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  1. If you've already tried updating your video card drivers, you might play with the resolutions or try running it in window mode. I think that K2 doesn't particularly like that built in video card, though.
  2. It was all right. Saw the dark knight and was horribly depressed the rest of the weekend, but I'm getting better now... :)

  3. In that case I am completely confused by your comment. Oh well. Here, have some peanuts.

  4. I have no idea what hat means... are you still drunk from your awesome party?

    *gasps* or... did you see me eating my peanut butter sandwich for dinner??

  5. Well, they can be highly entertaining at times. You have to admit that.
  6. The main problem with that concept is that it is very hard to do convincingly. I've read too many stories where the authors try to convince the reader that light side and dark side doesn't matter, it's all how you use it. Tapping into your emotions to fuel your powers is fine, no problem! All those other people fell because they were weak, but not my 1337 characters! They rule. Meh. I definitely appreciate stories that blur the lines between light side and dark side, and I think both of the KotOR games did that really well. But I think in order to write Star Wars well, you need to acknowledge that there is a price to be paid for slipping towards the dark side.
  7. Bass, I am not a violent person. I rarely get anything beyond slightly annoyed with anyone. But... I don't know how you manage it, but every few days you make a post that makes me want to beat you senseless. This is one of those posts. How in the hell is knowing his system specs going to help solve this particular problem? It's NOT a hardware issue, it is glitch in the game. He asked the right questions, and hopefully someone who is more knowlegeable about K2's PC glitches than you or I can help him. Telling him to read a post that tells him to post his system specs is not only useless, it's irritating and frustrating. As a computer tech, nothing aggravates me more than someone who doesn't *listen* to the actual problem the user is experiencing and merely reads from a ****-ing script. Please, try to use your head and think before you reply. Please. *deep breath* (this is in no way a threat, merely an expression of my frustration)
  8. Well, I'm absolutely positive that Bao-Dur & Atton have light side mastery in my current game... but I didn't want to offer that as proof because this is the first time I've played on PC and I definitely fiddled with the KSE a few times... But, in all my previous playthroughs on xbox, I'm pretty damn sure I've had NPC's have lightside mastery as well. I'll have to check my save games when I get home to be absolutely sure though.
  9. like a lightsaber through nerf hide? I actually like the little twists on our own sayings... I think it makes it quite a bit more immersive.
  10. This is probably the only bottled beer I drink Other than that I really like the stout and the Irish red my local brewery makes. Good stuff.
  11. *wave*

    Nothing much to report honestly. Archie & Accept have been awfully quiet lately, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a sign that trouble is brewing...

    anyhow, it's hot here... really, nasty, hot. blech.

  12. Dang it... I read that whole post waiting for a punchline and there wasn't one! Sounds like a good story! Write it! :D Personally, I can't come up with a plot to save my life, which is why fan fiction works well for me. I can write character fluff all day long, though.
  13. Damn, I wish I could get someone to give me money for my dismal fan-fiction... how do you suppose you get that gig? lol
  14. You're probably not going to like this answer, but it was what I found when I first started playing on Vista. Those "save games" that you can't find when you're running as Admin don't actually exist. It looks like they do. The game thinks they do, but they can't actually write any data to the directory and there aren't any error messages to let you know that. They just don't get written. You have to run the game as an administrator, otherwise it doesn't work.
  15. I'm so torn about all of this. On one hand, I absolutely hate that we're never going to get the good storytelling that KotOR 3 deserves because of this development. On the other hand, I enjoy MMO's and I adore Star Wars. The other rumor about this BioWare - LucasArts project was that it was set between Ep III & IV, and I absolutely hated that idea. It's too closed ended. Having an MMO based on the rebuilding of the Jedi Order / Sith Empire and their possible allying to fight the "True Sith" is pretty much a perfect setting. Some people say there aren't enough Jedi in that timeframe, but since K2 already set the precedence that there are way more Force sensitive people out there than we previously suspected, that's not true at all. So yes, I'm torn. I don't want K3 to be an MMO. But I know I'd enjoy playing it if they do a halfway decent job on game mechanics.
  16. I was about to post in this thread yesterday, but I wound up being distracted by something slightly more interesting or something... Apparently I'm one of those people who procrastinates dull and routine tasks... Which is entirely obvious by the state of my laundry.
  17. More involved and complex combat? Have you played WoW? Have you played PvP WoW? Ok, I play a priest, so that probably changes things a little bit, but combat in WoW is extremely complex. To be really good at it you have to be able to think fast, know how to react quickly and be able to throw everything you've got at your opponent. The Arena system in WoW is some of the most fun I've had in a game, even if I do suck at it... :D
  18. Be careful in the next few weeks lifting things. I did the same thing (fell at the skating rink) and about a week and a half later threw out my back when I was trying to drag my dog across the yard (stupid dog). I'm pretty sure my back went so easily because I'd already injured the sacro-iliac area (pelvis / tailbone, etc.).
  19. I also just saw the Dark Knight... and all I have to say is.... blech. Not that it's a bad movie, it's not. It's fabulous, incredibly well done. And it left me with this horrible, nasty, feeling of despair. Yay.
  20. It's just not possible. Soon enough it will be just a race to get to the OMG EPIC L00TZ. oooohhhhh... violet lightsaber crystals with + 12 agi & int! SWEET!
  21. I do! Though, you can't criticize it until you've tried it... then gone to see it in imax... it was the imax that really got me hooked... I've been trying to get that same high again ever since... Here's a picture! Oh... did you mean of me? lol, I posted one of those once... if you missed it, that's not my problem...
  22. I think I usually make Visas leader, and send Bao and Mira with her. With Bao's code for the security system and Mira's ability to not detonate mines, they're a perfect combo for that mission.
  23. I went to see Speed Racer again... this time it's my parent's fault! They made me go with them! I came out of this movie feeling just as good and just as hyper as I did after the previous seven viewings... Speed, it's a helluva drug!
  24. Yes, we suck... and not in the good way either! (usually)

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