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  1. I hate Citadel Station. I love the Telos surface though... but not the research base part... I think what I dislike most is being trapped inside, actually. I didn't like Taris either. I do like Nar Shaddaa, though... but maybe that's just because I'm not stuck there... I know I can leave if I want to. As always, I *adore* Dxun. Mostly for the thunderstorms though. :D
  2. Now, if I'm going to let you spam my comments, I have to let everyone else spam my comments too... that's fine with me though... gives me something nice and distracting while I'm at work! :)

  3. I saw Raiders in the theatre when I was 7 and watched it so many times on VHS we wore out our tape. I saw ToD in the theatre when I was 10 and was grossly disappointed. Looking back on it now, it's probably not bad, but it didn't have any of the stuff that made Raiders so great. No one respected it at all. I saw Last Crusade in the theatre, opening night, in 1988 (yes, I was 14) and it was and is far and away my favorite. It was then that I realized that what I liked so much about Indy (as TrueNeutral said) was that he was always having to scramble, never really having any success and yet still managing to "win" in the long run... To say that the Last Crusade wasn't well received at the time is just WRONG. Everyone loved it, especially compared to the crapfest that ToD was considered to be. Maybe some didn't appreciate it's lightness in comparison with Raiders, but the vast majority of people loved it anyway.
  4. I already ordered it. Ordered another copy which I'm shipping to a friend in Australia as well...
  5. Well, you're in luck... that's what's so great about internet relationships!

  6. Well, I *meant* to go see Indy this weekend... but I didn't make it. I will say that my favorite Indy movie is the Last Crusade. Something about the on screen chemistry between the entire troupe is just fantastic. Anyhow, what I did see this weekend was Speed Racer at the IMAX. I'd seen it once and couldn't pass up the chance to see the IMAX version. I have to say, I liked it even better the 2nd time. I was hyper all day, looking for my jump-jack button on drive home and I'm still humming the theme song 3 days later.... :D
  7. On a brighter note... ooohh, you're tehprincess? coolies! now that I know who you are I'll have to badger you for a review... ;)

  8. Oh, wait, now I remember! It was about the phoenix tattoo right? Awwww, I was just being honest, and I even said you didn't have to change it...

    why must you still be mad at me over such silliness? :(

  9. ok... so now I'm confused... who are you over on ff.net?

  10. You know, I'm still not sure *why* you're not talking to me.... or at least... I've forgotten.... but yay! you noticed a new chapter! :D

  11. I was looking through some of my ff.net reviews the other day and ran across some you'd written on my stuff a few years back... as soon as I saw the name I thought, "I know her!" lol, I'm a dork... :D

  12. Just close it out and try to start up the game again. If it doesn't start or it keeps crashing and giving you an error you might try the fix found in this thread http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=48748
  13. Isn't Master Vash Lorna Vash? My guess is that it depends on your culture. As vast as the SW universe is, there are tons of cultures to take into account. Some would feel more comfortable going by their first some last, even though those names may or may not be their familial names. I wouldn't worry about it too much... even here on earth naming traditions are highly varied.
  14. Ooohh, Watch out, I think Accept's about to put the moves on you... I hope he doesn't get a hairball! :D

  15. SOONER!!!

    Ok, given that you're from Sweden, you probably have no idea what that means.... but I had to do it anyway... sorry!

  16. Yes, I thought about posting it backwards, but that would have been confusing as well.... lol...

    Anyhow, who is this cannibal GT person? I'm going to have to kick her butt for ripping off my name... :p

  17. Fine, remove my url... :p

    And that's not bad for off the top of your head... I need to get started on chapter 7 of my current fic... not sure where to start though... that's always the hardest part... :)

  18. Ooohh! Thanks for adding me as a favorite author! :D

  19. lol, I noticed that I had little idea what you're refering to... I think I've seen one Stargate episode in my life... I liked it...I think... lol

  20. Well, if you insist! ;)

    into the maze of the city’s streets. She wore her favorite black pants and jacket. Her green tunic was tied to show off her midriff and cleavage and her black headband kept her fiery red hair from falling into her vibrant green eyes. The outfit served its purpose well. Those gawking at her rarely noticed the veritable arsenal she carried with her.

  21. Oohhh, we're writing novels in comments now! Awesome! Here's one of mine...

    She walked the streets of the smuggler’s moon, meandering through the throngs of people seemingly without direction. Occasionally she would stop and appear to listen to something, ignoring the persistent gazes of the sentients around her. Then she would walk again, being drawn further int

  22. *pat pat*

    it's ok... feel free to ramble incoherently on my profile whenever... :p

  23. Mmmmm... Jason Bourne....


  24. Ok, you're right about that... definitely over the top, but in an amusing way! And no, Atton's isn't a realistic romance at all... just hysterically funny.
  25. I didn't find it disturbing at all... rather just amusing. And yes, Bao-Dur may not be romancable in the game, but he is a *great* romantic interest. I've read quite a few really fantastic fics that pair him up (and written one). And really, he is the most sane male on the ship... you've got to give him that.
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