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  1. Now you tell me... damn, I already bought the robot insurance...

  2. Yet? Damn, when am I "supposed" to die? hrrrmmm? ;)

  3. Hrm... ok... you aussies confuse me....

  4. Ah, so rather than wrong profile it was your inability to recognize a bad math pun when you see it... gotcha... I'll just be putting a little mark by your name now... :p

  5. You wound me, sir... even if it was a wrong profile...


  6. The other benefit is that you're awake at the same time as all of us yanks... and you know how entertaining we can be... :D

  7. No, I wasn't, should I have been? ;)

  8. I don't get paid to goof off... but they don't watch me very closely either... woot!

  9. Ah, that would make sense.... you know, that obsession seems a common theme around here... ;)

  10. What does it say about me that I'm sitting here staring at the **** trying to figure out what word would best fit in that blank... so far none of them are really fitting... hrmmm

  11. Yes, cardboard doused in alcohol and set on fire is even better! You know me so well...

  12. Yes, cardboard always puts me in the mood... :shifty:

  13. That was you? Oh crap....

    To be honest, though, the nights in paris would have been better if we'd left the state of Texas... ;)

  14. hahahahaha....

    *deep breath* hahahaha...

    Ok, that was great... thanks.. I needed a laugh... :p

  15. Just *who* is Architect supposed to be running from... hrrrmmm?

  16. Ugh, I hate the speed buffs... they make my screen blurry...
  17. ...play the KOTOR characters in a live action adaptation? Ok, I'm sure there are other posts like this somewhere, but Brittany's statement makes me want to ask again... especially since this last week or so I've been completely fixated on seeing this lovely young man play Atton (James Marsden) Actually, though, I think he's one of the few people that could pull Mical off successfully as well (or Carth for that matter)... so either way would be cool... Of course, a lot of my current fixation on Jimmy is due to the fact that I went to Jr High with him... and let me tell you, he was just as adorable then, too. *sigh* Anyhow, thoughts?
  18. Blasphemy! Looks like it's time for another stonin'.
  19. Don't forget Atton! http://web.telia.com/~u42704603/Atton.html I have to load both of those up regularly... yum!
  20. Actually, I think Bao's voice makes me think that he's so smart that his mind works much faster than his mouth and he gets distracted before the next word comes out and he has to backtrack to finish speaking the thought... But whatever it is, it's damn sezzy.
  21. Bao may be quiet, but he has tons of personality. Much moreso than Mical, anyhow, who I see as the accountant of the group...
  22. Absolutely, Bao is incredible. That physique, that voice, he's awesome, but you don't get to romance him at all. It's not even cut or anything (that I'm aware of) it's just not there. And as we've all discussed before, Disciple falls waaaaay short on the romanceable category... he's just too young and naive to be attractive in any way other than a "ooohh, let's see if we can corrupt him" kind of way...
  23. So when your fleet blows up babyz, is that precision bombing or carpet bombing?

  24. From your link: Did this guy play the same game I did?
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