trixie is SOOOO lucky! :p

  5. What's that supposed to mean, Archie? huh? I mean, even if I lost badly, I could still fight... right?

  6. I'd give you 5 dollars for me, but I already have me... go me! :p

  7. Ok... pointless story time... feel free to ignore... <pointless story> So, my son has a Star Wars sticker book that is taken from the movies. My daughter was across the room looking at it and she says, "Mom, Goto's in here!" Without even thinking about it I replied, "No, that has to be the interrogation droid from A New Hope." My sister, a reasonable SW movie fan, but not into games at all, then looks at me like I am completely insane... My daughter flips to the page where you stick the sticker in and says, "Oh, yeah, it does say Interrogation Droid." To which my sister then begins to rant about what a complete geek I am that I 1. know what an interrogation droid is 2. knew immediately from "Goto" which droid it must be. I tried to explain why it was completely obvious but she insisted that I was, in fact, a SW geek. Not that any of us were surprised by this fact.. but yeah... </end pointless story> Ok, you can get back to your regularly scheduled thread now... :D
  8. Maybe, but you never know. Oh, I know. It would all depend on the out come of Atton's fight with Sion. If he lost then you'd get the death scene, if he won then you'd get the "Where are we going?" dialog after Kreia kicked the bucket. And that's only if you had higher influence with him over Mical. If you had higher influence with Mical you would have gotten the Atton killing Di scene, IIRC. I'm pretty sure Atton only killed Di if you were darkside... If you're lightside, I wouldn't think it'd matter much what your influence was with Di... as long as you hadn't completely ignored Atton he'd love you anyway!
  9. I just want to say that I have great value, indeed! :p

  10. Resolution for Atton's plot line is what I meant, like how Visas meditates in her chamber on the Ravagar and puts to rest the past, or Handmaidens confrontation of her sisters. Honestly, I'm glad Atton's death was cut in a way, because that is some of the worst acting I have ever heard. Some of the worst writing, I think you mean... I don't think anyone could make those lines sound good, honestly... Even if it hadn't been cut, though, it'd only be one possible ending and not the canon one. I really get irritated when people try to suggest that it's part of the real ending of the game...
  11. Pfffttt... the only thing that's over Tale is ME... ha!

  12. my favorite pie is coconut creme... yum!

    And yes, I'm sure I could take you, babydol, even as cute as you are... :p

  13. So are you suggesting that I'm some mammoth of a woman, then? hrrrmmm?

  14. Hey, its Nick Cage. Who would say "No, you can't enter here" to Nick Cage? Apparently a lot of people in hair salons are... But not the people who give out fake teeth! :D
  15. pffttt, forget that, I'm not fighting over you!


  16. Nah, I'm not a guy... and yeah, I like boys too... too bad, we coulda had something beautiful together...

    and at the very least we could have given the boys something interesting to think about!

  17. Tale thinks you and I should wrestle for him... but I say we're not that stupid... you and I should just run away together... that'll teach 'em!

  18. Amen to that! But in all fairness, there are a lot of children out there...
  19. You Cheating Bastard! " Tale

    babydol, let us run away together. Away from all this insanity and those who stand between us. We'll sprint away to the wilderness of the web where we can build a love forum just for the two of us. Pack lightly, I can hunt all the HTML and PHP we need to survive.

    Yesterday, 08:49 AM "

    I guess now I know I made the right decision... *cries*

  20. ....

    I think I'd tell you to go **** yourself if I could stop laughing... :p

  21. Fine... I guess I'm just going to have to look for someone else to share my love of math and fire with... :p

  22. Ok... so which one am I holding?

    God, I'm confused....

  23. Wait, wait... I thought there were already two of you! Are you lying to me again?

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