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  1. Accept, the only person you're allowed to be mean to in my comments is Archie! You must be nice or at most snarky to everyone else. :p

  2. Me too! the last chapter of my current fic has been a real pain to try to get through... not sure why.

  3. lucky you... I have almost 3 hours left... whee

  4. Only if you do mine for me... my brain is swimming in html... *sigh*

  5. Well, in my opinion the Movie timeframe has been done to death... and they're making a mistake trying to cram more content into such a short span of time... But, you're probably right. I'm sure I'll at least try any mmo that comes out that's Star Wars themed, but I sure didn't stick with SWG long.
  6. Yes, but the excuse I've heard for them continually denying it is that Sony still has their exclusive contract for a SW MMO and they won't say anything about it until that contract is up... which should be fairly soon, right? Anyhow, that doesn't mean I believe it... but the same rumors have been circulating for a while... it wouldn't surprise me either way... As a WoW player who knows nothing about Warcraft lore in general, I can't help but think that an MMO would not do justice to the story. But, I suppose it's possible they could somehow incorporate one for those of us who want it... But if Bioware is working on it, I don't think it would be satisfying at all... Because it'll never be the ending that was intended.
  7. You've been awfully quiet lately... are you dead?

  8. Oh, hell if I know... I wound up seriously plastered this weekend and have lost all sense of time... however, it seemed that everyone expected me to be here today and I didn't get fired for not calling in yesterday... sooooooo... I *think* it's monday...

  9. Oh! I had that problem too, with losing my saved games... You have to run the game as an administrator. Right click on the short cut and set it up to run that way. Then it should be able to save games, as long as you allow it to run as an administrator every time it asks you to.
  10. Well, it's not a movie... but since there's no, "Musicals you have seen lately" thread, I'll stick it here. I went to see Spamalot this weekend. It was absolutely fantastic! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and there is something absolutely delightful about a theatre full of people laughing hysterically at the silly antics on stage. I also saw Speed Racer for the 4th time... it's still just as enthralling... I think I need help!
  11. Yes, nice song... Happy monday everyone... can I go back to bed yet?

  12. If you try the fixes in this thread, http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=48748 it will probably work... I know that replacing the .dll file with the one from kotor is what did the trick on my new laptop with the gforce8400....
  13. You know, I have a feeling that if they did work in a romance option for Revan & the Exile, that you'd find out later that they were twins... eeewwwwww...
  14. No the exile is still connected after Kreia's death because of her bonds with the other Force sensitive people she's picked up along the way. I would assume that after Kreia dies, her power is reduced considerably.
  15. Revan was at Malachor V on the surface. He defeated Mandalore there. No one knew just how devastating the MSG would be, if anyone would have it would have been Bao-Dur, but he didn't. Yes, Revan let the Exile be the scapegoat, and I can't imagine that their reunion would be all fluffy bunnies & hugs, but he had fallen to the darkside and as lightsiders they should believe in the power of redeption.
  16. I am a fan of english shows... but I've never heard of that one either... lol

  17. lol, nope, haven't ever seen that...

    good show?

  18. No kidding... I'm the IT person in our department, but that puts me in the position of having to talk to the real IT dept when anything in our office goes wrong...

    I got the "have you rebooted?" speech this morning when I called in... grrrrrrrrrrr

  19. Ok... sorry... rough morning at the office... everything is broken... *sigh*

    Anyhow, I'm feeling better now... especially since I listened to the closing credits theme 3 times in a row and now have it thoroughly lodged in my head... :)

  20. Yes, it suggests that in the future you'll meet Revan, but none of those other visions ended with a battle in the real events, so why should the encounter with Revan? As far as Revan not wanting anyone there with them... well... it's quite a few years later... it might be time for someone to go find him and help him. Or not...
  21. I ain't talkin to you no more!


  22. Take that back!

    Ok, seriously, why Depeche Mode is quite cool, having the same riff stuck in my head over and over again is quite aggravating. With the Speed Racer theme song it's more like I get a soundtrack to my life... when I'm driving especially you'll hear me humming dun, dun dunnnnnnn, dun, dun dunnnnnnnn...

    god, I need help... :p

  23. ugh, you're evil... I'd almost vanquished it too! grrrrrrrrr

  24. Thanks, Shryke, for getting that damned song stuck in my head.... I was gonna say it beats the Speed Racer theme song that's been stuck there for 3 weeks... but I'd actually prefer that one atm...

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