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  1. Actually, after doing some research and a lot of speculation, I came up with that Darth Plagueis is Anakin Skywalker, reincarnated.
  2. SOONER!!!

    Ok, given that you're from Sweden, you probably have no idea what that means.... but I had to do it anyway... sorry!

  3. These two games has the best story to ever be in a game. Hell! They beat the newest Star Wars movies. imo.
  4. Dont know. They are both very different games. But if I had to choose. I would pick Jedi Academy.
  5. Well. It could look something like this though. Look at that guy with the yellow suit (also known as Masterchief)
  6. My fav SW game would be Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. First SW game I ever played.
  7. What do you mean "I found this?" I sent it to you damn'it. You hurt my feelings.
  8. Durr.. Yes, im going to get Vista in a couple of months, just going to buy myself another 1GB of ram -> 3GB! Yay!
  9. Okey. First of all. Half-life is the best game ever. And where you get that the graphics are ugly I dont understand. Sure, it's not as cool as Unreal Engine 3. But it's still awsome. What graphic settings did you use? 640x480,software mode? I played like that for about 3 months because my graphic card burn up ( ). And I must say. It looks great still in that mode. Todays games look really ****ed up when you play on lowest settings. Try F.E.A.R for example. It looks like somebody puked on it. While Half-life with lowest settings just gives you a nostalgic feeling and looks OK. I play games that use the HL engine still today. Counter-Strike, HL: Deathmatch, The Specialists. Although I play them in 1280x1024 and OpenGL and It looks really amazing. And it also sounds like you are person who only goes for graphics and not gameplay. Half-life kicks most other FPS these days. So, beat it.
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