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  1. Well, you know what they say... Australia's just like West Texas... with kangaroos.
  2. I'm going to have to agree that "rating" an online game is a really, really bad thing to do. If you rate it Teen, which would be about right, you're going to have clueless parents that think that it's OK for their kids to play without understanding what it is. The online interactions can crank it up the adult content so much, it's not even funny. My kids both play WoW and so far, I haven't worried about what they've been exposed to, because they've been in guilds with me and other relatives. However, my daughter has just decided to join a guild that belongs to a friend from school..... so it looks like I'm going to be putting a new toon in this other guild.... whee...
  3. Make sure the game is running as an administrator. I think I had similar problems before I made that switch.
  4. My experience with this problem was that the game wasn't running as an administrator and so it wasn't actually saving any of your games. So even though the name is there, the actual save game isn't and when it tries to load it it freezes part way through because there's no data. When you try to run it, right click and choose "Run as Administrator" every time you play. I *think* that will fix this.
  5. It's my understanding that the Bible advises against homosexuality in a few passages. However, there are many more passages there concerning infidelity. All the Christians who are against gay marriages are quite silly; since if gays aren
  6. Oh! My husband and I did that to my sister and her husband! We gave them copies of the game a year ago, and wouldn't you know it, they hit 80 before my husband and I... ah well, we're getting close. In other news, I'm off work in 13 minutes and then headed to my sis's house for a night of dungeon diving!
  7. I like this quote from TFA: "Pressure group Christian Voice has questioned the campaign's effectiveness but the Methodist Church said it would be a "good thing if it gets people to engage with the deepest questions of life" and suggested it showed there was a "continued interest in God". " The slogan "There's probably not a god, so stop worrying and enjoy life" is pretty ridiculous. Most people seek out religion for comfort. It helps them stop worrying, ie "let go, let god."
  8. Congrats! Wait... you don't live anywhere near me, right? :p

  9. No, it wasn't rainy at all. It was really perfect weather, in the mid 70's until the sun went down and then it was chilly enough to make the fire really tempting. Yes, I had a fire at my reception... we roasted hot dogs, marshmallows and ate shishkabobs!

    I'd post pictures, but all the ones I've seen so far suck. I'll have to see if anyone else got any decen

  10. It was a great day. The courthouse wedding was waaay more special than I would have thought it could have been and we had a great party the next day too. We love our new house, too.

    the SWTOR MMO is not the most horrible news ever. I sure would have rather gotten a real k3, but I'm definitely looking forward to a good SW mmo!

  11. I thought everyone would like to know that my shaman hit 70 Saturday morning. Woot! I hate group loot with people I don't know. In the group I play with we have a plate, 2 mail, 1 leather and 2 clothies. My clothie is almost entirely epicly geared, so all the cloth drops go to our mage. My husband's hunter is entirely epic geared so any mail drops go to my shammy. We are the only ones in our guild and we all have full access to the vault, where we combine items and gold for whatever anyone needs. We always use round robin for loot, because most of the crap we pick up is just vendor fodder anyway, drops usually even out and the money will be pooled for the most part. Occasionally, though, we pick up a fifth and they always feel cheated somehow because we're using round robin instead of group loot. Even though we explain in detail exactly why we're doing it the way we are and say if there's *anything* you see that you want, just let us know, you can have it. We ran Old Hillsbrad with a pug pally tank because our pally wasn't quite high enough level to tank it effectively yet and we gave him both of the good blue plate drops... so I think he was happy in the end, but most people are expecting to get cheated, I think.
  12. I went back to work this morning... A week and a half off was not long enough, honestly. Of course, I didn't get any time to really relax at all. Moving sucks. Married life is treating me pretty damn well so far, though. :D
  13. Basically, what used to be the mount you carried around in your bag is now a scroll that teaches you a spell. It's just that the spell now goes on a "Pet" tab on your character sheet rather than in your spellbook. It's pretty awesome. ***edit*** Damn, he beat me to it!
  14. According to a thread I found on the forums: "base mana is your mana when you;re naked and with 0 intellect. Every 70 mage in the game has 2241 base mana. No exceptions, ever. " So, it's not as bad as you thought, but not great either. Apparently polymorph went up.
  15. Hrm... my understanding of "base" means that without all your buffs.... so it would just be % of what your mana would be based on your unbuffed intellect. If that's the case, that's not very much, really. Your intellect probably comes mostly from your gear anyway. Of course, I could always be wrong about that. Spent my lunch hour leveling my shaman. She's moving fast now. Too bad I've got so much stuff going on this weekend or I'd push to have her at 70 by the end of it... ah well, the weekend after will do, I'm sure.
  16. I had a lot of fun re-speccing my girls. My priest is still 3/4 Holy and *just* enough Disc to pick up the spirit buff, but she has a lot of new spells now. I'm going to have to completely rearrange all my toolbars so that I manage to actually be able to use them! My shaman also has quite a few new abilities / spells. And I noticed that when I logged off the night before she was about 14k away from hitting 67, but when I got on yesterday she was 1 away from hitting 67. I think they dropped experience requirements significantly for lvls 60 - 70. Woot!
  17. HA! I'm moving sometime in the next week (not sure when we're closing) and I *still* haven't started packing! Of course, to be fair, most of my stuff is still in boxes from the last move...
  18. Do you wonder why all the girls like Han Solo too? They are smart, funny and make no secrets about how they feel about the Exile / Leia. It's sexy as all hell. We also like men who have a dark past that they've over come. Something about them feels dangerous, but because they've turned away from the "darkness" before, we feel safe at the same time. In all, Atton just has massive sex appeal. Yum!
  19. You probably haven't missed any. You don't get one until you've found all the pieces, which takes you most of the way through the first planet. You get a saber with each master. There's one in Freedon Nadd's tomb. And the rest are just random drops... but you don't start getting them as random drops until after you manage to create yours... usually. It sounds like you may have missed one when talking to Zez Kai El, but that would be an odd thing for the game to get buggy over. Though I have had trouble getting one from Vash a time or two.
  20. Isn't young idealism cute? It's too late. The game's been in development over a year already. It's time to get used to the idea... really.
  21. Ugggghhhh.... that was depressing... *sigh* Well, I have to say, Texas really outplayed us in that fourth quarter. It might have been closer if we hadn't lost our key defender, but I'm not sure the ending would have been any different. Well... we Sooners can always hope that this season works out the same as in 2005 and TX winds up with two losses and we get to go to the Big 12 championship anyhow.... but I'm not too hopeful. It's up to you, Mizzou! We want the Big 12 to say in the running for #1, but ugh, I don't think I can stand it if it's Longhorns... *shudder*.
  22. I'll go ahead and ruin it for you, Okie is gonna get smoked. Well, today is the day we find out. I absolutely hate coming into this game ranked higher than TX. It puts a giant target on our back and makes me nervous as all hell. We can only hope that our entire team showed up to play and Stoops manages to out coach Mack Brown one more time... BOOMER SOONER! TEXAS SUCKS!! TUCK FEXAS!!!
  23. I think that dwarf line is, "No, they're not real, but thanks for noticing." I do love the human male flirts, they're so damn cheesy. And my group has to listen to the joke about the bracelet at least once for good luck on any dungeon. "HEY, THE KING'S BACK!" You should feel fine posting a link if you want to, we're nice here.... mostly... and it's like my father always used to say, "Shut up and get out!"
  24. Ok, I just got the urge to show off my girl, Zipporah. Yes, she's geared mostly in welfare epics. Yes, I play a female dwarf. Yes, I know that's weird... But when I created her dwarves and dranei were the only ally priests to get fear ward... and my SO was already playing a dwarf... so I went with her. Of course, female dwarves have THE best flirt and joke lines. "I'll have you know I can flatten steel with my thighs!"
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