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  1. not that i think a justification is necessary, but tekehu keeps referring to ondra/ngati as his 'tricksome' mother and i think onekaza uses the same descriptor. the angler fish is notorious for luring prey into its gob with its light. and considering that shes the goddess of erasure, and the goddess of storms, i think duplicity and caprice are well within her wheelhouse. in the abbey of the fallen moon, her adherents are actively benighted before theyre drowned. nature can be random, uncaring and destructive, beholden to nothing but its own whim. ondra represents that more than any other g
  2. tbh so long as they find some way to encourage tactical diversity and keep the numbers under control, im pretty chill. neither system damaged my enjoyment. after dealing with the waking nightmare of dos2's armour/gear system and km's bloated natural AC shenanigans, deadfire felt like christmas. the bar dont feel that high atm. lol. tangent: i did like the modals. i liked that each weapon type had a unique(ish) selling point.
  3. xoti can pull her weight just with blessing at early levels, which should be her first action every fight. have her use that and a one handed weapon with no shield and she'll have like +17 to her accuracy if ur struggling to hit folk. i feel going one-handed would be overkill personally, but its there as an option. iirc every class packs the same base accuracy in deadfire, as opposed to poe1. u should be able to bring her up to speed one way or another.
  4. i was just about to post this but obv u all got there first. thought it looked like the sort of thing where u maths people could help. ive now cleared whole game including megabosses and dlc on veteran-upscaled. Ye ye ye, im not on potd yet, but it feels like a possibility now, which is a big achievement for me. fwiw i like that the ar/pen system remains a factor all the way through the game. juggling damage types and weapon types for encounters was quite satisfying. forced me to up my equipment game. its something id like to see tuned rather than thrown out if possible. tho prais
  5. waifu aint accurate i feel. waifus are essentially objects. xotis the one doing the objectifying. in her mind, shes the protagonist, not the harem. if u need another priest, get vatnir from harbingers watch. paladins, chanters and druids are all as good, even better, healers. priests are more about emergency intervention, buffs/debuffs and salvation of time.
  6. even as a night market member, eder is an eothasian who doesnt worship eothas. his faith is about his relationship to everything *other* than a singular deity. the deity himself is an impediment, if anything. as a third generation godless catholic i sort of get where hes coming from. one of the things i like about poe is that one of the characters shares my uneasy, but not outright hostile, relationship with religion. eder is as different to xoti as i am from the ultra-catholic members and assoicates of my family, and like eder i feel antipathy and sympathy for them in ever changing pe
  7. +1 this. Eder keeps telling me he cant do stuff, the stubborn bear.
  8. I beat the opening fight when they board ur ship but the cutscene afterwards didnt trigger, so i couldnt progress the game. However, when i reloaded and beat the fight again, it triggered normally, so ive no idea how to replicate the issue. rip. Incidentally are we supposed to put bug reports in here or still report them in the same place. like its academic with this issue bcs i couldnt replicate it but yknow. Have also had issues with combat triggering from stealth. My party have sometimes just flailed away arcanum style until the unresponsive mobs are dead without ever going into tur
  9. ye this kinda thing has been a feature in srpgs for as long as i can remember. good catch. +1 to implementing this if its at all possible.
  10. Oh so it wasnt just me then? i noticed it running better but i shrugged it off as my imagination
  11. Ye, ondra. suspect with the wheel broken, the gods wont be able to claim and funnel folk in quite the same way. perhaps godlikes will become an endangered species. i feel it would be a fun thing to explore. maybe some godlike would start wondering if they have a communal heritage that could be lost. maybe some would mourn. maybe some wouldnt give a ****. maybe one will go nutzoid in the face of it all and become an antagonist. who knows. a skaen godlike could very easily turn out like isair and madae from icewind dale 2 if the stars cross.
  12. ye, this. i know folk who make a few quid trading in the price gaps between regions. theres a little bit more chicanery involved that i dont care to know, but thats the core of it.
  13. jesus mary and joseph, this is actually happening. regardless of whether or not it works out, im proper looking forward to this. im glad for josh as he seems quite hyped. ill try to use this to push the game onto my friends. perhaps theyll find turnbased a little more accessible than the controlled chaos of rtwp. speaking of combat, my complete runs just finished SSS. im digging the much harder combat of the dlcs. i might actually have a crack at path of the damned.
  14. eh i aint as og as gromnir and we prob have different reasons for typing like we do, but is fair observation that we both eschew formal english. dunno if writing like this or writing 'properly' feels more like a mask but whatevs, reflecting on it at length here would be straight up rude. also some of it is just side-effect of tapping on phone with my beautiful yet clumsy fingers.
  15. Eh, ive known ex-forces people with zero emotional resilience and midwives who clutch their pearls over pop culture, despite being up to their forearms in blood every day. Never underestimate a humans ability to compartmentalise. Also xoti grew up on a farm. She'd have spent her childhood up her to arms in gore and ****, talking about two whoops and a holler while breaking a chickens neck. There aint a sliding scale of distress that folk can deal with. Some dudes can deal with the worst excesses of armed conflict, yet cower before their domineering partners and moan if their tea's cold
  16. Sending ur character on solo sneaking missions is a thing u can do - if u want to be solid snake - but if ur splitting one character 3 ways between stealth sleight and mechanics u might want to make friends with the relevant consumables and equipment like thiefs putty and stuff. think ull still need one character with maxed out mechanics (ie about 12-13) to make sure u can crack *everything*. U can also beraths blessings one off to get that double skill bonus thing. That might help.
  17. I feel rouge is best when used as a multiclass. It gets enough single target damage with relatively few abilities. Sneak attack and deathblows proc more often than not, esp with persistent distraction and the rogue being able to refresh deathblows via crippling strike for only 1 guile. U can chuck in low effort passives like deep wounds and dirty fighting to strengthen ur basic attacks. Blowing up a high priority target with shadowing beyond and backstab is often handy. Feel you get diminishing returns from going too deep into rogue tree - esp once u start running into enemies with 'mi
  18. wow lot of stuff to unpack here. tbh im not sure what to make of the whole 'southern usa accent as shorthand for religious fervour' thing. Like the readcerans in deadfire arent wholly unsympathetic and their god *has* manifested twice now but eh... i dunno. think id have to let southern usa peeps react to that one. should i be grateful to have an accent which rarely crops up in fiction? Eh maybe.
  19. All this talk of cutesy folksy psychosis makes me want to read misery again. dunno how much difference knowledge of gods being artificial would make to someone, really. gods in eora are congealed expressions of ideals that existed long before them. Like the concept of 'god' irl is an artificial signifier weve devised to make sense of the infinite. I dont say that to mean what we refer to as 'god' dont exist, is just that with our limited human framework we can only consider 'god' through this proxy that weve constructed. maybe we can feel it in our bones, but its not always possible to
  20. Writing fanfiction is always an option. Fill in all those gaps to ur hearts content! Every disappointment is an opportunity. become the change u wish to see in the world etc. etc.
  21. Ye i had no cause to investigate EE. The tipping point for me was when they included that half-orc anti-paladin with STR 19 and made him gromnirs son or something. Whole company of devs and not one of them had watched that simpsons 'poochie' episode. Getting contract to modernise bg was an open goal but they got overexcited and blasted it into the stands rather than tapping it in. Feel all they had to do was sort out compatibility and tart up the interface to better explain ad&d to the neophytes. Maybe incorporate some of the changes from oversight mods etc. Instead they
  22. Hey ive still got behavioural issues and im 35 now.
  23. iirc they lost the source code for iwd2 or something, so remastered prob not on cards even if someone fancied a crack at it. imo nwn2 would benefit a lot more from remastering. iwd2 fine as is. just modernising the camera controls for nwn2 would go a long way.
  24. steal the darkest dungeons stress system if ur characters dont rest, stress accumulates, they go HUGLAUGLHUALGUHAGGAAAG, start slinging random abilities in fights and attacking each other. all ur dialogue options get replaced with 'my dad is two men in a horse costume' and 'is there any way to generate a nude tayn?' fun for all the family.
  25. coping with inevitability deffo a theme which could have reaped some serious rewards. i appreciate you had the apocalyptic ranting of xoti and the dawnstars, but they werent always the easiest folk to take seriously. theres one conversation with maia which really stayed with me - the one where she compares knowing eothas' is gonna succeed to knowing one of her marks is somehow destined to die. some of paul kirschs best work there imo, sold well by marisha ray. perhaps theme couldve permeated more of the deadfire. potential drawback is that such fatalism has tendency to alienate non
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